05/05/2011 7:56PM

Kentucky Derby handcapping chat with Kenny Peck

DRFDerby DRF handicapper Kenny Peck will be joining us shortly... nice save!
bob Z bet
Ken Herlich good call roberta
Chad American Eagle
Chuck Harper Animal Kingdom is very live
Kelly I like plum pretty Soldat ?
mjh444 Can you scratch after the race starts?
Matt Bernier Bob Neiumeier
DelMarDennis I'm liking Soldat to rebound big time come Saturday. Rain or shine.
Jim Ecker nice save GO KENNY !!
Hal Lenox Its gonna rain Saturday again 3 years in a row sloppy
John Smith Kenny Peck, the man, the legend. Take it away Kenny.
Jesse Hearin Andy just realized his Wood Beyer was 20 point too low!
Josh Atkinson animal kingdom
NJSpeculator oh great
Todd Pinch hitter
bob Z Animal Kingdom is a turf horse
John Smith I'm gonna bet a bushel and a Peck on Uncle Mo.
Matt Bernier who the hell is kenny powers, er I mean peck?
Jim Ecker WELCOME ABOARD KENNY !! We like you better than Andy anyway,......
Chad is that Brian Peck's brother?
bob Z no shot
ray is that old man Peck's son?
Two400 You know what I can't stand? The 'blimp view' that major networks use to cover horse races. No one wants a blimp view!!!!!
wmspt Sleeper Kenny
NJSpeculator My friend from Monmouth park
Ken Herlich kenny peck where did he tend bar
Randolph Schiller Gregory's son?
Jim Ecker Kenny is the blond fellow with the amazing sense of humor
Ernie animal Kingdom had a great work the other day
bob Z Where is Hank?
Jamie Milligan Talk Derby To ME!!
Chuck Harper Animal Kingdom has the best visual work this week....remember Barbaro?
Gayla Lawson this is my first time of DRF this is FUN!! Need some good information though for my superfecta
Najja Thompson I watched Animal Kingdom's workout on television Sunday looked good
Jesse Hearin Andy just realized his Beyer calculator has the wrong formula, Uncle Mo ran a 122 last out!
NJSpeculator Thats Brad Thomas
John Smith Kenny, give us the winner.
ray Hanks hammered under the table
bob Z Turf horses do terrible in the Derby
Stefan Jaikaran I think unlce mo is back to his form and is gonna demolish this field
Roberta If Soldat matches his negative 1 1/2 figure back in Janruary he wins.
uknowulikeit ya'll ain't funny
Kenny Peck what's up boys?
Jesse Hearin Hank hammers the buffet
ray good evening Kenny
bob Z let it on us
Matt Bernier Kenneth Peck!
Michael Long and girls
Karen Martin hank's bank sank
Gayla Lawson Yes, Kenny give us a Winner!
Chuck Harper Yeah...it's Kenny
gomezj323 Hi Kenny
Bob Holmberg was at the track yesterday morning and Archarcharch, looked very impressive.
Ernie Paddy ran 3rd the other year
Jamie Milligan AND GIRLS!!!
Jesse Hearin who is the winner?
Don When a horse has 3 consecutive beyer's improvements before KD, why is this a negative?
DelMarDennis Hank Goldberg? Probably emptying his piggy bank in Florida. He never wins.
Kathleen Stump Uh hummmm
wmspt Throw out all horses that ran on the fake dirt!
Chad Kenny Peck's world, I'm living in it
mark Awfully hard to forgive Soldat's race in the FL derby
Keith Coumbe what up kenny
Josh Atkinson @bob Z barbaro a turf horse did very in the derby
John Smith Kenny, did we interrupt your dinner?
Jim Ecker welcome aboard Kenny -- we like you better than Andy anyway !!
NJSpeculator Whats going on neighbor?
Kenny Peck and girls! Sorry!
Ken Herlich soldat was due to bounce in his last race
maureen I still like Uncle Mo & Nehro-all the money will go to Dialed In
Chad Kenny...can you address the rumors about Dialed In? Have you heard them?
bob Z DO you give derby kitten a shot?
ray FD was a terrible race, you can throw most of the performances out
Fred Reardon Box some long-shots
Kenny Peck No, dinner's over, kids meltdown in progress
Kenny Peck Derby Kitten: No
Najja Thompson Didn't know we had a coupled entry but thanks for filling in Kenny
GamblersLife Id have to say DRF I am very disappointed. Who do we get tomorrow? Ken Rudolph instead of Steven Crist?
Colcord Kenny, do you see an all-out war for the lead?
Kenny Peck I've heard what you heard about Dialed In
bob Z lol
John Smith Kenny, what will hit $10 first, the price of the Daily Racing Form, or a gallon of gas?
RX the track going to be soft saturday
Jim Ecker KEN - Everyone makin my horse NEHRO - the buzz horse -- is that a jinx ?
