02/10/2016 3:36PM

Laurel: Jockey Camacho suspended for drug positive


Jockey Eric Camacho has been suspended after testing positive for marijuana at Laurel Park on Feb. 5. Maryland Racing Commission officials tested all of the riders in that day’s second race.

Before he is allowed to resume riding, Camacho will have to pass a drug test and undergo counseling. Camacho is the third rider at Laurel to be suspended recently for a drug violation. Xavier Perez was suspended after testing positive for an amphetamine-like substance, and Nik Juarez was suspended for failing to provide a urine sample in a timely manner. Both of those riders have been reinstated and have signed agreements with The Stronach Group that say they agree to be tested by track officials at any time.

Dale Tillotson More than 1 year ago
In Vermont we are talking about legalizing weed but one of the drawbacks is their is no way for officials to be able to test drivers under the influence of weed. I guess I will contact my political Reps. and simply tell them to contact Laurel park for weed testing advice.
Sheldon Glass More than 1 year ago
I think the stewards at Portland Meadows and Fair grounds need to be tested....Anyone see Fair Grounds second race on Tuesday, 02/09/16? Let me know how the 4 horse never got disqualified.....