04/06/2007 12:00AM



Loss of Bay Meadows

will be taken hard

by its faithful patrons

After reading the April 1 letter to the Racing Form “Bay Meadows goes unlamented here,” I was very disappointed with the assumptions the writer made regarding those upset with the track’s impending closure. First off, as a resident the Los Angeles area, the writer has his choice of Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, Los Alamitos, and even Del Mar. In Northern California, however, aside from two-week fair meets, we have only Bay Meadows and Golden Gate Fields. Does anyone other than myself notice the gap in the number of choices here?

I would also like to address his comment that “those that are now angry or upset didn’t fill the entry box with horses, nor did they add much, if anything, to the anemic wagering pool . . . .” While I can’t speak for everyone, I believe that a bit more thought should have been put into that statement. Those at the track have been trying their best with the horses that they have to fill the races. And in terms of adding to the wagering pool, once again, we did the best with the money we had. If our best wasn’t enough, it wasn’t enough. But don’t ever mistake that for lack of effort or intention.

When other tracks around the country closed, I knew there were a lot of folks who considered those places home, or at the least a very big part of their lives, and that racing for those people would never be the same. I never had to question why they were upset with the closures. I knew better.

If you don’t fully understand the impact that the closing of Bay Meadows will have, that’s fine. But respect the fact that those of us “lamenting” in Northern California do.

And please, don’t say that we “have no dog in this fight.” This is our fight.

Stacia C. Mumm

Union City, Calif.

Trainer will miss athlete

of royal stature

As I counted down the last few hours that I would be able to tug on Miesque’s Approval’s long forelocks, I could not help remembering a line from Neil Diamond’s ballad “I Am . . . I Said”:

“Have you ever read about a frog who dreamed of being a king and then became one.”

It was early November of 2005 when Miesque’s Approval walked under my shed row a “hobo,” and March 20, 2007, when he departed a king. (“Miesque’s Approval retired,” April 6.)

This horse changed my life, and I will miss him for a lifetime. I can guarantee that his offspring will have his swagger and his taste for peppermints.

Thank you, Live Oak and Miesque’s Approval, for a lifetime of thrills all in one year.

Martin Wolfson

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.