12/02/2011 6:12PM

Letters to the Editor Dec. 4


New York politics seem a poor joke in today's world

Steven Crist's Nov. 27 column, "New York's Sunday bans defy belief" was very logical, yet with one major mistake. Crist was attempting to use logic with illogical people, i.e., politicians and religious zealots.

We cannot expect the rule of logic to apply to having racing in New York State on Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday. Why would New York politicians go about changing the law so that New York can have racing on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday like other people in the United States are allowed to do? Why would politicians do something logical, when they can rest in their own illogical world, where lottery players can lose $100 in 10 seconds, or casino gamblers can lose $1,000 in less than a minute, yet horse racing in New York remains a no-no on those two religious holidays?

I ask anyone to advise me when they find a politician who is brave enough to sponsor a bill to change the irresponsible law now on the books against Sunday racing on the two days noted. These New York politicians didn't get to be politicians because of their bravery or their ability to fight the good fight.

Alan Hirsch - Port Washington, N.Y.

Two Sundays won't answer all prayers

Let me first say I am a casual horseplayer. My handle has decreased because of several reasons, but mainly the way the whole game is run. I have more disdain now than ever for the total lack of institutional control of a once-proud piece of the very fabric of these United States.

It is pretty sad that such a formerly thriving sport can no longer flourish on its own, but now depends on slot machines and the good graces of politicians who funnel money from casinos to racetracks.

Steven Crist wrote in his Nov. 27 column about the absurd New York State law prohibiting horse racing on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. But if you fix those two days of the year, what about the other 363?

Stacey Brant - Cincinnati