03/27/2013 6:11PM

Kentucky Derby points vs. graded stakes earnings


Old vs. New

Here are the top 55 candidates for the Kentucky Derby listed in order of graded stakes earnings - the former qualifying system for the 20 starting positions - along with each horse's ranking under the new point system as of March 27, 2013. You can find the official point standings on our Road to the Kentucky Derby page.

Horse Points Graded stakes
12 Shanghai Bobby 24 1,731,000
11 Goldencents 29 758,000
31 He's Had Enough 6 442,000
3 Govenor Charlie 50 400,000
1 Will Take Charge 60 $361,200
2 Vyjack 50 360,000
4 Black Onyx 50 317,130
8 Oxbow 36 316,000
21 Overanalyze 10 308,381
14 Den's Legacy 20 285,000
36 Capo Bastone 4 251,500
20 Itsmyluckyday 10 250,000
5 Orb 50 240,000
9 Uncaptured 30 233,307
41 Fortify 3 225,000
22 Super Ninety Nine 10 218,000
6 Verrazano 50 210,000
23 Power Broker 10 210,000
7 Hear the Ghost 50 180,000
10 Flashback 30 180,000
15 Falling Sky 20 155,000
33 Shakin It Up 5 150,000
18 Dynamic Sky 13 137,500
44 Clearly Now 2 130,000
24 Revolutionary 10 120,000
13 Java's War 22 112,772
42 Mylute 2 108,365
32 Fear the Kitten 6 100,325
25 Abraham 10 96,000
16 West Hills Giant 20 81,500
17 Code West 20 80,000
30 Siete de Oros 7 80,000
37 Normandy Invasion 4 58,000
43 Carving 2 57,250
19 Speak Logistics 11 52,500
34 Tesseron 5 49,017
38 Golden Soul 4 44,000
39 Escapefromreality 4 41,334
45 Heaven's Runway 2 41,198
40 Frac Daddy 4 40,596
T26 Elnaawi 10 40,000
T26 Palace Malice 10 40,000
28 Tiz a Minister 10 36,000
51 Amerigo Vespucci 1 31,334
29 Texas Bling 9 31,200
53 Quinzieme Monarque 1 27,500
35 Taken by the Storm 5 25,575
46 My Name Is Michael 2 25,500
48 Dewey Square 2 20,798
54 Channel Isle 1 20,500
52 Joshua's Comprise 1 20,000
50 Dry Summer 1 18,000
49 Manando 2 12,000
55 Little Jerry 1 12,000
47 Always in a Tiz 2 9,000


BrandonLayer More than 1 year ago
Under the old system Goldencents, He's Had Enough, Overanylize, Den's Legecy, Capo Bastone, Fortify, Power Broker and Joha would already be assured spots in the Kentucky Derby due to their earnings. Clearly that system needed to be fixed. The new system isn't perfect but it is better than the old system.
BrandonLayer More than 1 year ago
Under the old system the winner and runner up in the Juvenile could not earn another penny after that and still be in the Derby. That's not right.
Max Mathew More than 1 year ago
It puts smaller tracks and lesser known prep races at a disadvantage as far as significance. I really don't mind that. The point system somewhat ensures bigger fields in the FL Derby, Wood memorial, SA derby etc which makes it more exciting. A baffert or a pletcher horse romp in a weak small field at sunland, tampa or delta downs doesn't really tell me much about the horse than the ability and stock of the trainer.
D More than 1 year ago
Huh same as before... when it came down to earnings... like I said no difference if you ask me. The winner is going to come from the top half of the stakes earning anyway what 90% of the time, lol.
D More than 1 year ago
So if the old system was so broken I would love to know what horse in the last oh say 10 Derby's failed to make the cut of 20 horses by way of graded earnings that you really thought was a Derby winner?? I mean really, take a look at the careers of the horses that just came up short in earning to make the field in the past and show me a horse that 6 months later you look back and thought "man if he would been in the field that day he would won the Derby" the whole thing is a joke half the field every year looks to have no real shot at winning and in the end its going to look the exact same way this year. The only thing it may do is create larger fields near the end of the road to the Derby cause a horse may have to run to have a shot at getting in. Other then that is has not done anything.
scott More than 1 year ago
I agree John. My only couple changes would be make all 10 pointers worth 20. They are close to worthless at 10-4-2-1 for scoring, double that up. And I know it's politics but I'd like the Illinois derby in there, it can be a good prep. I would also have a turf race in the 20 point set. Churchill's main track has proven to be well liked by some turf runners over the years so they should have a chance for points (20) before a final dirt or poly prep. Maybe the Palm Beach would fit timing and points wise. Would some people say the two year old races should be worth 20 but the BC Juvy worth 50 to the winner? Should winning the BC Juvy be worth the equivalent of a grade 2 on the derby trail? I'd be okay with it. Give the same value to the other 2 yr old grade 1 as the grade 3's for 3 yr olds. The 100 pointers are good races, even the UAE derby. Our sires do a lot of work abroad and there should be a race internationally where they can earn a starting spot. It may be one of our sires who is represented.
Horse Cents More than 1 year ago
The point system works, it just doesn't work well enough. Adjust for graded status within each grouping. No one can argue the grade 3 Spiral or Sunland had the quality and depth of the grade 2 Fountain of Youth, or TB Derby and they should not be worth the same points. Or that the G1 BC Juvenile should be worth the same as the other G3 2 yr old races.
John Cossette More than 1 year ago
Good example of how the points system is working pretty perfectly, IMO - the horses high on the graded stakes list who are low on points (He's Had Enough, Overanalyze, Capo Bastone, Fortify, Super Ninety Nine, Power Broker) have all either shown on the track this season that they aren't up to snuff or not run yet this year (does a horse with only one prep really belong in the Derby?). The only exception is It'smyluckyday, who should earn his way in with a good performance in his final prep. In past years we'd surely have He's Had Enough, Overanalyze, and Super Ninety Nine (or more) crowding more deserving horses out of the starting gate based on 2yo form or early season mile wins. These horses still have the chance to prove they do belong in their final prep...but now they do, in fact, have to prove it.