Keith Coumbe kenny, your thoughts on mastet of hounds and watch me go
cat thief Who am I using in the mud? Give us some mudders Ken...
Matt Bernier What's this news about Dialed In?
Kenny Peck I like him, because he fits the race flow, but the price isn't there and the rumors ar unsettling
Chad Should we believe it to be just rumor? these rumors are coming from legit sources, in my opinion
wmspt Dialed in never had a chance anyway!
RX paddy opadro was a turf horse and came in third
NJSpeculator What are the rumors?
Ernie what rummor
Kenny Peck Nehro fits the projected race flow but he also fit in his last few, set up a bit
Ken Herlich talked to mr zito this afternoon before the 8th race,everything was ok
Karen Martin waiting to see who number 3 will be. italians bet on 3, its tradition
bob Z Ken tell us how you see the race set up
Kenny Peck I think you have to use Nehro, but underneath
Todd What do you think about Sway Away?
RX just look at horseys that can beat the favorite
Jacob Luft Kenny you are the man for pinch-hitting. Mr. Happy Hour!
José De León-Alejandro In my book, Dialed In does not have legitimate chances
Chad Rumor is that Dialed In injured himself this morning. RUMOR ONLY
Roberta Soldats race last race was his second bounce after a top. That means he is primed to match his top or run even better.
RX what is the best post for mud
Gayla Lawson I say ArchArchArch . He is Improving and he has got his game together!!
Kenny Peck Bob Z: I see a lot of speed, and the exacta made up of horses from off the pace
GamblersLife Isn't Nehro the obvious public square bet along with Mo? ... In all reality who has Mo ever beaten?
Matt Bernier Thanks Chad
Ernie Kenny, the lou derby is becoming a very productive race, does that fit into your thought process?
Kenny Peck Soldat seems like a speed-type to me
bob Z thanks
Kenny Peck Not sure he can rate
bob Z look for closers
RX is this a pace race or speed race
Josh Atkinson What do you think of Uncle Mo's chances?
wma4432 wheres Andy
RX how can i tell a closer
Jesse Hearin Whuck Presser do you like?
RX what do i look for
mark Soldat has never passed a horse in a dirt race...PASS
Randolph Schiller can BOREL do it AGAIN?
Ken Herlich would love to see dialed in win,he will have to handle a lot of trafic
Gayla Lawson Stamina and Pedigree are what you want to look at.
Kenny Peck Louisiana Derby lacked pace, I'm upgrading the closers
John Smith Kenny, you in Louisville yet? If so, I'll meet you for a couple of tall ones.
Roberta Soldat will be about 5L or so back.
Najja Thompson I don't think Mo can't get the distance but if Repole wants to make him the favorite quite fine with me
Fred Reardon blind leading the blind
Joe Gleeson Kenny, are you using Uncle Mo?
LuigiGiovanni Clockers say AK likes is oka on the dirt.
Kenny Peck Closers are horses that make up ground in the stretch. Big numbers at the beginning of the PP line, smaller numbers at the end
Kenny Peck I'll be in Louisville Thursday
mjh444 who are the closers in slop?
ray Derby will have its usuall 46 n change half and 110 n change 3/4 ... so can those who are on or near the lead continue on.... I doubt it
wma4432 Jesse I like all Whucking Pressers
Kenny Peck Not using Uncle Mo. Thought he could win the Triple Crown before it was clear he can't rate going 10f
ray i know i wont be betting them
bob Z what about Borel?
RX will it be slop
Julie can shackleford sit off the pace?
Karen Martin I will be in Illinois visiting family cuz ya can't bet in GA!
William Cook Will slop help Master of the Hounds?
Kenny Peck I don't think it will be slop. Clearing skies laterin the week, they'll do all they can to dry it out
Kenny Peck Not convinced at all that Shackleford can rate
Michael Deverey master of hounds euros rule racing
Chuck Harper I am here in Louisville and the work Animal Kingdom was the best all week! Watch!
RX how can i tell which is speed or pace
NJSpeculator I think Shacklford is going to grab control of the lead early. Any thoughts on who you think will set the pace.
Cnizzle which horse will have a 'milkshake' on race day?
Julie thanks, was thinking of throwing him in
Gayla Lawson Borel is the Best and his horse has a chance that is really all he needs to deliver so watch out for him
ray but the turf should still have moisture for those of us handicapping early
BenMikesell which horse would be hurt the most by an inside or #20 post draw?
RX is that poo
Rick Bertram Why do you think that Mo can't rate
Kathleen Stump Butch will have the track at it's absolute best. There is no groundsman better
bob Z What do you think of watch you go
Roberta Shackelford can sit back with Soldat and Mucho Macho Man. Remember him?
RX mo too skinny
John Smith Is Steven Crist a slave driver or a cool dude?
Chuck Harper Comma To the Top will be first under the line but last at the finish
Ken Herlich make sure soldat doesn't wash out in the padock like he did in fla
Ernie what's your thoughts on the euro shipper?
