Updated on 02/03/2018 10:42AM

Last chance to buy into World Championship of Handicapping


It’s last call to enter the handicapping-contest world’s latest championship event: Daily Racing Form’s World Championship of Handicapping, a big-money online contest this Saturday and Sunday.

The field is starting to take shape, with 80 players committed as of Thursday morning and many more expected by the scheduled first post of the contest. The prize pool would reach $1 million if a full field of 200 makes the gate. That’s not out of reach since late sign-ups are common in big-money contests.

At last weekend’s Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship, there were 80 entries early in the week, and it ended up with 136. If the WCH gets a comparable bump, the total purse would be $680,000, making the winner’s share $170,000.

The WCH is the best opportunity in the history of online contests because there is no takeout; all the money put up by players will be awarded back to them in the contest.

:: Enter the World Championship of Handicapping, with a potential $1 million prize pool and 0% takeout

The field is expected to be the deepest ever assembled in an online format. Already, there are several former handicapping champions signed up, including Patrick McGoey, Brent Sumja, and Rick Broth. Among the most visible players expected in the field is Chris Fallica, better known as “The Bear” on ESPN’s “College GameDay.”

One interesting entrant is native Australian “Hurricane” Anthony Robb. Robb garnered attention last year for winning a significant online contest by simply playing the No. 1 horse in every race. It’s unlikely, however, that such a simple strategy would work in a sophisticated format like the WCH.

Here is a review of the WCH rules. On Saturday, participants will play 15 mandatory races in the live, mythical $2 win-place format. Half the field will advance to Day 2 on Sunday, with bankrolls carrying forward. In the event of ties, both entries advance. If there’s an odd number of entries, the “extra” entry will advance (i.e., if there are 149 entries, 75 will move on).

On Sunday, there will be two segments. In the first, all remaining participants will play seven races, with half the field advancing to the finals (same rules for ties and odd entries apply). Bankrolls will again be carried over to the final eight-race segment, where a champion will be crowned.

The cut lines definitely add an interesting wrinkle to contest strategy.

“In general, the more races in the contest and the more cut lines you have, the less impact a single longshot has,” said tournament veteran Chris Larmey. “So, it should encourage players to do less speculative plays and make more plays on solid choices, but it all depends on their normal style and tolerance for risk.”

Here are Saturday’s 15 races:

3:04 GP-7 Md Sp Wt 50k 7.5F T
3:37 GP-8 Md Sp Wt 50k 6.5F
4:08 OP-5 Alw 8000s 8.5F
4:10 GP-9 OC 25k/N1X 8F T
4:39 OP-6 Clm 8000N1Y 8F
4:43 GP-10 FrwrdGal-G3 7F
5:00 SA-4 OC 40k/N1X 6.5F
5:09 OP-7 Alw 76500N3L 6F
5:16 GP-11 DaniaBch-G3 8F T
5:30 SA-5 RBLewis-G3 8.5F
5:38 OP-8 KingCottnL125k 6F
5:49 GP-12 HolyBull-G2 8.5F
6:00 SA-6 Clm 12500N2L 8F
6:30 SA-7 SnMarcos-G2 10F T
7:00 SA-8 SnPsqal-G2 9F

The top 20 finishers will win prizes, with the top 10 receiving the following percentages of the overall pool: 25 to first, 16 to second, 12 to third, 9 to fourth, 7.5 to fifth, 5 to sixth, 6 to seventh, 5 to eighth, 4 to ninth, and 3 to 10th.

The official rules include the full breakdown of prizes. Check them out here. Exact cash payouts will be listed within 90 minutes of the contest’s start.

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And here are the races for Sunday, divided into the two rounds:

Round 2

2:35 GP-6 Md 25000 6F
2:35 OP-2 Md 40000(40-35) 6F
3:05 GP-7 Md Sp Wt 50k 9F T
3:14 TAM-6 Md 16000 8.5F T
3:23 AQU-6 Clm 25000N2L 8F
3:31 OP-4 Md 12500 8.5F
3:59 OP-5 Clm 8000N1Y 6F


Round 3

4:27 OP-6 Clm 30000B 6F
4:37 GP-10 Clm 6250 8F
5:00 SA-7 Md 30000 8.5F
5:08 GP-11 OC 25k/N1X 5F T
5:30 SA-8 Clm 8000 7F
5:38 GP-12 Md 20000 7.5F T
5:52 OP-9 Clm 16000B 6F
6:00 SA-9 Md 50000(50-40) 6.5F