04/09/2002 11:00PM

Kentucky drug poll: 91% approve


The Kentucky Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association released the results of a survey on Wednesday that showed 91 percent of the respondents in support of Kentucky's medication policy, the most permissive in the country.

The survey asked respondents whether or not they favored Kentucky's current medication policies. Of the 724 responses that were declared eligible, 665 were in favor, according to the auditing company hired by the KHBPA. Seven ballots were declared ineligible.

The ballots were mailed to the KHBPA's 6,000 members, according to Marty Maline, the association's executive director, along with a letter from the KHBPA's president, Dr. Alex Harthill, a strong supporter of Kentucky's medication policy.

The letter urged those who disagree with Kentucky's policy to "take another look" before asking respondents to complete the survey, according to a copy of the letter provided by the KHBPA.

"Kentucky's medication policy, like that of the Olympics, assures a level playing field, relying on science to insure the health and welfare of the equine athlete in conjunction with the integrity of the game," Harthill wrote. "I urge you to please fill out the enclosed card."