04/17/2012 2:17PM

Len Ragozin sells speed figure producer The Sheets


The Sheets, the venerable New York-based producer of speed figures, has been sold by the company’s founder, Len Ragozin, to longtime Sheets associate Jake Haddad and horse owner Steve Davison, according to multiple news releases

Haddad, 53, has worked for The Sheets for more than three decades and has been an integral part of the company for many years. Davison, 44, is a Thoroughbred owner and breeder and the majority owner of Twin Creeks Racing LLC, which campaigns, among other horses, top handicapper Mission Impazible.

Operations at The Sheets will continue without interruption or change. “We will continue to draw upon the five decades of experience from our capable office staff to uphold the longstanding integrity of the product, while looking to advance and modernize the way it’s distributed,” Davison said in a press release.

Ragozin, a Harvard graduate, has been making influential racing performance figures for more than 50 years. He has been the subject of numerous profiles in publications as diverse as Sports Illustrated and The New Yorker.