MikeM Zito handling Dialed In in an unusaul way...got anything?
Kenny Peck Take your pick on speed: Uncle Mo, Soldat, Pants on Fire, Decisive Moment
John Nesbitt whats the number of rummor contro?
Jim Ecker Kathleen - correct that crew can turn a lake into a good track
GamblersLife Is Mightnight Interlude the best value in your opinion?
RX so where is this andrew guy
Kenny Peck Not wild about the Euro shipper, but will use as a crazy saver on $1 tickets
Chad Kenny, give us a good Louisville restaurant to eat at post-Derby
Kenny Peck I like Midnight Interlude, yes
John Smith Andy took a powder.
Cnizzle Andrew is at the IRS window
Karen Martin dinner! back later
Kenny Peck As a pace player he ran a big race in his latest, a paceless race
RX which post positions usually win
RX is this a pace race or a speed race
bob Z one
Kenny Peck There are few good restaurants in Louisville. i always end up with Watchmaker at Ruth's Chris
GamblersLife What do you think Midnight Interlude will go off at?
Kenny Peck To me it's a closers race
Cnizzle I wise man once told me, make sure you box the 6,9
Kenny Peck I expect Midnight Interlud to be around 12- 15-1
Joshua B Pants On Fire is being overlooked here
bob Z stop the idiot questions
Matt Bernier I don't view Uncle Mo as true speed...he won't go straight to the lead, sit chilly about 4 or 5 off lead and get first run in my opinion.
Kenny Peck 12-1 or 15-1
RX so closers no speed
Joe Gleeson Good restaurant in Louisville...try Jeff Ruby's!
Jamie Milligan You want to got to The Galt House after Derby!!
Kenny Peck I don't like Pants on Fire, he's a speed to me
José De León-Alejandro to me it will be a stalkers/pressers race
John Smith Ask Watchmaker if he remembers working at Centennial with Jim Q.
Hal Lenox Kenny Who in your opinion if it rains has the edges What horses?
jcigarmouttet Jack Fry's for Louisville restaurant.
Kenny Peck I would say so Rx, the way it shapes up now that's how it looks
MikeM Zito low key...wtz up?
gomezj323 what do you think Uncle Mo will be bet down to?
Joshua B Kenny, this horse missed a month of training after the Risen Star, and still won the LA Derby.. He only had 1 work going into that race.
Kenny Peck I'll be honest, I haven't looked at any pedigrees or pps for wet tracks. Too early
cat thief Is it as easy as Dialed In, Nehro, Archx3 tri box? Any other closers of note?
Kenny Peck I think Uncle Mo will be 5-1
Kenny Peck I know what you're saying about Pants on Fire, I just don't like the race flow for him
Kathleen Stump the days earlier races will answer your speed questions
Joshua B Pants On Fire has loads of stamina pedigree and is moving forward at the right time.
Najja Thompson Any thoughts on 'Comma To The Top' Kenny?
bob Z who do you like kenny
mark Mucho Macho Man is a must use underneath...a consistent grinder.
Kelly twinspired getting any action from this list
Bradley S. Ezra Andrew wont talk with you guys, you dont have any knowledge
Michael Deverey Rosie will outrun Calvin..fer sure
Kenny Peck Animal Kingdon, Much Macho Man
Kenny Peck are closers
RX anyone tell me should i look for speed or pace
Matt Bernier Top three win candidates have got to be ArchX3, Nehro, MMM, and Dialed In
Ken Herlich how hard will the 1/8 pole hit uncle mo in the head???
Matt Bernier 4*
Kathleen Stump Macho Man is a grinder~ a lot of heart
Roberta Bradley Ezra looks like a Bee Gee.
Russ read where MMMan could have foot problems??????????????????
Joshua B Animal Kingdom, no chance. Don't care how good he looks working out, this is a turf horse through and through.
Joshua B Animal Kingdom is not running a career best on dirt.
Kenny Peck I like Midnight Interlude, Mucho Macho Man, Animal Kingdom, Nehro, Dialed In
Gayla Lawson Stamina and pedigree you guys got to look into
Bradley S. Ezra thanx
GamblersLife Which the french strangler J. Leparoux on Dialed in who will ride Derby Kitten?
Kenny Peck It's a big spread race for me.
RX turf does good in mud
David LaKari Box these 5 in Derby...Midnight Interlude, Mucho Macho Man, Nehro, Uncle Mo, and Brilliant Speed
cat thief Ive never had any luck betting La. Derby horses
Joshua B AK is not running a career best race on a surface he isn't bred for
Kenny Peck Agree to a point about Animal Kingdom but I'm using him underneath
Ianveitch Kenny is your ROI for the Derby + or -?
Kenny Peck Think Paddy O'Prado
Julie maybe this year la derby will finally represent
Matt Bernier Pick 4 I'm literally planning on half the field as it's the payoff leg I believe
Kathleen Stump Over the years the La. Derby has become a fav prep
John Smith Do you think Uncle Mo will win the Triple Crown?
