05/05/2011 9:13PM

Kentucky Derby handcapping chat with Marcus Hersh

DRFDerby Welcome to tonight's chat. We will be joined by Marcus Hersh shortly. Feel free to start sending in your questions!
DRFMarcus_Hersh Joined now, in fact.
Joey Do you anticipate a fast track on Derby day?If off who are main benefactors?
wmspt post draw just killed Archx3
Scott I loved Archx3 until he got the rail.Does he still have a chance?
Joey Where is DRF posted a transcript of all of the Derby Chats?
Scott Who are ur top 5 throw outs?
Fred Reardon Hi Marcus, I like your insights. If we could get your thoughts on the LA Derby and how those horses and jocks figure in the KD? Do you adjus
DRFDerby DRF will post an archive of our chats tomorrow morning
Fred Reardon t for a wet rack?
up2early Is this thing going to work tonight? Last night didn't go well
Joey Hello Marcus - will we see any of your insights on the closer look for any of the racees?
wmspt track will be fine on derby day
James What do you think about Master? On the board or not?
Sanjay Bhartia MOH on board
DRFMarcus_Hersh Joey - fast track Saturday? Forecast getting worse. Was 20% chance precip two days ago. Now 50% - scattered t-storms.
George Tierney master of hounds, up the track
DRFMarcus_Hersh @wmspt Post didn't kill Arch3X. Just maimed. Made me change pix.
NCTony Soldat on off track W2W
George Tierney 1 prep over synthetic??/ please
Vincent Maresco Any thoughts on Mucho Macho Man?
Joey thanks Marcus
George Tierney soldat gets all in pocket over slop
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Scott: Top 5 tosses: Twinspired, Derby Kitten, Pants on Fire, Comma, Uncle Mo
George Tierney love mucho macho man
NCTony why does it Kill a horse to have rail..i think it's just bad luck and bad horses each race is statistically independent
George Tierney sitting in his box with owners and going to the friday mucho party
DelMarDennis Chances Uncle Mo gets scratched prior to the start? I'd say 50/50.
DRFMarcus_Hersh @james: Master of H. not tossable, to me. Xcuse for BC. Dubai race was pretty nice.
George Tierney 90-10
Joey Marcus - Describe how you think handicapping the Derby is so much different than other big races
Bill Stoffel Why the toss on Uncle Mo?
Larry Terry these post positions has me right back to the drawing board....i feel like its febuary
Sanjay Bhartia Marcus- give any chance to Brilliant Speed or Midnight Interlude?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @NCTony - re Soldat; wet helps. Draw may help equally - he's outside other speed.
George Tierney master is a toss, lost to a filly, ran 1 1/8 th in 158...please
NCTony was my thoughts exactly
Frank How much does he rail hurt AAA?
DRFMarcus_Hersh Vincent M: Mucho MM in my top realm. On edge. Like, don't love. Solid, has some stay.
cscinsurance1 Good evening, Marcus. In the SA Derby, it appeared to me that Espinoza went to the whip on MI early and often.
cscinsurance1 24 strikes beginning around the far turn.It appeared excessive to me and I am wondering if I should view MI as an imp
Dan Waite What do u think of Animal Kingdom i think he hits the board
DRFMarcus_Hersh @NC Tony: Rail causes pressure lots of times; harder to turn off, relax, hit spots
cscinsurance1 improving horse that might gain something from a tough race or a horse who might be a little low in the tank for a mile
James Why is Gomez on Master?
Anthony Aiello what do you think of st. johns river in the oaks
George Tierney only if its wet
BillCorr_RES Is there a possible War Emblem in this field?Could someone get on top and stay there?
cscinsurance1 & a quarter
Don Soucy Chances for one of the speeds, especially Shackleford to stay for a major piece?
George Tierney cause they paid him to ride moh
wmspt Brilliant and Midnight will be fine
wmspt Brilliant and Midnight will be fine
Brian Peeples shackleford at 12/1?? is there really that much hype going on around him or it one of those typical Battaglia wtf's?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @DelMarDen: Hard call. Nothing would surprise, right?
Larry Terry master hounds is your war emblem
DRFMarcus_Hersh As for that last, it was RE Uncle Mo possible scratch
Scott What is the pace gonna be? Hot?
Larry Terry im leaning towards macho man...but like master
Clocker Marcus...Can Shackleford rate to the speed inside and hold on for the distance? He seems like he could be the improving horse in the field.
DRFMarcus_Hersh @BillStoffel: As for Mo toss, he's one of the shorter prices. Timely Writer could be see as plus had Wood not happened.
Sanjay Bhartia MOH is becoming the wiseguy horse...which is always a bad sign
Matt Fidler Marcus, do deep closers have a chance to pass a ton of horses?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Sanjay: Neither Brilliant nor Midnight would be on trifecta tix. So you might wanna box them in exacta:)
NCTony My thoughts on Archx3 is his running style actually can benefit from good rail trip and court knows the curcuit well I
George Tierney master of hounds had one prep that was so slow, i coulda beat him
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Dan Waite: RE Animal Kingdom - he wound up being my top selection
George Tierney mucho has a big chance and so does midnite
Larry Terry i think AAA has a better post than the whole auxiliary gate
elvis what is the weight for the derby?Who best to carry it?
Oliver Brown George- did you see where the Holy Bull runner finished in MOH's 'slow prep'
DRFMarcus_Hersh @James: Gomez on Master cuz jock needed horse, horse needed jock. Perfect!
Brian Peeples i'm leaning towards Archarcharach, Mucho Macho Man, and Soldat
George Tierney and one prep worked well for china visit and arazi
Larry Terry at elvis ...pants on fire 126lbs
Jason Trotter Master - only one race this year, never raced on dirt, and shipped - all a recipe for bad outcome!
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Anthony Aillo: St. Johns River gets my $ as Oaks key horse
Karen Martin Dialed in, Mucho, Mo, Midnight my favorites
DRFMarcus_Hersh @BillCorr_RES: Possible War Emblem? Soldat, if any.
elvis thanks lt
NCTony Animal Kingdom has never run on dirt, have you seen the works on dirt?
George Tierney soldat if wet yes'
Larry Terry at jason trotter...he runs in europe against pluck and frankel out front he may get pushed thru
Don Soucy Before the draw, why was AAA getting so much more love than Nehro, who just flew by him after the wire? Somebody has to close
cscinsurance1 Marcus, do you think Espinoza's ride on MI in SA D was a bit too much?
Karen Martin will derby have the 10 cent super?
Oliver Brown Ya Marcus! you picked the winner (Animal Kingdom) - are you dissapointed with draw? You see Albarado taking back like last or pressing like
Larry Terry no ten cents
Scott Santa Anita was over rated, best 2 scratched.I can't make a stance of any...can u?
Sanjay Bhartia no super is $1 min
Jason Trotter If not for the getting stuck in the fla derby, he would have all the right numbers to take it all the way!
wmspt 1 dol super min
DRFMarcus_Hersh Request: Keep comments to minimum. Flooded with questions right now.
DRFDerby @ Karen - No, the minimum super for the Derby will be $1
BillCorr_RES Will Nehro really go off at 6-1?Does he have a shot?
George Tierney pluck was so much better than animal kingdom, and i talked to barry irwin, who had no inclination to run pluck on dirt
Karen Martin ok thanks
George Tierney bet hes kicking himself now
DRFDerby Thank for joining tonight's chat. We're here with DRF Handicapper Marcus Hersh, who likes Animal Kingdom in the Derby
DRFMarcus_Hersh As for pace: I'm seeing it as quick, not suicide. Guess fractions: 23.22, 46.47 for quarter and half
Julie depressed about the one draw... :(
DRFMarcus_Hersh Correct on no 10-cent super
NCTony Stay Thirsty..if you throw his race with Blinkers out he does have a nice pattern coming into this any opinions on ST?
