10/28/2016 1:25PM

Last chance to qualify online for BCBC


This weekend’s headline event on DRF Tournaments is the final online qualifier for the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge. Sunday’s contest requires a buy-in of $1,000, but one in 11 entries will win a seat to the BCBC. Players have the option of attending the Breeders’ Cup if they qualify, but they can also play from one of three approved simulcast locations (Aqueduct, Gulfstream, or Churchill Downs) or play from home. The contest is limited to 55 entries and is filling up fast.

Some players have qualified to Sunday’s contest through feeders and super feeders. The feeders required a $110 buy-in and the top 10 percent of players advanced to the qualifier. Super feeders have an even lower buy-in, and allowed players to win into the main feeder. Check out DRF Tournaments for a full slate of upcoming feeder tournaments, which are generally held from Wednesday through Sunday.

There are other ways to fund your upcoming tournament play as well. On Sunday, newer contest players can get started for as little as $5, competing in a $50 winner-take-all credit builder contest. You can also play in a match-up contest for either $55 or $110 where you’ll have a chance to win $100 or $200, respectively. Feeders, match-ups, and credit builders are a great way not only to fuel your contest action but also to gain valuable experience in the process.

Also on Sunday, there’s a one-day qualifier for the upcoming Gulfstream Conquer the Crown event, to be held on Dec. 3, opening day of the Gulfstream championship meeting. It’s frightening to think that’s just over a month away. Why not multi-table for a chance to win more than one prize? That’s what Ryan Scharnowke did two weeks ago on DRF Tournaments. He had done the work on the 12-race sequence, liked a few things, played in an NHC contest and a Gulfstream contest, and won seats to both.

Go to tournaments.drf.com for more information about upcoming events, including a list of all the races included in each contest.