09/01/2006 12:00AM

Lost in the Fog no better


Results from Thursday's examination of Eclipse sprint champion Lost in the Fog revealed little change in the 4-year-old colt's condition, with three cancerous tumors still present.

Veterinarians from University of California-Davis gave the colt an ultrasound scan and did blood work on him Thursday at the equine hospital at Golden Gate Fields.

The tumors had been discovered in the colt nearly two weeks earlier in an examination at the UC-Davis after he had been sent there with a suspected case of colic.

A first tumor was discovered on his spleen after an ultrasound scan, and a second exam with a miniaturized camera revealed two other tumors, one in an inoperable position under his spine.

Lost in the Fog had been receiving dexamethasone, a hormone, in hopes of reducing the tumors.

"There's really not much to say. Everything is pretty much as it was," trainer Greg Gilchrist said Friday from Del Mar. "Everything's pretty much status quo."

Gilchrist said that he and the colt's owner, Harry Aleo, would consult with veterinarians, "and we'll discuss our options."