02/01/2018 7:28PM

Macedonio: The betting language barrier


I know that most DRF readers and viewers visit this DRF platform (website, twitter, newsletter, etc.) to get some extra opinions, information and views on how to bet horse racing. I don’t bet at all, on any sport, so I’m looking at this from a completely different perspective than most who are reading. So my question is this, why isn’t our “Odds Language” the same as the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and NFL, the most popular betting sports in America? 

Science and math have a universal language so that anyone can collaborate and move forward without any barriers. We have placed a huge barrier between us and the people who bet the NFL and MMA. It may be small, but to me, it shows a lack of respect, and a bit of hubris.

Right now we have fractional odds, with two examples being 3/5 and 6-1 which correlate to Vegas wagering odds of -330 and +600. I’m not here to debate which is easier to understand or calculate. I am here to argue that we should try and get more people for crossover bets by first speaking the same language!

If someone has never bet a horse race, but they bet football, and you have the same odds in place that they understand, he can at least make an educated decision on if something is a good bet or not! If he already has base knowledge, he can feel more comfortable. Also, Vegas odds are based upon betting $100, while horse racing is based upon betting $2. That tells me that way more people are comfortable betting a lot more money, and it’s easier to do the quick math in your head.

Now two things before you @ me on Twitter; 1) I’m not saying to go to Vegas odds or betting styles, I’m simply saying rewrite how the odds are displayed on the TV; 2) Any current horseplayers who want to keep the existing odds language are not allowed to have an opinion here! Why? Because you’re going to say, “Well I like it this way, or insert selfish comment.” Guess what? If we change the odds language, YOU AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE and you’re not going to stop betting horses! So stop trying to be exclusive and start being inclusive! Start welcoming other bettors to the party!

Have you ever gone to a party where no one spoke your language? It’s awful, and you leave really quickly! Did you ever go a party and see two guys in a corner speaking a different language? It’s weird and they’re not inclusive, and they get ignored the whole time until they leave. Horse racing is the two guys in the corner speaking a different language while everyone else is having fun and partying.