RX so noone here to answer questions
Gayla Lawson Yep Paddy 0 Prado sure knew how the throw a late kick
Kenny Peck I think it's plus. Someone just asked me that. I had Funny Cide, Big Brown, Real Quiet to name a few,
wmspt No horse with a dosage under 16 ever won the derby!
Keith Coumbe if dialed in is hurt, who moves into race? sway away?
Vaughn Wibbles Kenny, which race on the Oaks Day card stands out to you?
Chuck Harper AK's turn of foot in his work indicated that he likes the surface and if he makes that move in the Derby...look out!
DRFDerby Keep the questions coming - we're going till 8 ET. Another big thanks to Kenny for filling in last minute.
Matt Bernier Dosage?
Matt Bernier Really?
Joshua B Paddy O had much more dirt breeding than AK.
Kenny Peck I don't believe in Dosage, I believe in pace and speed
Michael Long Thanks Kenny for filling in.
wmspt No horse out of Storm Cat ever won!
Joshua B Entire bottom side of AK's pedigree is european steeplechasers
RX what lasix dosage?
Kenny Peck no problem, having trouble keeping up but I'll do my best
Gayla Lawson How about breeding
Kenny Peck No wonder Andy bolted!
Joe Gleeson Good job Kenny!
GamblersLife Kenny, where can I find what month each horse was born in?
Michael Rubino what will your tri & superfecta plays be?
John Smith Kenny, they paying you overtime...
David LaKari Kenny what is your tri box
Edward Popyak Kenny - Oaks/Derby double - how would you spend $100 bucks?
Hal Lenox Paddy o Prado loved the slop too. Its gonna rain lets talk rain slop a litle . Be realistic. All this dry talk is wasted,,,
RX when they going to answer questions
Matt Bernier Kenny who do you like in the Oaks Friday?
Kenny Peck Not a fan of breeding in everyday handicapping (except turf and mud). Why start now?
bob Z Do you give Borel's horse a chance
John Smith RX, Kenny Peck is answering the questions.
Kenny Peck Haven't looked at Oaks yet but I know I'll use Summer Soiree
Julie anyone know who is pointing to the woodford?
Bradley S. Ezra Joyful victory is a lock
cat thief Ken, what do you make of Dialed In's slow last quarter?
Ken Herlich hey kenny are we all putting to much into this
Kenny Peck Gamblers Life: Month foaled is in the pedigree for each horse, in parentheses
RX where can we get free pp on the derby
NJSpeculator Any progress with the lease at Monmouth Park?
Matt Bernier R Heat Lightning scratched opened it right up
Kenny Peck Heard nothing about Monmouth at all. Getting a little antsy.
RX inside post wins
DRFDerby Re: Free PPs - they'll be posted on DRF.com tomorrow night
RX or outside
Ernie you don't like macho?
Kenny Peck Free pps for the Derby are available, and they may in fact be available right now
Joshua B If Animal Kingdom had a SUPER FAST turf/synth race, i'd give him a chance, but his best effort on his preferred surface is still too slow.
Michael Rubino oh yea
RX okay thank
Kenny Peck I do like Macho, yes, I'll be using him
Michael Rubino oh yea
wmspt Archx3, Mightnight Interlude, Brilliant Speed
John Smith Hoorah for the DRF for the free past performances.
Matt Bernier Freebiessss
Ernie where on macho?
Joshua B wmspt, where are you from?
Kenny Peck I wouldn't get too caught up with the wet track stuff. It's a chance of showers friday and a chance for Saturday
Najja Thompson Kenny which in your opinion was the best prep race this year?
Jim Ecker Thanks for fillin in Kenny ----
Chuck Harper The real question this year Kenny is ...who's going to make the biggest step forward Sat?
Kenny Peck If it doesn't rain after Thursday the track will be fast, guaranteed
Kathleen Stump No mention of JR's Shackleford. Any thoughts Kenny?
wmspt PA
RX so the track will be soft
Kenny Peck Wow, good question Najja
Kathleen Stump I love to root for the local guys
Joshua B williamsport?
Matt Bernier Louisiana
RX any workout info today
John Smith I lost a good friend in the quicksand in the infield when Smarty Jones did his thing.
wmspt yes
DRFDerby And lifetime PPs for each Derby contender are available now - http://bit.ly/iLk0pR
Kenny Peck Everyone thought the FLA Derby was going to be the strongest, then no one ran
Joshua B Hello neighbor. :-D
John Smith They never found his body.
Chuck Harper The Arkansas derby was the best....easy
bob Z RX you are where the buses don't run
cat thief Ken, what do you think about the plastic winners, Brilliant S and Derby Kitten?
Michael Deverey Ark Derby
Sanjay Bhartia Kenny- Brilliant Speed- improving BSF, distance pedigree. Could the dirt efforts have just been part of the slow development?
