06/27/2017 4:07PM

Macedonio: Beware the abuse of power


While everyone was arguing like children over whether Mohawk should've charged $10 for admission, instead of, oh I don't know, maybe talking about the actual racing that happened, a big story Down Under was glazed over. Google this: Dannielle McMullen pig.

That's right, read one of the articles written about the incident. I tried to wrap my head around what exactly happened and why Dannielle was hit with a 3 month suspension after naming a charity pig in honor of the Presiding Judge. 

Now, I'm not one to question and point fingers because I have been blatantly disrespectful to authorities and leaders who I've felt have done poorly at their job. I'm not questioning Dannielle's intent or motive. I am furious with the punishment, execution, her fellow horsemen, and her representation. 

Respect, disregard for authority and common decency. That's what the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission will hide behind, and it's a joke.

From what I can tell, Dannielle is a shining beacon as to what Harness Racing SHOULD be! She is young, vibrant, talented, marketable, and has stayed out of trouble. Couldn't the judge have been an adult and said maybe that the naming crossed the line, and he was offended by the gesture? Instead Kwan Mosley hid behind the Judge shield and cast down repercussions from afar. Act like an adult, not a bully.

Where are her supporters? Doesn't everyone realize that if someone with Dannielle's credentials can basically have her career derailed because of a tyrannical Judge, that their career is also in jeopardy? This judge laid the hammer down with complete disregard for character. That same hammer can happen to you!

It's been almost a week since the story has passed through the interwebs, and there is an appeal coming. Horsemen in Australia had better question their leadership and authority figures if this three month suspension remains intact and Dannielle's career is stomped on. Everyone should show their support for Dannielle. This is a great opportunity to show unity for Harness Racing GLOBALLY!

I see a lot of advertising, membership, and sponsors involved with Albion Park Harness Driving Club. What would happen if those sponsors went away because they didn't want their hands dirtied by this story? What if the members went away because you couldn't support a member when she needed you the most?