05/10/2016 12:01PM

Kentucky Derby TV rating dips


The final rating for the Kentucky Derby broadcast on NBC on Saturday was a 9.0, according to the network, down 6.3 percent from the 9.6 final rating for the broadcast last year.

The rating for the Derby dipped despite the surge in media coverage last year surrounding the post-Derby campaign of American Pharoah, who became the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years when he went on to win the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

Share for the Saturday broadcast was a 21, down 8.7 percent from share of 23 last year. Share indicates the percentage of televisions in use that are tuned to a specific broadcast.

NBC said in a release that the broadcast averaged 15.5 million viewers, the fourth consecutive year in which the broadcast drew in excess of 15 million viewers. NBC also said that according to data provided by The Nielsen Company, 17.9 million viewers watched the Derby itself, equal to the peak number of viewers watching the race last year.

Mark More than 1 year ago
Blame Churchill Downs Inc. They screwed viewers from tvg all week leading into the derby and had to use gimmicks like Johhny and Tara because they would not allow the former HRTV crew to be onsite. The "bad Coverage" was purposefully done as a power struggle for online wagering. Friday all they had was replays of past Derbys because of the loss of the HRTV staff aside from Laffit Pincay JR. The Twinspires.com live feed from the track was a disgraced by whoever was hired to work with Jill. He seemed to have no knowledge of the horses or the races on the 2nd biggest day of racing in America. I am a diehard race fan for 35 years but internal fighting will and has ruined the sport. we need to operate more like English and Australian racing which runs for the betterment of the sport and betting first, not the wallet of Shareholders or seemingly greedy Horsemen.
TEDK215 More than 1 year ago
as long as ill gotten gains are the norm for the disgraceful trainers this trend will inevitably reflect the REAL ISSUE, TOTAL INTEGRITY! come on with the thumbs down, I couldn't give a ***! I believe they call it KARMA.
Stephen More than 1 year ago
Who in the hell came up with the extremely bad idea of featuring Mr.? Weird and Ms. Lipinski on a Kentucky Derby telecast. Their knowledge of the sport is nil and to have to look at Johnny Weird on a major sports program is nauseating.
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
Frankly with the idiots they had as on there is anybody really surprised..the idiot with the pony tail hat was impossible to bear for more than a few seconds and the little girl what was she doing at a racetrack?. very bad coverage leads to very bad ratings.
Charles Sanford More than 1 year ago
MARIO...Is one cool motor-scooter...I have watched this young man ride from the beginning at Hasting Park.. Emerald Downs and then California tracks...He didn't waste any time....he proved his skills by winning race's immediately....like so many other young riders coming on to that set , but not like the kocky-ness of the likes Gary Stevens... but quiet confidence of a PINCAY...so what do you get already 2 derby wins...there is another star in the making and his name is Flavian Prat...Woops there he is!!
Frank More than 1 year ago
Wait how can that be -- all the HR experts said all along HR needs a TC winner it will be good for the sport and will bring new fans...they forced it to happen last year for this reason....

America did the same for our President -- how did that work out?

Point is - you cant force things to happen because you think they are right -- listen and learn from the fans and followers on what is right...

These people always think they are smarter and dont need to listen.
Bernie Caplan More than 1 year ago
comparing the triple crown to the presidency. now that's a different approach.
personally i did very well following AP through his derby cycle and regarding the President,, well the stock market is through the roof, unemployment has dropped 4%,
millions more have health insurance and I've had 5 raises.
Race on Frank