Joe Gleeson Kenny, did the way 'Dialed In' finish up in the Fla. Derby concern you?
Kenny Peck I'm not big into field strength in general. I prefer to analyze race flow
RX rochester how did yu know that
MikeM Kenny...if someone put a gun to ur head, who's the winner?
Ken Herlich time only counts in jail
Kenny Peck For instance, I'm looking at the closer from the LAD and the SA Derbies.
Fred Reardon Free PP's? If it's free, it's for me. That's what I always say.
Joshua B wmspt, west end here, couple blocks behind Bowman.
Najja Thompson Thanks Kenny and fellow chat members and a very big thanks for youtube in adding to the research lol
Kenny Peck I'd say 'Shoot me, I have no firm clue'
RX how can i tell a closer
Matt Bernier Arkansas a bit overrated IMO....super hot pace. Louisiana had a molasses pace which makes closers (Nehro) more appealing to me.
Kenny Peck I'll be using the five horses I mentioned earlier
Steve Popyak Any Oaks/Derby double plays?
José De León-Alejandro which five?
José De León-Alejandro kenny, which five?
GamblersLife Isnt the final furlong at Arkansas downhill so its always a little faster?
John Smith I hope it is dry on Saturday, as if it is not difficult enough to pick the winner.
Kenny Peck Agree Matt, on both counts, but Nehro was also in Arkansas and was set up there
MikeM any negatives on Dialed In?
John Smith What about the rumors that Uncle Mo is Secretariat reincarnated?
DRFDerby In case you missed it, Kenny likes: Midnight Interlude, Mucho Macho Man, Animal Kingdom, Nehro, Dialed In
Joshua B Matt, Fair Grounds is probably the slowest track of all. Wouldn't put alot of stock in the raw times there.
Matt Bernier Tru statement Kenny
Hal Lenox Is there any good swimmers among these horses?
Kenny Peck Midnight Interlude, Mucho Macho Man, Dialed In...
RX im looking at horseys that finished third or 2nd in their last races
Kelly Stop people let Kenny give us the 5
José De León-Alejandro thanks
Bradley S. Ezra Dilaed in has a bad jockey in PEPE LEPU
Kenny Peck Thanks DRF DERBY!
bob Z thank you
Kenny Peck Anyone else going to Louisville?
RX which jockeys are bad
GamblersLife If A.R. wins the derby will people then recognize her as the best jock in the nation?
Julie too poor to go
John Smith Kenny, take the rest of the night off, O.K.
SJU5 Ken your not really from Hoboken are you?
José De León-Alejandro Zito cried in the FL Derby because of Dialed In's win. On Saturday, he will cry even more after he losses
Julie i have to settle for la derby down here
Jesse Hearin Be there Friday Morning
Kathleen Stump Leaving tomorrow
cat thief someday I'll go to the derby
José De León-Alejandro badly
Colcord at the Galt house
Kenny Peck Thanks John, which I could. I have two Calder analyses to write and about 20 sets of picks
Kathleen Stump Kenny, will you be at The Taste of Derby?
Kelly Been going for 18 years sec 121 row k
Jim Ecker Kenny - with all those mouths to feed -- Hope you hit the SUPER on sat !
wmspt Johnny V is a crook, what out!
Bradley S. Ezra Pepe Lepu A.K.A. julien Lepaureux is a bad jockey
Kenny Peck Excellent! Anyone who hasn't been there and loves horse racing really should make it a point
DelMarDennis Kenny, which horses have the pedigree that suggest they should get 10 furlongs?
RX okay didnt know that he was bad
Kenny Peck No Taste of Derby for me. I'll be having corn dogs that night
Vaughn Wibbles Kenny, does Master of Hounds belong in this race?
Chuck Harper Leparoux is one of the best jockeys in the country my friend!
GamblersLife J. Leparoux AKA the French Strangler
John Smith Every American should be required to serve in the military, and go to the Kentucky Derby, at least once.
Kenny Peck Thanks Jim! Me too. I won't be playing the super, though, that $1 minimum is silly
Bradley S. Ezra Hes the french skunk
Jim Ecker The derby was SO much more fun about twenty years ago ........
Kelly It's by far the greatest weekend & 2 minutes in sports
Joshua B LeParoux is overrated
Matt Bernier Any thoughts on Master of Hounds? He was gritty in UAE but fact is he still hasn't won yet. You think Gomez can get after him?
Kenny Peck By the way, the supers are not 10 cents, they're $1
Anthony Aiello kenny what do you think about Bouquet Booth in the oaks ?
GamblersLife Correction Leparoux is the most overrated jock in the country.
AP Hey, Kenny,
John Smith I can't go to the Derby any longer, the women are all over me.
RX what jockey are good
Kenny Peck I'm not a breeding guy, don't really put a lot of stock in it
Najja Thompson It's kinda puzzling Godolphin isn't taking a run at the Derby this year - not like we'll miss them just sayin' lol
GamblersLife The French Strangler all he does is strangle horses. He never lets them run.