Sanjay Bhartia Marcus- any thoughts on Daisy Devine in the Oaks?
Julie what do we guess the power of borel wil bring twice the appeal down to? lol
andersondeals Animal Kingdom is stop & go horse. SItting on a big race.
George Tierney nio 10 cent super cause they got killed last year'
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Julie: Yes. Maybe 20-1. I give him a chance to get in top five, given inside draw.
Warren Clark What runners do you think will step up in the slop, assuming the track turns up wet on Saturday?
Bruce Dutton Second quarter will be well over 24
AtlColt Marcus: Why Twinspired a throwout--he is one of my best live longshots--have used him in his last two..
wmspt Animal Kingdom's jock dumped him for Soldat, what does that tell you?
andersondeals Ak maneuvers like Afleet Alex
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Bill Corr: Nehro seemed more wise guy-ier last week. 8-1? 10-1?
Bruce Dutton TWIN can Not win from rail
Larry Terry will any of the horses out of the auxiliary gate hit the board .....that is the question
jaymz5150 Marcus do you prefer WPS bets vertical exotics or rolling horozontal exotics
Bruce Dutton Dialed In, Soldat, and Nehru
DRFMarcus_Hersh @clocker: Don't like Shack's chances of rating behind horses. On the lead, he's pressed.
cscinsurance1 @wmspt: it wouldn't be the 1st time a jock got off the winner for an also ran
John Catalano Could Uncle Mo pull a 'Big Brown' from post 18?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @wmspt: Re Garcia to Soldat: It tells me A. Garcia is riding for his guy
Edward Popyak Marcus do you look at pedigrees when handicapping the Derby?
Bruce Dutton Hope Mo runs -- if He does He will Not be in top 10 and will be gasping the last 1/16
George Tierney uncle mo is skinny
AtlColt Stay Thirsty simply hasnt run fast enough-no Beyer above 90
George Tierney looks not good]
DRFMarcus_Hersh @andersondeals: Yes, maneuverability one reason I like Animal Kingdom. He's an athlete.
Justin Brownstein Shackleford showed rating ability first off the bench this year which is uncommon in a speed horse. I think Romans played bias in Fla Derby
elvis any horse with significant workouts at cd?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @John Catalano: He could, he could. What odds would you take to guess he will?
Bruce Dutton You have about 15 great athletes -- break and running fairly clean are the big keys
cscinsurance1 Marcus, your thoughts on MI & Esp's ride in SA. Anything left in the tank?
George Tierney why ak...2 races at 2 2 at 3...nothing spectacuklar, and dirt first time
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Edward: I look at pedigrees, but they're not end-all, be-all. Individual 1st, ped second
John Catalano 6 to 1!!!
Bruce Dutton The West will Not hit the board
George Tierney there are 2 horses bred to win this race...nehro and dialed in'
Michael Giorgio bruce dutton sounds like a know it all....
Karen Martin who's the horse most likely to act up? like to bet on the feisty ones
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Justin: Shack could sit a bit from his draw. Not too much.
Bruce Dutton Not 6-1 in a far cry -- more like 18-1
Jason Trotter Marcus, what do you make of the track conditions for the derby?
Matt Fidler so does George Tierney
Mark Perrin what do you think of Mucho Macho Man?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @elvis: didn't make CD trip this year; i tend mainly to trust myself, even if i don't really know what i'm seeing
Bruce Dutton Feisty and sweating perhaps -- ugh
George Tierney so do i what
Scott Who r ur live longshots?
George Tierney i like mmm and dialed in
Michael Giorgio we are playing superfectas...who would you include if we keyed 5 horses?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @BruceDutton: They're not all athletic like that; horse can be fast, competent, not that athletic.
George Tierney ive got futures on both
Bruce Dutton Mo will have big probs getting out of gate
Justin Brownstein Are 50 cent trifectas available for the derby?
AtlColt This Derby has more simple throwouts than any in recent memory & now i can throw out two more due to draw: Soldat & Mo
DelMarDennis Word is Soldat really appreciates the cooler weather in KY. He was 'washy' in the FLA Derby. I think he comes up BIG.
George Tierney no
DRFMarcus_Hersh Athletecism, lotsa stamima, 20-1 why I Animal Kingdom guy
George Tierney friggin 1
Sanjay Bhartia any thoughts on Brilliant Speed's dirt races initially being late blooming as opposed to inability to handle?
John Huber Looks like exotics will payoff like a slot machine...
Bruce Dutton Soldat did Not need a good draw
Justin Brownstein Really? There were 50c last year???
DRFDerby @Justin - no, no 50-cent Tri's or dime supers for the Derby
George Tierney yes
cscinsurance1 I agree sanjay
George Tierney they got hammered
Justin Brownstein ouch
Don Soucy Shack faced tons of speed horses at FL, even though speed favoring track he was the only one who stayed
DRFMarcus_Hersh @AtlColt: I started throwing out, too. Suddenly, I had no horses left to consider!
George Tierney they got beat up so bad on the breeders cup with those bets
AtlColt So Im using only MMM, Dialed and Animal Kingdom in win position on tri...Santiva and Twinspires my live longshots
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Sanjay: Brilliant Speed might just be a better horse now than last year; or he hates dirt. Yeah.
John Catalano Does any one else besides me think that Uncle Mo is a lock?
Karen Martin george- I won the breeder's on those bets
elvis any concerns about AK transition to dirt?
George Tierney why santiva
Justin Brownstein I was locked in on ARCH until that post draw today. Sad to see such bad luck for Court/Jinks. Almost auto toss
George Tierney karen i hammered the breeders cup with those bets]
George Tierney all 4
George Tierney 260 win on blame
George Tierney ex tri and super
James what about 50 cent pick 4,5,6?
jeffhasselman Can AAA be first since Ferdinand in 86? Shoe was 54 and Court is young at 50. Slop may help.
Karen Martin like Hank?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @John: Not even Repole seems to lock Uncle. Didn't he say exacta with Mo and SThirsty? Not win?
John Huber lol...chalk bettor
Sanjay Bhartia Dynaformers can do dirt and definitely distance...i love the steady improvement...plus he will like the wet
Russ don't underestimate MO
Anthony Aiello who's your top 3 for the oaks ?
Don Soucy Any reason to think synthetic horses will show up? Paddy O'Prado ran well after working like a monster - but who else?
BettorCheckThis there are 50 cent trifectas..drf is giving false info on that
Bruce Dutton Tell us Your losses GT
John Catalano Remember, I told ya so!!!!
andersondeals AK wo ar CD was pretty impressive
Michael Giorgio Hey, we have two 'experts'...Tierney and Dutton...go with whatever they do!!!
George Tierney arch actually isnt in that bad of a spot, since he will drop back and 5 horses to his outside want the lead
Bruce Dutton Mo is a dieing qual -- fact -- no underestimation by anyone
Matt Fidler lol
BettorCheckThis there are 50 sent pick 3 s and 4 s
DRFMarcus_Hersh @elvis: Of course concerns about AK's transition to dirt. That's the guess-work for which you get bigger odds.
John Huber lol
Russ glad you know it all
George Tierney hey mike who you like'
DRFMarcus_Hersh we need a firm answer on 50-cent tris. will send email.
Larry Terry top 5 as of rite now....MMM, dialed in, master, soldat, animal kingdom
Bruce Dutton Three of the five horses on the outside WILL NOT AND CAN NOT GET THE LEAD
John Gray I've heard absolutely no one talk about Master of Hounds.No one.
Karen Martin thoughts on Decisive moment?
Michael Giorgio I like whoever you like! Can't miss!
