09/03/2009 11:00PM

Lynch won't ride until at least next summer


Fergal Lynch, a leading rider at Philadelphia Park who was banned by the track earlier this year, has surrendered his rider's license in Pennsylvania and agreed not to seek a license in any U.S. racing jurisdiction until at least next summer, the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission announced on Friday.

Lynch, a native of Ireland, was banned by Philly Park in June after he reached a deal with British racing authorities in which he admitted to holding a horse in a race in 2004 in England. Under the deal, Lynch was prohibited from seeking a license to ride in Britain for one year.

Under the agreement in which he forfeited his license to Pennsylvania regulators, Lynch will not seek a license in any U.S. state until the British Horseracing Board also issues him a license, according to the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission. Lynch will not be eligible to seek a license in Britain until next June.

Lynch did not immediately respond to a request for comment relayed through his agent on Friday morning.