Kenny Peck Seems like there are these rules that 'this horse can't get 10f, that one can'
Rick Bertram All jockeys are overrated
John Smith I'm with you Kenny, I don't care of your parents were goats, as long as they can run fast.
Kenny Peck And when the 'miler' wins they go back and change all the rules again
Jamie Milligan Leparoux is a great jockey!! Uncle Mo will not even finish in the money!!
Erin Doty I'd like to hear more about this Dialed in rumor... where did it come from??
Michael Deverey the derby is overrated...enjoy getting shut out at the windowsw
Bradley S. Ezra Ray Domi is the best A.K.A. Ramon Dominguez
Vaughn Wibbles Kenny, does Master of Hounds belong in this race?
Kelly bet the french man on the turf
cat thief Ken what do you think about Dialed In's finish in his last?
AP Any conerns that the 3 races in 6 weeks will be too much for Nehro at a relatively low price?
RX so is this pace or speed race
Kenny Peck I've been to 17 of the last 20 Derbies and was never once shut out on any of the days
Bradley S. Ezra Pepe Lepu stinks
mjh444 so who wins? jockey or horse, in spite of jockey?
Kenny Peck Cat Thief: The Florida Derby perplexes me a bit
Joshua B LeParoux's return on investment is very weak. Overbet and underperforms. Especially on dirt. On synth/turf, he's okay
wmspt RX its both!!!
Julie i bet james graham on the turf down here
Chuck Harper You ever rode a 1300 lb animal moving 40 miles an hour...trying before you rag any jock!
DRFDerby Be sure to click on the 'Make Public' checkbox so everyone (and Kenny) can see your questions.
Kenny Peck It seemed like a race that would set up for a closer because of all the speed...
Kenny Peck and then one horse set a controlled pace
Rick Bertram DRF-this format doesn't work very well, hope you can do better
b RX, do you know anything about horse racing?
Ernie Napravnik, Anna horse got a chance?
RX thanks wmspt so look for closers then??
Kenny Peck On the surface, it was a good effort, since he ran down the loose speed
Kelly thanks for the turf jock tip
Bradley S. Ezra ''Icant spell Borel ''may win again
wmspt BOTH!!!
Kenny Peck I know the time was slow but I don't trust the GP timer. It's never worked, even pre-renovation
RX i thought turfs do good in mud
Anthony Aiello kenny what do you think of Bouquet Booth in the oaks ?
maureen Leproux is a great rider-still like Mo & Nehro-been to 7 derbies-not this year-its changed since they gave away the museum seats to ky col.
Joshua B RX.. you want a stalker/midpack in the Derby. Closers get into too much trouble in the Derby..
AP Kenny: Any concerns that 3 races in 6 weeks will be too much for Nehro?
Chuck Harper Calvin has NO chance this year...period!
SJU5 Kenny you really from Hoboken? Monmouth or Big A get you started?
Jim Ecker rick - normally Kenny's replies would be to the right. Guess that couldnot be set up quickly
Kenny Peck Haven't had a chance to handicap the Oaks yet. That's tonight's fun
RX joshua how can i tell a stalker then
Joshua B One who sits close to the lead, right off the pace setters.
Kenny Peck AP: I'm more concerned with him being overbet off a race where he was completely set up
Anthony Aiello thanks
GamblersLife Look out your window
William Motta where is Andy?
Julie i've seen nobody mention katmanblu yet. i may not be betting the race but that's who i'm cheering for
cat thief Nice tip about the timer at GP, I know visually impressive when I see it
Kenny Peck I grew up in Hoboken, yes. Monmouth and Meadowlands too.
Matt Bernier If it's going to be a jockey's race then wouldn't you be looking at a ton of long shots? Gomez, Borel, Domiguez, Bejarano, etc.
Joshua B A closer can win, but they need alot more luck than a stalker does.
Ernie Napravnik, Anna horse got a chance?
Bradley S. Ezra Mine that Bird won offf the Sunland derby why cany twice the appeal with ;;Icant spell Borel''?
Sanjay Bhartia Brilliant speed- improving BSF and distance pedigree. Early dirt form perhaps just indicative of slow development?
wmspt Late Scratch
Kenny Peck Kind of agree Cat Thief, that's the way I'm leaning
PTWoodman Kenny, off the subject, didn't you ride a number of years ago on the NYRA circuit?
Chuck Harper Twice the Appeal is a mule...thats why
wmspt Brilliant!!
Joshua B Sanjay, I'd give Brilliant Speed a much better chance of taking to dirt than Animal Kingdom..
GamblersLife Kenny when is the next DRF expo?
RX if a horse poos before a race is that good
LuigiGiovanni MTB had altitude training.
Kenny Peck Brilliant Speed hans't shown me he's a dirt horse
Ianveitch Kenny, I take it from your big workload you were not part of the SEAL team that took out OBL?
Bradley S. Ezra Chuck i dont agree
Kenny Peck Haven't heard a thing about the next Expo.