Larry Terry i likey master
George Tierney toss
Bruce Dutton Get rid of MASTER for sure
BettorCheckThis i love the uncle mo fan club..there is no way you can follow this game daily and think uncle mo has a shot in this race
Clocker Decisive Moment...toss for me
Sanjay Bhartia John the whole first part was on MOH
Justin Brownstein I disagree George. I compare Arch to Lookin at Lucky. I think at the 1 you have to go either dead last or to the lead. I dont think AAA
BettorCheckThis not a sprint
John Huber lol...Mike
Anonymous Do you think the race will setup for a speed horse, horse that rates, or big closer?
Jason Trotter Master is a toss
John Gray I missed the first part, I'll rewind...
AtlColt I think Brilliant Speed is an easy throwout (See Stately Victor last year). One lucky win does not a derby winner make!
Scott Who is the Rodney dnagerfield horse this year?
George Tierney well ill be in the mmm box so i gotta play him, but i got a future on dialed in at 10-1\\
Michael Giorgio You heard him, Larry, Tierney said 'toss'....so TOSS!!!
Frank No one showed up in FL Derby, are you taking Dialed In seriously?
John Huber I say Maker gets his first derby horse...but hes a friend
BettorCheckThis this is actually one of the easier derbys to handicap
Sanjay Bhartia Atl- I take a different approach but I understand why people want to toss him
Josh Atkinson what do u think of twice the appeal? good post and borel on top.
DRFMarcus_Hersh @anon: I'm more with off the pace; I see six in top tier, and think they'll be attacking from half-mile onward
BettorCheckThis easy throwouts in this race and it wont pay huge like everyone is thinking...
Bruce Dutton Horses did run in the FL Derby and the best horse at Churchill happened to get the W
Larry Terry bettorckthis ...whos ur pic
DRFDerby We're chatting with Marcus Hersh. In case you're wondering, free Derby PPs will be posted on DRF.com later tonight
Shaman Krauss Albarado stepped on face by mount prior to race 3 churchill today andwill take off Oaks mount but still ride 'animal' in th Der
Tyrone A sure bet against is Uncle Mo....
George Tierney mike will give us the winner since hes mr funny'
John Gray Twice the Appeal is a claimer. At least the rest of these are good allowance horses.
Scott Bettorcheckthis: lets's hear it then...
Bruce Dutton Not a good year for Borel and His horse can Not lag and get a shot up the rail
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Frank: I was taking Dialed In seriously for 12 hours. Could see either way. Light work pattern since Fla Derby. Hmmm
Michael Giorgio Yup! The winner is whoever Tierney and Dutton pick...didn't I already say that?
JKarbo214 Thoughts on Midnight Interlude?
Shaman Krauss Any thoughts about Albarado's status?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @John Gray: Good for a snicker, the allowance horses remark
wmspt Don't sleep on Nehro
BettorCheckThis lol at light work pattern on dialed in and you write for the form? cmon now
DelMarDennis Marcus, how do you think MB did making the ML? Big discrepancy between he and Watch on Soldat. 12/20-1.
Sanjay Bhartia I take it those rumors about DI taking a bad step yesterday were simply untrue?
Josh Atkinson I like how baffert talks about midnight interlude
Anonymous albardo has a laceration...will be good to go
jeffhasselman Who gets to the 1st turn 1st given Shack's PP?
Jeffrey Do you suspect that Uncle Mo was subjected to pin-firing based on circumstantial evidence
Justin Brownstein Trifecta .50 cent is available on derby day
Clocker first turn to comma to the top
Scott Thank you James
DRFMarcus_Hersh @jeff; Comma to the Top gets to the first turn first, IMO
BettorCheckThis this is biggest lock in derby history..because the field is the weakest ever adn there isnt any horse other than dialed
andersondeals Decisive Moment too the lead , Comma breathing down his neck
DRFMarcus_Hersh Decisive Moment, Comma, Pants on Fire -- three paces -- alld drawn right next to each other. Go!
JKarbo214 @Justin does that mean it will be offered for the derby though or just during other races during the day?
BettorCheckThis comma to the top from first to last? anyone wanna bet that?
Larry Terry master to the lead
Josh Atkinson ill take that
AtlColt Marcus--not much talk about Santiva and he has a win on the track--your thoughts?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Jeffrey: Yes, fotos say Mo pinfired at some point. So?
George Tierney this isnt a hard derby to figure out the pace scenario
andersondeals Shack could be strung wide
Bruce Dutton Write something serious with backup Hersh
Josh Atkinson along with decisive moment
John Huber Another favorite goes down in the derby..
Jeffrey What's your opinion on Uncle Mo's owner (Repole) saying he'll manipulate the pools if UM isn't the favorite.Is U'mo a no-bet?
wmspt Better check this, no horse out of Stom Cat , ever won the Derby !
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Sanjay: There are always, always, always rumors. Sometimes they're true
John Gray Comma to the Top will be breathing fire at the half pole
Kathie Roller-Stell Any thoughts on Master of the Hounds
Clocker I would love to see Repole throw his money in the window on Mo
Sanjay Bhartia .50 tri on derby day? that isn't the norm..
JKarbo214 I heard a rumor that Uncle Mo has a bone fracture and has actually had one for a long while now
Warren Clark I thought this was supposed to be a question and answer session with a professional handicapper. DidI miss the memo somewhere?
Bruce Dutton No horse out of Secretary ever won the KD
Jeffrey Same here Clocker
Justin Brownstein they had 50 cent last year
George Tierney master of the hounds should be running at palm beach kennel club'
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Warren: Is that your question?
Matt Fidler good point Warren
Michael Giorgio Which
Bruce Dutton MO needs a covering excuse
Anonymous no horse with 3 legs ever won the derby
BettorCheckThis yea you missed the info...hersch is far from professional handicapperhe is just a writer
Kathie Roller-Stell And what of the rumors everywhere that Mo will scratch
Sanjay Bhartia Yeah Marcus for sure. Maybe you heard it? I think Peck was eluding to it in yesterday's chat??
John Catalano Do you think that Repole is an idiot??? He knows how good Mo is!!!
Larry Terry mo scratching makes sense
Scott I'm still waiting to hear bettorcheckthis locks?
Bruce Dutton Does Hersh have opinions that He bets
D'Funnybone This set-up for the KD chats this year is horrendous...why the change in formats?
Larry Terry dialed in he stated
John Gray I heard a rumor that most rumors aren't true.
Jeffrey Wow, tough crowd ;-) Do you expect Mr. Hersch to handicap like God and answer 50 questions-per-minute
Mark Perrin Marcus, so who is your selection? Maybe an exacta?
DRFMarcus_Hersh If you follow every rumor, don't bother handicapping. The answers are supposed to be in the pps.
Gran Duque Marcus: What do you think about ArchArchArch from PP.1?
Michael Giorgio yeah, bettercheckthis what are the locks??
BettorCheckThis jon cataloano is a wiseghuy..lol at anyone liking uncle mo at any point to win any triple crown race..he a miler at bes
Justin Brownstein Welsch said Mo looked light today... Not good signs
Don Soucy wmspt - but not having Bluegrass Cat 2nd cost me a fortune - seriously. They can get the distance
Jeanne Liddy mo isn't a distance horse...
JKarbo214 I heard it from someone fairly reliable close to the horse racing field, only reason I brought it up
Bruce Dutton No but to have one quality answer
BettorCheckThis i have had the locks all spring
Jay Goldtrap This is not a chat, it's a free for all.
Gran Duque I agree with D'Funnybone comments
Jeffrey Some answers aren't in the PP's correct...like figuring out things by visual observation such as pre-race behavior
Sanjay Bhartia some rumors are obviously false but many are true...in the sporting world anyways
wmspt I had bluegrass to win
DRFMarcus_Hersh Pix: Animal Kingdom, Soldat, Arch3X, Twice the Appeal
Jeanne Liddy BETTTORCHECKTHIS: you're right!!!
