05/26/2017 11:33AM

Last chance to qualify for Monmouth Pick Your Prize


Sunday is your last chance if you want to play in Monmouth’s Pick Your Prize contest on June 3. Entires for the qualifier are available on the DRF Tournaments website.

Usually when you participate in a so-called last-chance contest, you still have the ability to participate even if you don’t finish among the entries in the prize pool. The “last chance” refers to the last chance to qualify. But in this case, “last chance” is more literal: You won’t be playing if you’re not already signed up and don’t win in. This is because Monmouth registration closes on Saturday. There’s no harm in reserving one entry, then trying to play for a second on Sunday.

Interested parties should go to Monmouth’s website at http://www.monmouthpark.com/contest_detail.aspx?id=10706 for more details, if it’s not already too late.

As for Sunday’s qualifier itself, players put up $126 and one in 23 will win their $2,000 Monmouth buy-ins, plus $500 in travel.

For the contest next Saturday, half of that $2,000 will fund the prize pool, the other half will act as a live bankroll. The contest tracks will be Monmouth Park, Belmont Park, and Churchill Downs, and permitted wagers will include win, place, show, and exacta. Players must bet a minimum of 10 races, including a minimum of five Monmouth Park races. There is a $100 minimum bet, but no maximum bet; players can go all-in at any time.

Why is the contest called Pick Your Prize? Because winners get to choose what they take home. Going in order, from the winner down to the 20th-place finisher (based on last year’s field size), players select from a “prize board” consisting of cash and seats to other major tournaments. The top four finishers will receive two selections from the prize board; finishers five through 20 get one selection. Final prizes will be determined by the total number of entries and all prizes will be announced prior to the start of the contest.

Also on DRFT on Sunday, there is a round-one contest for the World Championship of Handicapping. Put up $95 and one in seven will advance to the Belmont Day Grade 1 qualifier, where one in 10 will advance to the $1 million, no-takeout finals.

There are also feeders for the top-level contests around the country like the Belmont Stakes Challenge, Del Mar’s Handicapping Championship, and the Wynn Challenge. For more information, go to tournaments.drf.com.