05/14/2014 2:46PM

Levin named head of Betfair in U.S.


Kip Levin, a former vice president of Ticketmaster, has been hired by Betfair Group to head up its U.S. operations, which includes Television Games Network and an online casino in New Jersey.

Levin, who spent 12 years in management positions at Ticketmaster, according to Betfair U.S., will fill a spot that has been vacant since September, when the former chief of Betfair U.S., Stephen Burn, abruptly resigned. Burn had been chief of Betfair U.S. since 2010, after almost seven years in various positions at the company.

Levin, who oversaw Ticketmaster’s e-commerce operations, will take the helm at a time when Betfair is trying to expand its business in the United States, largely through the expansion of betting on the Internet. Earlier this year, under a law signed by Gov. Chris Christie in February, Betfair partnered with Trump Plaza Associates to open an online casino available only to residents of New Jersey, offering electronic slots and casino-type games.

Betfair was launched in the U.K. in 1999 as an exchange-wagering service allowing customers of its platform to bet with other customers. The company is still seeking to expand in the United States, particularly in two states that have passed laws allowing for exchange wagering, New Jersey and California. However, regulatory issues have so far delayed any implementation in the United States of the controversial form of betting, at least for the time being.