BettorCheckThis lol at soldat
Bruce Dutton Mo is another Smarty Jones
Karen Martin just to be clear- if theres a 50 cent tri and I do a tri key one horse over 4, would it then be 6 bucks?
Jeffrey Animal Kingdom! Great selection
BettorCheckThis war front horse will never hit board in derby
Danell Dvorak How to compare turf/syn to dirt form when it's wet, muddy, sloppy.Thanks to Warren too.
Josh Atkinson ArchX3 will not run better than lookin at lucky did last year
BettorCheckThis animal kingdom is vying for last place in my book
Mark Perrin Thanks Marcus. I like but Twice. I am putting MMM with those instead.
Jeffrey I'm a huge fan of Animal Kingdom and think he gets the distance
Justin Brownstein Wow Hersh you are going to stick with AAA? No 1 post has hit the board since 1988. AAA is my favorite yet toss
Jeanne Liddy pix: soldat....archarcharch...master of hounds...animal kingdom...archarcharch...maybe muchmachoman
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Jeffrey: Yes, you have to look at horses, too; but know beforehand what you might be seeing
Gran Duque Josh, Lookin at Lucky was the target, Arch3x is not....
Bruce Dutton Generally go with Mindshaft and Distorted Humor
John Gray Who thinks Arch Arch Arch's best shot is to pull a Ferdinand and just drop all the way back and come with a big run?
Jeffrey Good point.
Jeanne Liddy maybe an off track- favors the turf
Thomas Foynes i'll putt aaa in third
Josh Atkinson a target? he was victim of the 1 hole
John Catalano Yea Mo is a sprinter, and will sprint the 1 1/4 in 2 minutes flat if not faster!!!
Jeanne Liddy favors the usual turf pedigrees/runners
Justin Brownstein Only way John
Clocker Picks: Animal Kingdom, Nehro, Shackleford, Dialed In
DRFMarcus_Hersh I think either Arch3X or Nehro will run well; not both
BettorCheckThis lol at wiseguy jon catalona
JKarbo214 what does everyone think about midnight interlude? he's my pick to take this
Jeffrey I don't think any modern horse will get close to 2 minutes, especially this crop
BettorCheckThis just throwing money out the window
Bruce Dutton How big a run after Your 20 lengths behind and can not get around the pack --silly
Jeanne Liddy what about master of hounds for a longshot?
Kevan Smotherman Marcus your thoughts on a wet track and who benifits?
John Gray I like Midnight Interlude.
BettorCheckThis he was chaced home in the weakest juvinle in histoiry by a sprinter
Scott Dialed in, arch3, santiva. Take 2 aspirin call me in the mornin'
Kathie Roller-Stell agree with jeffrey
Thomas Foynes i had high hopes for toby now i'm all shot out
Jeanne Liddy turf benefits offtrack
Jeffrey The fastest time in the last 4 years is 2:01 4/5ths
Gran Duque He was coming from a horrible inside trip in the SA Derby and the track during the Derby was a mess, sloppy track, which is not expected thi
DRFDerby Update - there WILL be 50-cent pick 3s offered for the Derby. The super will be a $1 minimum.
John Gray Ferdinand wasn't 20 lengths out of it.
Gran Duque this year
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Jkarbo: Midnight Interlude mystery horse. Improving? Yes. But how good???
Bradley Bonar midnight interlude doesn't have enough races...
Jim Barrick Why no DRF pp's available? The Ragozin Sheets are already out for Derby Day.
Bruce Dutton Is 203-2 close to 200 or just some 20 lengths behind
D'Funnybone Is this actually a 'Chat' or is it just everyone throwing an opinion out there? Nothing being discussed or evaluated...
BettorCheckThis yes ferdinand was JOhn
Jeanne Liddy they like dialed in for the 4th post
cscinsurance1 MI was used pretty good in SA derby, imo
Justin Brownstein there are .50 p3, p4,p5 and .50 trifectas. 1 dollar supers
BettorCheckThis he was dead last bny 20
Bradley Bonar Dialed In has the best POST of any true ontender
Scott Throw out all the western horses
Jeanne Liddy mo had a chip in his ankle in florida
Bruce Dutton So FUNNYBONE enlighten us all
Don Soucy 'either AAA or Nehro will run well, but not both' - please explain that logic?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Dfunnybone: Exactly. We need the questions to go through a moderator!
Jeanne Liddy and was seen at bel working----just trotting whole track with a pony
JKarbo214 jeanne, that is what I heard!
BettorCheckThis biggest lock in derby history on saturday Dialed in folks have a wonderful weak
Jeanne Liddy i was there
Anthony Aiello who are your top 3 in the oaks ?
Bruce Dutton ALLWESTERN HORSES return without big monies
Larry Terry i agree...live and let learn
Jeffrey Marcus, I've noticed that modern thoroughbreds (esp. males) have suffered massive performance degradation.What do you think is the cause
BettorCheckThis you can follow me on twiitter i give out bigtime picks that are not favs
Thomas Foynes @ funnybone: this is where the odds come from ; the betting public
Justin Brownstein I actually like this style. The old chat was slow and boring. At least now people can chat while you answer questions
Jeanne Liddy pony rider held his head the whole time
Bradley Bonar Well I like DIALED IN to get a big piece
Kevan Smotherman Marcus wet track pics?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @don: Just my opinion bout the two Ark Derbies; Nehro galloped out way in front; Arch 3x less chance to regress?
cscinsurance1 @jeffry no more steroids
jeffhasselman Check out derbyridersup.blogspot.com
Jeanne Liddy gonna be longshots on the offtrack
BettorCheckThis follow me on twitter if you want real winners and picks for horse racing...i promise i will deliver the goods for free
Michael Giorgio OK, I'm out...Bettorcheckthis just gave all of us the winner...Dialed In....
Bradley Bonar I like mucho macho man, And I think you are going to see some from the middle with speed hold on for a share
JKarbo214 jeane that would explain his poor performance in the wood
DRFMarcus_Hersh @justin: yeah, I can see the 'chatting part.' But this is chaotic - and making my neck and wrists hurt
Jeanne Liddy and there are some turf/long pedigrees...not your usual franchise trainers
JKarbo214 what is the weather report for saturday?
Jeanne Liddy yup
Scott Well give us ur top 3 then
Jeanne Liddy i've seen most of these guys
Bruce Dutton Breeding today is all about SPEED that is the reason for results today
Justin Brownstein lol
Jeffrey Cs, that is one possible reason.I wonder if in-breeding and breeding for precocity over stamina is a cause too
Josh Atkinson 20% chance of thunderstorms
Kathie Roller-Stell no steroids and flat shoes made a big dif in the first breeders cup... may be hounds will surprise.. has the breeding
DRFMarcus_Hersh @bettorcheck will deliver the goods. Keep that in mind.
Jeffrey Bruce, ditto
JKarbo214 jeanne who do you like for saturday?
Jeffrey Kathie, interesting point....
Bradley Bonar Pantsonfire is a sleeper
wmspt oh no, not another late scratch?
Kathie Roller-Stell thanks
Ivan Onna hi from Puerto Rico
Bruce Dutton Only Europe has current STAMINA
Jeanne Liddy like the following: master of hounds, animal kingdom, archx3, nehro....and much macho man
DRFMarcus_Hersh Hey - a Pants on Fire reference. That's one. Any more?
andersondeals Marcus: your opinion on Graham Motion?
BettorCheckThis i know i will marcus ...dnt worry bout that bud
Kathie Roller-Stell agreed
D'Funnybone Marcus, you have my sympathies here tonight...This shouldn't be billed as a 'Chat', but as 'Chaos'!
