04/09/2010 12:00AM

Letters to the Editor


Gulfstream vision has right object but needs focus

Maybe Frank Stronach had it right after all. After a recent visit to the new Gulfstream Park, I couldn't help feel that he should be commended for his vision.

It could, however, easily be marketed better. The marquee at the southern end never spoke of the Florida Derby nor any other special occasion, and its now-crooked lettering hasn't changed since opening day, making it look like one of those wind-damaged drive-in movie signs up north that say "Closed for the Season."

And it's a shame that moving the Florida Derby so that it fell before NBC's series of televised Kentucky Derby preps kept a national audience from getting acquainted with the new Gulfstream.

After years of taking it on the chin with all the construction work and controversy, the payoff was at hand. But there's always next year.

A. Ron Perry - Miami Beach

Season's memories not all happy

While working in Chicago many years ago, I had the pleasure of being associated with a very clever marketing man who had a passion for horse racing, which he passed along to me.

One of my most cherished mementos is a gift from him. It's a framed photo of a horse named One Hitter winning the Massachusetts Handicap, along with the signature of the winning jockey and trainer, and the program page from that race.

From this winter's meeting at Gulfstream Park, I have:

1. The program page of the race that was waived off because the starting gate couldn't be pulled off the course in time.

2. The program page from a race in which track management decided, while the horses were in the post parade, to change the surface from the turf to the dirt, forgetting to pass that info along to the horse players.

3. Most recently, the program page from a race on Friday, April 2, which was supposed to out of the chute but instead was started on the turn, a mistake that killed a few of us horseplayers.

I've returned home for the spring and I was wondering: Shall I get these three pages put together and framed, too, or are there more showstoppers planned for the last couple weeks of the meeting?

Gary Peters - Grove City, Pa.

Waldman a man of many graces

I was sad to learn of the passing of Leo Waldman ("Waldman, DRF ad executive, dies at 99," April 1). He was a booster of New York racing and breeding, and more important, a gentleman with the touch of a pro and a wonderful sense of humor.

Leo was very helpful to me whenI began my own career in turf writing, and I am going to miss him. All blessings to his family and friends.

Michael Veitch - Saratoga Springs, N.Y.