12/20/2004 12:00AM

KHRA to set goals for 2005


The Kentucky Horse Racing Authority needs to set specific goals for itself in 2005 after a year in which the organization "kind of treaded water," the chairman of the authority, Bill Street, said during a meeting on Monday outside Lexington.

Street said the authority, which was created early in 2004 to replace the Kentucky Racing Commission, needs to update its rules and regulations, determine its responsibilities, resolve controversy over Kentucky's medication policy, and better account for the sources of its funding and how its revenues are spent. Street called on the authority's 15 members to recommend other courses of action at the group's next scheduled meeting, on Jan. 18.

"I really want everyone here to ask themselves over the next 30 days, What should we focus our efforts on in 2005?" Street said. "We need to set specific goals and check off how we do against them."