Bradley Bonar Please, there is alot of stamina in this race
Thomas Foynes this would be a great place to start rummors
Jeanne Liddy bruce, not true...people don't know how to train for distance anymore.
Clocker Marcus: Besides AK (agree with you), who else can get the distance still rolling? Seems like the race comes down to distance limitations.
Jeanne Liddy it just takes more thought
AtlColt Marcus/anyone...any Santiva thoughts? He has a win at Churchill..he seems to be forgotten by all tonight.
Jeffrey I went through every DRF stakes race and noticed that 10F+ races (except turf) are almost extinct
DRFMarcus_Hersh Graham Motion is a good person
Jeanne Liddy my pet peeve
Jeanne Liddy anyone can do a 6f race..
Jeanne Liddy graham is a good guy
Kathie Roller-Stell bradley...stamina which
Ivan Onna Marcus what about Midnight Interlude?
JKarbo214 jeanne, who do you like?
Bradley Bonar Motion has a live horse
Jeanne Liddy not here in ny. lotsa distance
DRFMarcus_Hersh And he can train horses - Graham Motion, that is.
Jeanne Liddy that's why we do better elsewhere
Bradley Bonar MIDNIGHT INTERLUDE doesn't have enough seasoning
Jeanne Liddy yea- graham is good
Jeanne Liddy ny
Matt Fidler Beyer wrote a nice piece on Motion
Scott Alt colt, I like him too (santiva)
DRFMarcus_Hersh @altcolt: I have had a Santiva thought or two. Using bottom of trifecta.
Jeanne Liddy i'm in that circuit
Ivan Onna no world beaters in this Derby
Jeanne Liddy but have been to fl, del, ma
Bradley Bonar no way. has been in small fields, no way he runs in this race with anything but a small chance to hit the bottom of exotics
Bruce Dutton If there is STAMINA then what horse is the likely Triple Crown Winner -- 0.0000000001 chance with this bunch
Kathie Roller-Stell Don't think the best trainer in the world can make a 3yo go a mile and a quarter
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Ivan: I'm tossing all SoCals, including Midnight
Jeanne Liddy yea- santiva is a longshot for an exotic
JKarbo214 I'm in ny too, spend my summers at saratoga
Jeffrey We need 10F and 12F races to be common place and stop creating incentives for breeding precocious speedsters that fade like Uncle Mo
Kathie Roller-Stell unless he's bred for it
Jeanne Liddy nope. there are various walls
Bradley Bonar triple crown winner doesn't mean stamina....
DRFDerby Thank for joining tonight's chat. Marcus likes Animal Kingdom , Soldat, Arch3X, and Twice the Appeal
Jeanne Liddy for that distance.
Maxwell Kagan I'm so upset about Archx3 gettin the 1 post ...major bummer
DRFMarcus_Hersh Uncle Mo got 8.5fs pretty, pretty fast!
Jeanne Liddy go to equinieline and check the pedigrees for the CD and dosages
Bradley Bonar what if the same horse hits the ticket in every race???
Kathie Roller-Stell it means soundness too
Bruce Dutton Hotels are expensive in Saratoga so leaves little for betting
Bradley Bonar Please think a little
Clocker Marcus: Besides AK (agree with you), who else can get the distance still rolling? Seems like the race comes down to distance.
DelMarDennis Thoughts on the Oaks? Joyful Victory looms large. She'll make 5/2 look like an early Christmas gift.
Jeffrey 8.5F's isn't very far...Rachel got 8.5F extremely fast too, but went 10F in a shade under 2:05
Mark Perrin MMM w/ AK, AAA, DI, S'DAT
JKarbo214 bruce you would complain about that
Bradley Bonar One of the SYNTHETIC HORSES is going to hit the ticket at a big price!!!
Jeffrey Too many 8.5 F races and not enough true tests of a horse's stamina
Jeanne Liddy clocker- arch3x is distance.
Jeffrey Agree?
Gran Duque 'The reports of Derby death for horses breaking from the 1-hole have been greatly exaggerated.'
John Huber LOL...JK
Bradley Bonar play a 3 with 8 oaks derby double
Jeanne Liddy and nehro. and master of hounds.....
Kathie Roller-Stell agree with clocker... ak and hounds only ones with legit breeding to get the distance
Bruce Dutton Is 8-5 f ANYWAY near 1 and 1/4 miles-- He was so gasses He couldn't even look right to see the two flying by
Jeffrey Marcus, why don't we get actual footage of the horses workouts??We only get the clocker's assessment
Clocker Jeanne...Arch is distance...but also behind a wall of horses
Jeffrey Not the raw footage
Bradley Bonar ARCHARCHARCH is training very well and has all the breeding to make it 1 1/4
AtlColt Picks: Mucho Macho, Dialed In, Animal Kingdom and Santiva--good luck to all.
Jeanne Liddy that's true...
Kathie Roller-Stell Nehro bred 7.5 and 7.5 top and bottom
Bradley Bonar but the rail is so bad
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Jeffrey: I was looking for work vids too???
Jeanne Liddy you have to have luck in the derby....and we're dealing with an off track, too
Jeffrey Nehro is the hype-horse.
Jeanne Liddy what do you guys think about pants on fire for a real longshot or super
Bradley Bonar Sntiva?? What excuse will he use this time...Horse is not a winner
Bruce Dutton WHATK POST DOES Arch HAVE?????????????????????????
D'Funnybone Distance limitations...They will all go a mile & a quarter, just have to guess who will get there first...
JKarbo214 I don't think rosie can get pantsonfire up
DRFMarcus_Hersh @kathieroller: Mineshaft as sire = tough read for me. Big Afleet (damsire) fan
Bradley Bonar Nehro had a perfect trip in the ARK DERBY....ARCHARCHARCH was 5 wide when he closed to win
Bradley Bonar 1
John Huber 1 post
wmspt the winning post
Thomas Foynes I'm going to save this entire chat , re-read it, and weed out all the BS. gigitty.
Bradley Bonar I love ARCHARCHARCH
Jeanne Liddy bye
DRFMarcus_Hersh @JeanneLiddy: If you can afford, gotta hit 'all' either in 3rd or 4th super hole this year
Bruce Dutton My Doberman would also go a mile and a quarter -- but Not hit the board
jeffhasselman How does Dialed In compare in size to Ice Box (similar setup owner/trainer and even race)
Bradley Bonar AND JOHN COURT was on fire today
Ivan Onna which horses you think got the best draw?
Jeffrey Bradley likes McDonalds?
Jeanne Liddy go to pedegree query...free search. you can research the pedigrees and check the dosages.
DRFDerby @Thomas - the transcript of this chat will be up in the morning
DRFMarcus_Hersh @thomas: You're going to re-read this? Ha-ha.
Justin Brownstein Alright Hersh rank the following from your favorite to least Mucho vs Shack vs Pants vs Dialed in vs Soldat
Jeanne Liddy it'll help with the distance
Jeffrey lol at Marcus
D'Funnybone ANYBODY heard from Ice Box since last May?
Scott Everyone also said nobody could win from 20, big brown proved that wrong
Bruce Dutton What horse is NO. 8 and did He get a good draw is the answers
John Huber Love J Court win hes on a long shot
Thomas Foynes hey this is the betting public right?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @jeffhassleman: Dialed In looks bigger on the teevee than he reall is, apparently
Stephen Marcus: Which prep race do you think was the best and toughest?
John Catalano Mo wins by open lenghts in 8.5fs, so for another furlong & 1/2 whats the big deal?
