10/19/2012 5:28PM

Letters to the Editor Oct. 21


Repole's BC move sends right signal to the sport

Owner Mike Repole deserves all the credit in the world for his personal boycott of the Breeders' Cup this year ("Repole: No Lasix, no Breeders' Cup," Oct. 19) for many reasons, all of them valid.

Until Lasix is banned from all aspects of racing - 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, older horses - why begin this idea at racing's biggest event, the Breeders' Cup? There are naysayers who believe the drug is harmful to horses. Well, if you ever bred or purchased a high-priced yearling, and you are lucky enough to get him to the races, and he come back with a face full of blood, exactly what are your choices?

Repole is making a justifiable statement. Racing is run by two factions: owners and gamblers. Owners purchase horses to race and make money, gamblers bet on them to make money. By banning a substance for horses whose only lifetime performances are recorded racing with it, you are putting a variable into handicapping the race that makes it impossible to handicap.

A horseplayer has a better shot at the lottery than predicting if horse can or can't perform to the same level without Lasix. Repole said, and I agree, that the Breeders' Cup juvenile races are "impossible races to bet" without Lasix usage.

Here's an idea: Run the races for purse money only. Eliminate the gambling aspect altogether. Let's see who has an interest in this already-watered-down event that is now plagued by too many specialty races (I'm waiting for the two-furlong sprint) by running for owner benefit only.

The Breeders' Cup was once a great event, but by having an overwhelming favoritism for Southern California tracks, banning substances instead of banning trainers who cheat time and time again, and filtering down the competition to unbearable levels, the Breeders' Cup has become more of a marketing event and money-maker for the area in which it is held than what it was intended to be: a championship day of racing.

Mike Cozzi - Tinton Falls, N.J.

Sunday Cup card could be bonanza

I would like to suggest that the Breeders' Cup be held on Saturday and Sunday instead of Friday and Saturday. The reason is simple: More people would go to the racetrack on Sunday than on a Friday.

Two years ago there was an $817,000 carryover for the Breeders' Cup pick six from Friday, and an additional $5.2 million was bet into the pool the next day. A carryover might hit $2 million from a Saturday card, and imagine how much might be bet on the pick six if the carryover went to a Sunday card. $10 million? $15 million?

(And if more people went to the racetrack, more Racing Forms would be in demand.)
Each day could have 10 races - just add one more Breeders' Cup race to bring the event's total to 16. My suggestion would be a mile race on turf for fillies and mares.
The cards would look like this:

(1) Local race
(2) Juvenile Sprint
(3) Filly and Mare Turf Mile
(4) Dirt Mile
(5) Ladies' Classic
(6) Turf Sprint
(7) Juvenile Fillies
(8) Juvenile Turf
(9) Turf
(10)Local race.
(1) Local race
(2) Marathon
(3) Juvenile Fillies Turf
(4) Sprint
(5) Filly and Mare Sprint
(6) Mile
(7) Juvenile
(8) Filly and Mare Turf
(9) Classic
(10)Local race.

Johnny Topa - Berkeley, Calif.