05/03/2014 7:53PM

Kentucky Derby payoffs

Debra A. Roma
California Chrome paid $7 to win the Kentucky Derby and keyed a $340 exacta with longshot runner-up Commanding Curve.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Here are the top five finishers, with all available mutuel prices involving the 140th Kentucky Derby on Saturday at Churchill Downs:

Top 5 order of finish, $2 mutuels
1 – California Chrome, No. 5, win $7; place, $5.60; show, $4.20
2 – Commanding Curve, No. 17, place, $31.80; show, $15.40
3 – Danza, No. 4, show, $6
4 – Wicked Strong, No. 20
5 – Samraat, No. 6

Exotic payoffs

$2 exacta (5-17): $340
50-cent trifecta (5-17-4): $856.15
$1 superfecta (5-17-4-20): $7,691.90
$1 super high five (5-17-4-20-6): $149,764.70
$2 pick six (2-8-5-9-1-5): $22,296.40
$2 pick six consolation, 5 of 6 (2-8-5-9-1-5): $189.60
$1 daily double (1-5): $4.50
50-cent pick three (9-1-5): $45.15
50-cent pick four (5-9-1-5): $394.45
50-cent pick five (8-5-9-1-5): $694.95
$2 Oaks-Derby Double, Untapable-California Chrome (13-5): $11.40
50-cent Oaks/Woodford/Derby pick three, Untapable-Wise Dan-California Chrome (13-1-5): $4.25

Derby Future Wagers

Pool 1 $2 win: California Chrome (No. 24, all others), $3.60
Pool 1, $2 exacta: California Chrome (No. 24, all others) with Ride On Curlin (No. 18), $203*

Pool 2: California Chrome (No. 3), $2 win, $63.40
Pool 2, $2 exacta: California Chrome (No. 3) with Commanding Curve (No. 24, all others), $179.40

Pool 3: California Chrome (No. 4), $2 win, $67.60
Pool 3, $2 exacta: California Chrome (No. 4) with Commanding Curve (No. 24, all others), $463.80

Pool 4: California Chrome (No. 5), $2 win, $20.80
Pool 4, $2 exacta: California Chrome (No. 5) with Commanding Curve (No. 24, all others), $159.60

*In Pool 1 exacta, the only horse among the individual betting interests in the race was seventh-place Ride On Curlin.


Randy More than 1 year ago
All 3 TC races should be limited to 14 horses.
Railbird Brad More than 1 year ago
Awful pick 3 and oaks double payouts do to high take out rate, only a novice ignorant fool would ever bet into those pools.
Railbird Brad More than 1 year ago
Aleph-Tau More than 1 year ago
Anyone betting on C.Curve needs their head examined...that horse has done NOTHING in all his races. Now he Places in the Derby??? Like I've always said...Handicapping is figuring out how "they" fixed the race. Chrome's connections are "straight shooters", so they let their horse run his race...but how did a horse like Candy Boy get "pulled up" around the 1st turn??? Take another look...you'll see the fix was in. Dont get me wrong, I be t a "C" note on Chrome to win, but for C.Curve to finish 2nd in a field of 19....WHAT A JOKE !!!
StockPicker More than 1 year ago
Before you comment perhaps you should have watched his previous races. He broke his maiden at Churchill and prior to that race he was out finished however he ran the mile in 1:36 which by the way was one of the fastest of any other horse with the exception of the horses that ran at Gulf however we all know that GP is a speed track. Also he had a horrible trip in the Louisiana Derby and still finished third. Next time do your damn homework before posting your ridiculous comments
Kevin Tucker More than 1 year ago
I couldn't have worded that any better.
Walter More than 1 year ago
Seriously? You wrote that?
ANTHONY J More than 1 year ago
Your comments are so off base. If you could not see that Commanding Curve was a developing horse, then you missed out. His Risen Star and LA Derby races were excuse filled. Finally, Dallas Stewart has obviously figured out how to get a horse ready to run the best race of his life on the first Saturday in May - not in February or March!
kmindeye More than 1 year ago
Friends talked me out of playing cc with cc 5-17 exacta I played 5-14. It cost me 680 bucks. I think both can go the distance. I was really impressed by commanding curve coming from last and finishing 2nd. California Chrome proved was the real deal.
Diana Leeson More than 1 year ago
Next time go with your gut and not your friends!
Mark Haire More than 1 year ago
19 horses, top 3 finishers combined for about 28% of massive , I think $8000,000 show pool some one should investigate those show prices
Opinion More than 1 year ago
Not to brag buuuttt I had the future in FebruaryOn California Chrome at 33-1! Now if I can just stop betting :)
georget More than 1 year ago
You had fun and you won
david More than 1 year ago
My neighbor gave me 50/1 on CC and a co-worker gave me 65-1 and the guy at the hardware store gave me 100/1!!! I mean, not to brag......
Rita Polander More than 1 year ago
The pool 2 Exacta was 358.60 for $2. I was fortunate to have it. Good luck California Chrome, awesome race!
georget More than 1 year ago
You had fun and won too. Now that is an exacta!
Rita Polander More than 1 year ago
so right georget, picked up my money today, looking forward to the preakness
Frank Dambrosio More than 1 year ago
The pool 3 exacta came back$414 for one dollar
redboy More than 1 year ago
$828.20 for the $2
Old timer More than 1 year ago
That was quite a chalky Oaks-Woodford-Derby Pick 3.