Joshua B Kenny, lol but Animal Kingdom has?
Joshua B based on one workout
wmspt He will Saturday!
Don Yes DRF, this isn't working for me. See ya.
b RX, Do you know anything about horse racing?
Joshua B based on one workout
RX they need to come up with better names for horses
Kenny Peck No, the SEALS left me behind so I could do Tampa picks.
Bradley S. Ezra Rx no but if you are on the toilet durind a race your horse will win
RX im learning
Sanjay Bhartia Brilliant would also get an extra plus if it's slop
GamblersLife I can only watch the DVD from the 2007 one so many times... DRF needs to have another one.
AP Are there any horses you are NOT willing to toss from your wagers if they draw poorly?
Chuck Harper If it rains anymore here you'll all need a seal!
RX haha bradley good one haha
Kenny Peck I understand what you're saying about Animal Kingdom. But if you watched his race...
LuigiGiovanni Don't discount altitude training at Sunlands Park.
Kenny Peck despite the fact that he was set up he showed good accceleration, rare on synthetic
RX i think a turf horse will do it if its muddy enough
Sanjay Bhartia Kenny indicated he isn't a pedigree guy...but I like the Dynaformers to get the distance
Bradley S. Ezra Brilliant speed is peaking now,who else is peaking?
Kenny Peck Interesting question about the draw AP...
Chuck Harper AK's work was jaw dropping....trust me!
GamblersLife Kenny does Frankel put all of these three year olds in the Derby to shame?
maureen when are they drawing for post positions?
mark Midnight Interlude is peaking
Anthony Aiello whats you thoughts about comma and shackleford
RX how can u tell if a horse is peaking does
Kenny Peck Frankel is a runner for sure...
Fred Reardon Frankel runs on turf.
GamblersLife Will we see Frankel at the breeders cup?
DRFDerby The Derby Post Position Draw is at 5 pm ET tomorrow. It will be televised on Versus
Kenny Peck I'm throwing out all the speeds regardless of post, but I may throw out some closers if they're stuck inside
Bradley S. Ezra Frankel will win the ARC DE TRIOMPE
Joshua B Kenny, Brilliant Speed ran the fastest final 3 furlongs of any derby prep
MikeM DRF thx for the free PP...will by a form for FRI/SAT but nice to get a jump on things!
SJU5 Ken you were probably too young for the Clam Broth House and Shafers restaurant across from the train station!
Chuck Harper He's running in the Epsom Derby next in June
AP Kenny: Which data do you use to handicap, in addition to the DRF?
Michael Rubino send the link for the free pp again
GamblersLife I heard he is skipping the epsom for the Royal Ascot
Kenny Peck Brilliant Speed's dirt races were SO bad, though
Joshua B It didn't look as impressive because the other horses had energy too. Animal Kingdom rolled past some tired pigs.
PTWoodman For many years I have reserved my decisions for Derby Day - it has seved me well
LuigiGiovanni Clockers liked AK's work on dirt, even though bred for grass.
Sanjay Bhartia Kenny how do think MOH will take to the dirt?
Kenny Peck I compile my own data (race flows and figures). That and a comprehensive 'watch' list
DRFDerby Our Derby Contender pages have liftime PPs, and coming tomorrow video analysis for each horse! http://bit.ly/iLk0pR
Joshua B He was a green 2 year old.
Bradley S. Ezra A K?????????
cat thief Ken, which pace factor horse has the best chance to stay on and hit the board?
Kathleen Stump I'm with you PT. I read the form the night before but I have to see the horses dispositions that day before I bet
DelMarDennis Frankel is actually bypassing the Epsom Derby, and will instead run in the Royal Ascot.
Kenny Peck The Clam Broth House is where I had my first drink in a bar, at 16
Julie thanks drf!!
Chuck Harper he likes the Churchill surface.....he exploded when the ride chirped to him..
Kenny Peck Schaffers was a staple for us, now it's a high-end sushi joint
LuigiGiovanni Animal Kingdom.
Kenny Peck I don't like any horse who figures to be a pace factor
Sanjay Bhartia yes Brilliant Speed's dirt races were bad but the other approach is hea late bloomer and those were his first two
Jim Ecker ken - who are the pace factors ?
GamblersLife Midnight Interlude wins this race by 3 lenghts.
LuigiGiovanni Bruno de Julio loves AK.
Kenny Peck MOH (Master of Hounds) interests me a little only b/c he's a closer
Gayla Lawson thanks Kenny, for all your feed back.
RX how can i tell which horse will be the pace setter
Tim more rx questions, more more more!!!
William Cook MOH does he have a chance or a complete toss
AP Hit up Impellizeri's for some awesome pizza, if any of you are heading here to Louisville for Derby. Good luck to everyone!!
Kenny Peck I'm trying Gayla!
