05/25/2007 12:00AM

Letters to the Editor


Trainer's reasoning about relocation evaded key element

Before sending Flying First Class out to finish last in the Preakness, trainer D. Wayne Lukas was quoted in the May 19 article "D. Wayne Lukas 5, everybody else 1," as giving the following reasons why California is no longer his base of operations:

1. The future of California racing is in doubt.

2. He was tired of fighting traffic.

3. Kentucky is "a place where the horse is revered."

One possible reason is that his stable is no longer capable of being competitive on the Southern California circuit, as evidenced by the 0-for-67 collar that the Lukas stable took at the 2003-04 Santa Anita winter meet.

Rather than acknowledge this, Mr. Lukas chose to trash the very place that provided him with the opportunity to gain fame and fortune for more than a quarter of a century. He may be out of the limelight now for the most part, but it appears the passing years have not changed him one bit.

Gus Sanchez - San Diego

Preakness show missed million-dollar angle

For the second year in a row, NBC failed to show the race before the Preakness, instead giving us insipid, meaningless interviews, including one about infield fans urinating wherever they wished.

With a $1 million pick four, you'd think the brain trust at NBC would let you watch race three of the four-race bet. I came home from the offtrack parlor to relax and enjoy the race coverage and follow my bets.

I forgot one thing: Since the coverage was on NBC, I could not enjoy the races.

Steve Orton - Los Angeles

Dime supers show chance for a break

Since the inception of the 10-cent superfecta, tracks have been paying off to the penny. So what is the justification for retaining the breakage that pays bettors off to the nickel or the dime?

It would eliminate most minus pools caused by bridge-jumpers if they stood to receive a payoff of only $2.02 on their bets. In addition, small bettors would receive a few cents more on their return, and a $100 bettor would receive a few dollars more.

Arthur Crombie - Redondo Beach, Calif.