06/14/2013 4:47PM

Letters to the Editor June 16


Punishing vet leaves another party untouched

Racing fans can only hope the recent 90-day suspension handed down in the case involving Dr. Orlando Paraliticci ("Veterinarian takes 90-day ban," May 30) is part of a compromise for his truthful testimony and cooperation. The entire episode is shrouded in mystery and a lack of transparency. While the wagering public is told investigations are still being conducted, trainer Jane Cibelli has avoided any form of penalty.

The racing management hierarchies of Tampa Bay Downs and Gulfstream Park saw no reason to ban her, and now Monmouth Park has allowed their former leading trainer back on their grounds. Innocent until proven guilty, I say. What is more guilty than having your veterinarian caught in the act by a state official, especially in a state where rules dictate you are ultimately responsible for the horses in your care? Tampa Bay Downs should have immediately suspended her from entering horses at its meet. By failing to do so, the track lends credibility to rumors she was being protected by someone in management.

If Ms. Cibelli did not authorize the procedure, a stiff fine and penalty should be forthcoming to ensure she, and other trainers, properly conduct the business of the equine athletes they are entrusted to manage. If the facts reveal she gave the order, then prosecution under the law for attempting to affect the outcome of a parimutuel event is required. To quote from Ms. Cibelli's own letter to the editor, "Complaint over ban sounds false note to concerned party," published Sept. 20, 2009,: ". . . if you blatantly break the rules, then you have to be prepared to pay the consequences."

Anthony J. Perrotta Jr. - Red Bank, N.J.