Jeanne Liddy love court- he SO deserves to win
Ivan Onna Big Brown was a freak
Justin Brownstein Bradley you did see the draw today right? AAA drew the rail
Don Soucy Court has wanted a Derby mount his entire career.Then he draws the 1 hole
jeffhasselman Bradley -- I am with you on AAA...so many trends are falling by the wayside...he ran much further than Nehro
Sanjay Bhartia a freak on drugs
Bradley Bonar Best PREP RACE was the ARK DERBY
Thomas Foynes i could drop a few rumor bombs and skew the odds in my favor
Josh Atkinson big brown was trained by dutrow = doped up
Bruce Dutton Big Brown was a flash and will NOT BE A VERY GOOD OR EVEN GOOD SIRE
DRFMarcus_Hersh @justin: Soldat, Mucho, Dialed, Shack, Pants
D'Funnybone Post position is the most over-rated factor of any Kentucky derby
Jeffrey John, that's the same question you should ask of Rachel Alexandra when she got mowed down by an obscure optional claimer
Jeanne Liddy i liked the ark derby
Clocker Justin....Dialed In, Shack, Mucho, Soldat, Pants for me
Justin Brownstein thanks
Anthony Aiello any thoughts about the oaks
Bradley Bonar FLORIDA DERBY only 2 showed up..SHACKELFORD and DIALED IN
Bradley Bonar And the final time was slow
Jeanne Liddy la derby a fluke with mucho losing a shoe in the gate
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Thomas Foynes: Rumors? Like GI infections?
Jeffrey Uncle Mo (before his pin-firing or whatever) was a very speedy and precocious 2 year old, but can't get 10F
Bradley Bonar the last fraction was super slow
Josh Atkinson zazu in the oaks
Jeanne Liddy i agree bradley
Ivan Onna Dialed In = better one turn horse
Jeffrey Zazu will be overbet
Maxwell Kagan I think you may see Shackleford and Soldat duel in the stretch with the closers left with too much to do
D'Funnybone Big Brown a Flash? I thought intelligent horsemen & women were involved in this chat...
Thomas Foynes oh thats a good one marcus
Bruce Dutton Hersh -- You finally came up with the top three for Justin
Kathie Roller-Stell does anyone think racing experience and tactics in a 20 horse race has any bearing... especially when a big and rare field here is 10-12
Josh Atkinson @ Ivan, i am afraid of that possible fact
Jeanne Liddy but remember, all....distance horses don't blaze fast fractions..they pace and have gas at the end when no one else does
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Ivan: Not sure. Not sure. Not sure
Thomas Foynes i can run with it
Justin Brownstein You guys don't realize the Florida Derby was ran over a really weird track. I live down here in FLA and it was SUPER hot
Jeanne Liddy lilacs and lace in the oaks!
Jeanne Liddy she was impressive!
Jeffrey Jeanne is right.
Jeanne Liddy new barn and trainer...
Jeffrey Distance horses are able to conserve their speed and run within themselves
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Justin: The Fla Derby DID seem weird.
Thomas Foynes what about that horse with the cracked hoof?
Bruce Dutton Big Brown has intelligence but Not good genes -- breeders do Not artifically breed
Scott Marcus, can you give us ur Oaks picks?Thanks
Jeanne Liddy good odds, too
Stephen Justin:didn't you think the Fla Derby time was slow?
Bradley Bonar look who beat her easy beofre she won at KEENELAND
John Huber I say Nehro is the winner..hope he goes off at 15-1
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Jeanne: Don't like Lilacs in Oaks. Synth, synth, synth
Michael Pollard What do you think about Comma to the top besides the always mentioned distance questions?
Jeanne Liddy yea..but she was in poor shape at that other barn
Ivan Onna Nehro = 7-1..tops
Jeanne Liddy she's peaking at the right time
Bradley Bonar LILAC and LACE is all synthetic
Justin Brownstein Yes it was slow but a lot of the horses over heat. The track was playing funny. I think they all tired out
Bruce Dutton Hehro is a great choice
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Scott: Don't have Oaks pix yet. Keying St. Johns River, but wide draw could make be pull back. A little.
Jeanne Liddy her coat was even rough in cali
foryourhandicap I like santiva at a price. Has a win at the track and it was impressive. Ignore last cuz bad trip.
Thomas Foynes i heard nakatani was getting fat
Bradley Bonar The 3 is your OAKS WINNER
andersondeals Marcus: Why did Catalano lose AK?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Thomas: Keep em comin, man!
Dug-A-B On a sloppy track, who should we pick for the Derby?
jeffhasselman Why Nehro from 19 vs AAA at 1?
Clocker All the prep races were slow. Distance pedigree and best trip big this year, like any year. Just more important this year because of field
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Anderson: Animal Kingdom moved bcause Team Valor put all with Motion
Don Soucy I don't see how Soldat can get a good trip.3 of the speeds would have to not break.3-4 wide throughout
D'Funnybone Had Kent D. not stiffed BB in the Belmont, Mr. Dutton, you'd be commiting blasphemy!
Jeanne Liddy pick a distance horse with turf influence....and liking slop/off track
Bruce Dutton IS NAKATANI FROM THE WEST? -- dau
Matt Fidler Marcus - you having fun yet?
jeffhasselman I'll take AAA over Nehro on a side bet
Sanjay Bhartia Marcus- any thoughts on Daisy Devine in the Oaks?
Justin Brownstein Honestly I think anyone who puts there money on AAA is crazy. He was my top pick but that post is disastrous
Jeanne Liddy yea, nakatini is from cali
JKarbo214 jeanne like who?
DelMarDennis St. John's River? You're going to need some St. John's Wart after that. You're gonna be awfully sad. :(
Jeanne Liddy i feel sorry for court
Thomas Foynes i heard west coast breds are gonna take it this year
DRFMarcus_Hersh @DonSoucy: Think Soldat will stay three wide and in clear just behind busters. If its wet, he goes.
Bruce Dutton Recall for me please on the Kent comment
Clocker Agree Justin...turned me off AAA too
Jeffrey Post 1 is going to get flung towards the rail and will have no chance
Bradley Bonar Great Post, race sets up well for him
Stephen Justin: so you agree that the Arch 3x prep was the best?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Sanjay: Daisy Devine just keeps on coming. Not 30-1, as on morning-line, however.
Jeffrey Arch Arch Arch is as dead as Uncle Mo
John Huber 1 post...tuf spot Jeff
Maxwell Kagan Animal Kingdom is the new 'wise guy' horse this week.
Jeanne Liddy i'd like to see a little guy get it. cathy has paid her dues- she works hard (mucho macho) and court/owner: for arch x3
Bradley Bonar And ZITO had him race against OLDER, just a brick of a horse
DRFMarcus_Hersh Hey, @Bradley Bonar just gave us the winner. Let's get down!
Jeffrey Post 1 is especially tough on a horse like AAA
Jeanne Liddy i'm so sick of baffert and pletcher
DRFDerby We're chatting with Marcus Hersh until 8 tonight. He likes Animal Kingdom, Soldat, Arch3X, and Twice the Appeal
foryourhandicap I wouldn't let post get me off AAA. Makes me like it more as I will be getting better value.
DRFDerby And he's tossing Twinspired, Derby Kitten, Pants on Fire, Comma, Uncle Mo
Jeanne Liddy they should win with 200 horses around multi tracks
Jeffrey AAA doesn't have the excellent turn of foot to get out of trouble
Justin Brownstein I think he ran awesome in the ARK derby. Explosive. The rail is just the beginning of trouble. Then you get trapped
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Maxwell: Why you think AK the wiseguy? I haven't heard much bout him.
DRFDerby And he's tossing Twinspired, Derby Kitten, Pants on Fire, Comma, Uncle Mo
Jeanne Liddy i like the ark derby, too. fab race
Joe Smith I think Battaglia really missed ML on Animal Kingdom
Maxwell Kagan Albarado broke his face today, he is riding Animal Kingdon
Bruce Dutton two top trainers that are winners -- like Coach K and Boeheim
Justin Brownstein He reminds me a lot of Lookin at Lucky except lookin was more talented
Ken You people who get off Archarcharch will be SORRY!
