12/20/2011 4:32PM

Lone Star completes major renovation project


A renovation of Lone Star Park’s simulcast pavilion costing more than $3 million has been completed. It was reopened on Dec. 5, with a formal launch set for Jan. 2, said Drew Shubeck, the track’s president. Renovations on the building, which sits adjacent to Lone Star, began in July. The project was the first undertaking of Global Gaming, the owner of Remington Park that took over Lone Star in May.

“The pavilion was 15 years old. It was crying for a remodel, and Global Gaming really stepped up and got it going,” Shubeck said. “The whole building has been renovated.

“Now there’s a non-smoking side and a smoking side. There’s a new high-energy sports bar in the center of the building. There’s a lot of high-definition projection televisions. There’s new food presentation. There’s three new VIP suites.”

Shubeck said Lone Star looks for the new facilities to attract not only simulcast players, but also those looking for a place to gather and watch major sporting events like the Super Bowl and March Madness. The remodeled pavilion will house a reception for horsemen on Jan. 7, and a gala benefiting the American Diabetes Association on Jan. 12.

Shubeck said the pavilion now offers free admission for simulcasting. The cost had been $3. Lone Star opens its Thoroughbred meet in April.