03/13/2015 10:57AM

Letter to the editor: Taking exception to characterization of Bill Passmore


I read the column by Dick Jerardi published in the Daily Racing Form on Feb. 27 entitled “When in doubt, stewards should let the result stand.”
Although I strongly disagree with his opinion regarding the role of stewards, I can see, as he stated in his article, after 35 years, that his mind is made up. I am currently a steward in California and recognize that any future articles about stewards by Jerardi probably will have a negative slant.

I’m not writing this letter to voice my opinion about stewards. I’m writing because I feel he crossed a line when he personalized his article by singling out Bill Passmore.

Bill was a well-respected jockey, and by referring to him as “The Undertaker,” Jerardi debased his name and reputation. I rode with Bill on the Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania circuits and was around him extensively because I was his son-in-law at one time. During that time, I witnessed a man of integrity who was a top rider and well respected by his fellow riders. As mentioned, Bill also became a steward. I can assure you that with the integrity, knowledge, and experience he brought to the stewards’ stand, he was a great selection and well respected in that profession as well.

Bill Passmore died in May 2009, and in my opinion, Jerardi was out of line to use a derogatory reference that besmirched a man’s reputation who is no longer here and unable to defend himself.

Darrel McHargue
Albany, Calif.

Slew32A More than 1 year ago
Everybody knows people, we live with them, we work with them, we socialize with them and when they do something really bad, we say, no not them. Not everybody screws you with anger in their face, many screw you with a smile. When it comes to something to do with money nobody is above scrutiny. Now, I have heard of Bill Passmore and Darrel McHargue but I don't know them nor was I familiar enough to make judgments on to them. Mr. Jerardi who I'm no fan of by any means felt that he has seen questionable judgment calls from Mr. Passmore while he was a steward, so to this I will ask Mr. McHargue one question. Would you be willing to tell me that during the time you knew Bill Passmore you never shared stories about how either of you, put something over for a big score? If you can you would be the first.
Chas More than 1 year ago
When in a position of making decisions, criticism is part of the profession...the Darrel McHargue's of the world do not nor will except criticism aka the different opinions being expressed by others regarding a decision or body of work done by the McHargue's... If you take a position like McHargue, then you better understand this, have thick skin and most of lighten up as you, McHargue and others alike, are not above, in this case, the sport of horse racing...
Frank Reach More than 1 year ago
Mr. McHargue, you are entitled to your opinion. So does Mr. Jerardi. Many of us have a negative opinion about Mr. Passmore. If we all were to go by what you say...then none of us would say anything possibly heard as negative about anyone ever...especially after they have passed on. This is not only ridiculous, it silences differing opinions, thoughts and discussions based on many different things. I think if you really think about it, having free speech is important, free opinions, free thoughts. Those rights need to be protected especially when they might be against what some folks would say is negative speech. Written or spoken. I'm not here to stick up for Mr. Jerardi. I'm here to maybe get you to sit back and really think about this opinion of yours. Do you want your thoughts silenced just because the other differing side thinks you are negative? We either want free expression or not. I choose freedom. Yes, I'm not always in agreement with other's opinions. But, I'll fight for them to be allowed to write or say them.
Chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Jerardi has become a racing genius with high Beyer numbers always given by himself. Great comment, Jock.
Boyd Cord More than 1 year ago
LOL! I dont think I've ever read an article written by Dick Jeradi that cause this. Be it Basketball or Horse Racing. I have read his beat articles in the Philly papers since the 80's , Philly is a tough town , this is a first.