05/23/2014 2:09PM

A letter from DRF Chairman & CEO John Hartig


Dear Valued DRF Customer,

It's no secret that we've experienced more than our fair share of technical challenges in recent weeks, and for that, I want to express our sincerest apology.

Serving horseplayers and earning your trust has been DRF’s mission for 120 years, and because of technology breakdowns of late, we’ve let you down. Our #1 goal is to resolve these issues immediately and rebuild your trust.

Let me shed some light on the situation and let you know what we're doing to fix it.

Quite simply, our infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with the rapidly increasing demand for DRF.com and DRF’s digital handicapping products, particularly Formulator. We've made significant strides on this front, but it has not been a “clean trip” by any means. In fact, many of the difficulties you’ve experienced lately are related to upgrades and investments in our infrastructure to expand capacity and improve performance.

This week, we suffered a major site outage due to a series of power issues that wiped out the primary and secondary systems at our data center. To prevent this from happening again, we’ve been building a new back-up data center which will be in place shortly. This process is not as simple as “putting it all in the cloud” -- we wish it were. But we are moving specific elements of DRF.com’s service, like DRFLive!, to cloud-based centers to increase capability and reliability. To ensure maximum performance of DRF Formulator, we've increased server capacity by 4X with dedicated servers to speed downloading and printing. Additionally, we're increasing bandwidth across-the-board prior to the historic 146th running of the Belmont Stakes in two weeks.

DRF’s goal is to match the passion you have as a horseplayer with dependable and quality service you deserve and expect from DRF. On behalf of the entire DRF team, thank you for your loyalty and for your feedback which has been instrumental in helping resolve these issues. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

John Hartig Chairman and CEO, Daily Racing Form