10/20/2011 12:19PM

Life At Ten incident: What happened


Key events from the Life At Ten incident in the 2010 Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic:

Hours before the race

Miguel Rivera (groom): Noticed that Life At Ten was more quiet than usual the morning of the race and was concerned she was reacting to the colder air temperature.

Dr. Kathy Picciano (Breeders’ Cup panel veterinarian): Noted in a prerace examination that Life At Ten jogged fine.


In the paddock

Todd Pletcher (trainer of Life At Ten): Just before the race, expressed concern with the way Life At Ten saddled and told jockey John Velazquez to warm up Life At Ten well.


Ontrack interview/commentary

(ESPN broadcast)
Jerry Bailey (ESPN): “Johnny, your filly has never run on this racetrack. Can you tell anything by warming up if she likes it, doesn’t like it, what’s the story?”

John Velazquez (jockey of Life At Ten): “Right now, I’m not sure, Jerry, to tell you the truth. She’s not warming up the way that she normally does.”

Bailey: “Is she being a little reluctant for you at this point?”

Velazquez: “Yes, she is.”


Hank Goldberg (ESPN): “Well, having heard all this about Life At Ten … I was headed for the windows because that was my key filly in this race. She’s been 3 for 3 at the distance and I thought, you know, really running very well … I was going to box her …”

Commentator (ESPN): “Scared money don’t win.”

Goldberg: “I wasn’t scared until I heard all that.”


At the gate

Bailey: “Johnny, is she getting any better out there?”

Velazquez: “Not really.”

Bailey: “Could it be the lights or is mostly physical with her?”

Velazquez: “I don’t know, Jerry, to tell you the truth, I’m not sure.”


Race call

Trevor Denman (track announcer): “And away they go, the Ladies’ Classic. An absolutely perfect start, but then Life At Ten, no interest. Life At Ten has dropped far back early. … Just showing no interest at this stage, a long, long way last is Life At Ten.”


Postrace commentary

(After Life At Ten finished last of 11)
Bailey: “She obviously was in some kind of discomfort before she went into the gate. Johnny Velazquez tried to get her to show something earlier in the race, but she didn’t have none of it.”

Randy Moss (ESPN): “And, I’ll tell you what, there was a lot of money bet on Life At Ten. She was a 3-1, 7-2, in that range, and the betting public has a right to be pretty doggone upset at what happened.”