Jeffrey Same here Joe Smith
Thomas Foynes i heard that the trainer for Tapit gives his horse a pint of guiness before each race
Scott Okay, what exactly is a 'wise guys' horse?
Jeanne Liddy derbykitten does have some stamina influences in his pedigree
Jeanne Liddy lotsa horses like guinnes. raising hand here!
JKarbo214 midnight interlude, soldat, animal kingdom, uncle mo top 4 for a really nice buck!
Bradley Bonar ANIMAL KINGDOM has wet numbers that are probably tops of this field, has been working well, but I don't know...just because you have the EAR
Jeffrey There are some anti-synthetic handicappers who let ideology trump rational thought when it comes to making a good pic
Stephen Jeanne: speed on Dam's side
Justin Brownstein Value??? No horse has hit the board from post one since 1988. I dont see any value there
Dug-A-B I love cauliflower and cheese
cat thief What do you think of stay thirsty?
Bradley Bonar EARNINGS doesn'
John Huber AAA no chance save your money...
Jeanne Liddy true..
Bruce Dutton Put money on Arch so the rest of us can garner
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Scott: Wise guy horse - 'This horse is doing great! You gotta use him' Shave off 10 odds points
Bradley Bonar SLEEPER
jeffhasselman Still ike AAA...hius style is better than LookinAtLucky from that spot --LAL had no chance from just off the pace
Jeanne Liddy staythirsty is not a distance horse
Bradley Bonar STAY THIRSTY has WORKED right with MO
Clocker I wouldn't touch AAA at anything less than 20-1
Bradley Bonar And Pletcher has always liked THIRSTY
Maxwell Kagan @marcus Ive been following the chatter this week and it seems like his name is flying to the top. You havent heard much Nehro talk
Clocker LAL much better horse than AAA
Jeanne Liddy mo isn't a distance horse either. and has had a bone chip and is not sound or fit.
jeffhasselman his odds are going to baloon due to the 1...which is great
Bradley Bonar Thirsty will beat MO
Joe Smith Not making accusations, but did it look like the guy drawing horses was shuffling papers after aquick look at the pill?
rikib Does Nakatani still have it?
Josh Atkinson i like stay thirsty, especially they way he has been working
jeffhasselman this race is much weaker than lasat year
Bruce Dutton Then --where is Arch going to run -- there are 19 out there for Him to mow down -- silly
Don Soucy How legit was MMM's shoe excuse?
Jeanne Liddy no developed chest muscles and seen at bel with a pony trotting the whole track while having his head heald
Justin Brownstein Just like LAL odds soared last year right?
Thomas Foynes @ rikib no, he's fat
DRFMarcus_Hersh About Arch3X: He didn't run as well from rail at OP; looked better outside last time?
jeffhasselman He was the target...AAA is not
Jeffrey I suspect Mo was pin-fired and is gimpy.Heck, he's way underweight and looked war-torn in the Wood
Bradley Bonar ARCHARCHARCH probably peaked in the ARK DERBY, which was good for me at 25-1
Jeffrey The only reason I'd bet Uncle Mo is if I wanted to punish myself
Bradley Bonar MO hasn't faced any tough 3 year ols
Jeanne Liddy yes. ;pinfired and off. seen him on the main/training track lately before ky
John Huber AAA will bounce in the derby...just sayin
Bradley Bonar name 1
Jeanne Liddy not sound
Mark Perrin I toss Mo and Midnigh.
Bruce Dutton Do we now target horses running ahead of us as a KD jockey ?????????????
DRFMarcus_Hersh We don't need to know bout Mo rumors; He should have run better last time.
Jeanne Liddy had chip removed in fl
Jeffrey Ditto @ Jeanne
Ivan Onna Midnight Interlude = winner...
cat thief Marcus, what do you make of the 'wash out' of stay thirsty in his last?
Ivan Onna most upsdie potential
Shaman Krauss Easier to be top trainers when you get the cream of the crop and assistants train them. Go underdogs!
DRFMarcus_Hersh Did Mo have a temp? How much did the GI thing affect him?
jeffhasselman possibility...who do you have John Hubner?
Bradley Bonar NO WAY 2 ivan
Justin Brownstein Hersh.. What about Santiva. He ran big off the bench and then didnt have any space last time? Does he look like a horse that can win?
DRFMarcus_Hersh Mo a little late starting back. Tailored race.
Jeffrey Marcus, the evidence is in the numbers and the way he's fired
Daniel Piper Panel of 5 to decide if Mo starts50/50 according to TTimes article
John Huber I like Nehro...
DRFMarcus_Hersh Mo developed so fast. Total freak at 2.
Bruce Dutton Midnight whomever should be runnning after midnight, SIR
Jeanne Liddy yea...cream of the crop- wealthy owners buying more tix to the lottery and the steam to keep buying winners
Julie Jeanne, stop beating a dead horse. We heard you the first time. Or is this what you are after? OMG! you train in ny!!!!
DRFMarcus_Hersh How often does that carry over to the next year? These days?
Bradley Bonar UPSIDE yes, but MID INTER has no seasoning
stunner81 Mucho Macho Man wins!!!
Jeanne Liddy lol
Jeffrey Nehro's last race is an optical illusion
Bradley Bonar no way he wins
Bradley Bonar MACHO doesn't really turn 3 until SUMMER
Bruce Dutton MO IS DONE AT 3 when it is over l mile , WRITER
JKarbo214 jeanne spend time at saratoga during the summer?
DRFMarcus_Hersh Nehro came so far so fast; does he have another plus race right now? 3 wks back?
Bradley Bonar big horse, and probably could hit the ticket in all 3 races
cscinsurance1 @Jeffry-how so?
Jeanne Liddy yep. sara
Ivan Onna I think I'll be getting a juicy 15-1
DRFMarcus_Hersh Macho is a young horse. Tall, leggy. Tough. Trains miles and miles
Dug-A-B Bradley what are your picks? thanks
John Huber Yes...third race...peak race...
Bradley Bonar I like MUCHO
Bradley Bonar 17 plus hands
JKarbo214 I don't live far from saratoga, love it there
Joe Smith I look for Mucho to take a step up, he wasn't wired tight for LA Derby.
Don Soucy Who's the last horse to do anything coming from LA Derby? Risen Star and then....? (asking, don't know)
Shaman Krauss Mo will not start - hanging around long enough for the PR before going to stud or sprinter.
Stephen If Holy Bull couldnt get it done, MMM won't either
DRFMarcus_Hersh Hey- anyone know if the Bind allowance race 'went' Saturday?
cscinsurance1 @Jeffry-how so?
cat thief Do the best 3 yr olds go to Louisiana or stay in Florida, Cali, and NY?
DelMarDennis If Stay Thirsty wins the price of Dos Equis beer will go through the roof. Stay Thirsty, my friends.
Bradley Bonar He lost a shoe in the LA DERBY
Bruce Dutton 3 is 3 -- they all have tranined ------ l JANUARY ........ PERHAPS You want a two year and 9 month race vice the Derby
Ivan Onna I look for athletic horse for teh Derrby..not the bulky ones
Daniel Piper Soldat was loving the CD track
DRFMarcus_Hersh MMM not nearly as talented as Holy Bull - but doesn;t have to be if things work
Jeffrey Marcus, who do you like in the Oaks?
Jeanne Liddy cat theif: different circuits is all
John Catalano Mo- $14.80, $8.20, $5.60.
Anthony Aiello marcus can we get your top 3 for the oaks please
Bradley Bonar 3 is 3, but it's not
DRFMarcus_Hersh Soldat, i think, has to be considered. Especially if wet.
