10/26/2011 12:53PM

Kentucky racing commission puts off licensing of Chechnyan president


The licensing committee of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission agreed on Wednesday to table a license application from Chechnyan president Ramzan Kadyrov in order to do a more thorough investigation of his background.

The decision was reached in consultation with Kadyrov’s legal counsel and his racing manager, who told the committee via telephone that Kadryov had no plans to race a horse in Kentucky this year. On Oct. 15, Kadyrov’s horse, Sweet Ducky, was ordered scratched out of an opening-day allowance race at Keeneland by Kentucky stewards, citing the committee’s desire to collect more information.

Kadyrov, 35, has been the subject of criticism from some international human-rights groups.

He is currently licensed in Canada, where Sweet Ducky is expected to make his next start, according to Kadyrov’s racing manager, Robert Harrison. The horse had previously started in the UAE Derby in Dubai.

Kadyrov’s legal counsel, Andrew Mollica, said at the license-committee meeting that “Mr. Kadyrov only asks to be treated no more or no less than other applicants who have similarly applied,” and he stated that Kadyrov has “impeccable racing credentials.”

Burr Travis, the licensing committee chairman, assured Mollica that the committee would treat Kadyrov fairly, but he said that “his license, because of who he is, requires a little more information and investigation.”