Joe Smith How many from Sunland before MTB?
DRFDerby 5-minute warning... we're going to wrap up at 8. Get in those final questions...
Clocker Best 3 y/o isn't even in America this year
Jeanne Liddy i agree about soldat
cscinsurance1 @Ivan-did espinoza leave anyting in the tank with MI?
Bruce Dutton The best are breed in KY but can be foaled elsewhere ----- REMEMBER ; FUNNY CIDE....
stunner81 Mucho Macho Man wins derby and Summer Soiree wins the Oaks. Simple as that.
DRFMarcus_Hersh Haven't formed Oaks top 3 yet. St. John's River is my horse, tho/
Shaman Krauss Soldat, Shackleford, MMM, Archx3
John Huber well..I'm out...good luck to all...still saying the payoffs will pay like a slot machine!
Jeanne Liddy how is alvarado- is he riding/ok?
DelMarDennis Guesses on the final time O/U 2:02 and 3/5?
Jeffrey Thanks Marcus
DRFMarcus_Hersh @ccinsurance: How could Esp, leave in tank with Midnight? They knew what at the time?
Stephen MI ran as fast as First Dude on th same day
cat thief Ive lost much betting on La. Derby horses...pyro, repent, etc
Anthony Aiello thanks
Sanjay Bhartia Love StJohn's and Daisy Devine at prices
Bruce Dutton SOLDAT can run well if dryierererererer,Writer
Frank Soldat even from the 17 with the speed inside of him?
Kathie Roller-Stell Good racing everyone. Hope all come back ok whoever wins
JKarbo214 jeanne who are your top 2 for the oaks?
Justin Brownstein Shaman I originally tossed Shackleford but I just started to like him. Romans is so high on him and almost guarantees he will move forward.
Daniel Piper Every record made to be broken- Apollo (Midnight Interlude), Soldat, Nehro, ArchArchArch cold superfecta
Don Soucy Soldat or Shackleford - one of them will stay.Comma and Pants cheap. Just get the right closer
elvis good luck to all
DRFMarcus_Hersh @cathief: La Derby, Risen Star, not great this year.
Bruce Dutton Surely only one of 20 will WIN
Kathie Roller-Stell Romans is crafty
Scott Any body know when the 1 hole won with a field 12 or more?
cscinsurance1 Marcus-looked to me like Esp was into him hard
cat thief not great any yr
Clocker I like Shackleford. Won't throw him off my exotics
Shaman Krauss Soldat loves the mud
DRFMarcus_Hersh I'd agree, Don Soucy; think Soldat, Shack the most likely to stay who might have lead
andersondeals Soldat should get great positioning the way it should break.
Bruce Dutton LA DEBY is a loser
jeffhasselman The 1 won't hurt me..had Ice Box from the 2 last year and see a similar race unfolding
Sanjay Bhartia not a super by any means but I'll be using some big prices- MI, MOH, Brilliant and Nehro
Joe Smith I think LA was best in years Marcus.
DRFMarcus_Hersh @BruceDutton: Harsh words. You might be right about poor La Derby, tho
foryourhandicap Shack won't have lead, and horses it will be running with are much better imo.
DelMarDennis @scott Ferdinand when from the 1-hole with a pretty big field in 1986.
Ivan Onna I think Uncle Mo is ready for the breeding shed
Don Soucy Scott - Ferdinand
Stephen Marcus: any thoughts on MoH?
Jeanne Liddy joyful victory and ..lilacs and lace for the oaks
Shaman Krauss Good luck everyone - may the horse be with you!
Bruce Dutton Soldat is just a very steady horse and with a clean tripCAN be up there for 1-2-3
Scott Thanks Del
DRFMarcus_Hersh Man in know today suggested one major takeaway '11 Derby; 'All button!'
Bradley Bonar May the horse be with us all!
stunner81 Mucho Macho brings me mucho dinero!!
Thomas Foynes i heard calvin bo-rail plucked out the rest of his teeth so he'd be lighter
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Stephen: Here are Master of Hounds thoughts
Jeffrey I don't like the idea of Uncle Mo's owner saying he'll manipulate the pools to make sure he's the favorite
Jeffrey that ruins the integrity of the game
DRFMarcus_Hersh Hounds is an outsider, and the ones here seem slow, so that's a plus
cat thief got any singles in the pick 4?
elvis moh from ran sire line
Jeanne Liddy hope the horses are with us all and they have a good , safe trip!
Bruce Dutton Keep the W/P/ALL for the Belmont
Don Soucy Thx Marcus!
jeffhasselman thanks everyone
JKarbo214 jeanne second that
Jeffrey Thank you Marcus
DRFMarcus_Hersh Hounds faced better Euro 2yos last year, but Frankel killed them in 2000 guineas
Sanjay Bhartia Mo is a bet against. DI may be as well due to racing style
Stephen thanks
Bradley Bonar Mo was great at 2, but hasn't faced anyone at 3....Slow times also as a 3 year old
Jeffrey and thanks for the pic
Jacob Luft @Jeanne May the horse be with you
jeffhasselman thanks Marcus
Sanjay Bhartia BRILLIANT is right!
Clocker RIP Devil May Care
DRFMarcus_Hersh so to finish with houds, overall Euro crop might be soft as the one here
Don Soucy He can barely move the pools - this ain't Mountaineer
Jeanne Liddy :)
Ivan Onna Superfecta Box: MMM, Shack, MI, Santiva
Jeffrey Yes, RIP Devil May Care---fabulous horse
DelMarDennis Thanks Marcus. Good luck everyone.
Jeanne Liddy poor devil may care- heartbreaking
Thomas Foynes gigitty gig
Kelly Fineis @Clocker..yes RIP
Scott Good luck all and thx Marcus
Justin Brownstein thanks
Sanjay Bhartia yeah Clocker RIP to the filly
Shaman Krauss Blind statement by Repole - he knows he isn't running and it serves no purpose anyway
Matt Fidler Thanks Marcus
Bradley Bonar Repole is a jerk
Kelly Fineis How about the Animal? or a 'Shack' attack?
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Thomas Foynes was a major contributor tonight!
John Catalano Good luck all!!!
Sanjay Bhartia I do like Vitamin Water but I don't like UM
Clocker Kelly....yes to both
andersondeals Thanks Marcus
cscinsurance1 thaks marcus
Jeffrey Shaman, at least his statement alerted backers to stay off of him
Thomas Foynes my pleasure
Bradley Bonar look at the 1,2,3 finishers of the BLUE GRASS
DRFMarcus_Hersh This format was kind of awkward and has given me some arthritis!
DRFMarcus_Hersh But I enjoyed it - in a masochistic way
Bradley Bonar not crazy about it as a prep, but some horses closed into slow times
Matt Fidler this place is like an unruly study hall
Jeffrey Carpal Tunnel is underrated
JKarbo214 thanks marcus
Bruce Dutton Marcus THANKS -- will You buy a program for the KD?
Jeffrey lol Matt
Timothy Gross what turf specialist you guys think is hitting the board
DRFMarcus_Hersh You all were surprisingly diplomatic, given the state of discourse online today!
DRFMarcus_Hersh @Jeffrey: Carpal Takin' Ovuh!
Jeffrey Go to Dan Illman's blog
Jeffrey haha
DRFMarcus_Hersh @TimothyGross: Animal - Kingdom
Bradley Bonar Thanks Marcus
Sanjay Bhartia good call Bradley the winner is the Dynaformer
Shaman Krauss Thank you for the chat Marcus - everyone!
Don Soucy TMI
Bruce Dutton MINDSHAFT
DRFDerby Big thanks to Marcus. Come back tomorrow for a Q&A with Steven Crist. Free Derby PPs on DRF.com later tonight