Joshua B Disagree.. I think this will be a modest paced Derby. None of the speed horse are real gate bolters like Conveyance, Keyed Entry, etc..
bob Z comma to the top
Bradley S. Ezra thx
Kenny Peck MOH is a horse I'll use underneath, not on top.
Chuck Harper By now everyone should be aware that expected pace scenarios frequently don't manifest
Sanjay Bhartia hey Kenny you're definitely one of the funniest guys on TV...keep up the good work man!
GamblersLife Kenny great job. You are getting 100 questions a minute and are aswering most of them.
b Kenny, Agreed on your pace analysis, however, that's why i didnt like Super Savor last year because he had NEVER won except on the lead
Joshua B Chuck, well thats good news for me, because for some reason everyone thinks there will be a pace meltdown in this one, and I just don't see
Kenny Peck I disagree Joshua. When horses stretch out to these types of distances the 'stalkers' suddenly become speeds...
Kenny Peck i.e, they have trouble passing horses
Kenny Peck b: I lost last year for precisely that reason, didn't figure Super Saver could rate
Najja Thompson Let's remember we're working with a twenty horse field somebody's getting boxed in
Bradley S. Ezra No horse has won the derby in 45 years that lead at the 1/8 pole and gave up the lead in its last prep race ,,,Uncle mo
Fred Reardon Yeah, thanks Kenny, watch the sky as it may be falling. Mud changes everything!
DRFDerby We're chatting with DRF Handicapper Kenny Peck until 8 pm ET tonight.
DRFDerby He said earlier that he likes Midnight Interlude, Mucho Macho Man, Animal Kingdom, Nehro, and Dialed In
Kenny Peck Thanks Gamblers Life. the kids are in the bath
Karen Martin Kenny has a great typing speed figure!
Joshua B Well, not to brag, but I did have Super Saver as my key and scored the triple.
Tim Kenny, any idea about how Master of Hounds will break, or his running style in general?
Kenny Peck Not sure what that means Fred...
bob Z track will be fast
GamblersLife DRFDerby cant he go until 9PM?
Joshua B Well documented on thorograph forums how much I loved Super Saver last year
DelMarDennis Are they having the traditional pill draw or the other one where you get to pk your post. I can't remember?
Kenny Peck Thanks for watching Sanjay!
RX it will be soggy
Fred Reardon Rain=mud
Kenny Peck congrats Joshua! If I don't win I hope you do
Bradley S. Ezra mo horse won the derby that didnt start at 2 .in 45 years.midnight interlude
Kenny Peck Oh, gotcha Fred
GamblersLife Pay him a little extra. Talking Derby with Kenny and complete strangers is great
Chuck Harper Traditional..
bob Z Josh you are good as your last winner
RX its been rainging forever there the track will be mud
Kenny Peck As a guy who handicaps 48-72 hours out all the time I've learned to be skeptical of the weatherman
cat thief Ok Ken, if you had to pick one horse....
Chuck Harper Find the horse that has the lead at the 1/8 pole and I'll show you roses!
Joshua B bob Z.. agreed lol.. it was first time I hit the Derby since Monarchos.. I'm not expecting another winner, but I feel as confident this
Joshua B year as I did last year
William Cook Kenny, thanks for filling in. It was interesting, The payoffs are going to be good this year!
wmspt Track will be fine Saturday!
Joshua B year
Joe Gleeson Kenny, just one more time...who are you using Saturday?
Sanjay Bhartia so Josh B your top pick is Brilliant??
RX he dont know he too busy
Kenny Peck Agreed William, whatever it is will be value, it seems
b Kenny, you said you thought UM would be 5/1, what do you think DI will be?
maureen Usually when it rains on Derby Day-clears up and they really seal the track
Joshua B Sanjay.. nooo, Brilliant is only light use for me on back end of supers.. Im not a huge BS fan, I just think he has a better chance than AK
Kenny Peck If I had to pick one horse right now (and I may not pick this horse in the paper),
Tim Kenny, any idea about Master of Hounds running style?
Joshua B both need to make big forward moves on an unprefereed surface
Keith Rebec Thanks for you time and comments, Kenny!
Kenny Peck It will likely be Midnight Interlude. Though I'm afraid he might be too close early
Kenny Peck Master of Hounds is a closer
Fred Reardon You do a good job Kenny, 10 minutes out is tough enough.
Kathleen Stump I just watched AK's race at Turfway~impressed!
Kenny Peck Thanks for coming by Keith!
Karen Martin great! I love Midnight interlude
Tim also, can get we get more RX questions, please? they are important...
Kenny Peck Thanks Fred! It's important to do a lot of preliminary research
cat thief Thanks Ken for the chat
Sanjay Bhartia I'll definitely be using Midnight as well
Hal Lenox AAA
Chuck Harper Nehro has the right to improve more than anyone and if he does..he's the winner.
Kenny Peck I hope we cash Karen
Harry Podschwit Dick told me Archarcharch,I'm Nehro
Julie i hadn't planned to use midnight.... but i really may now
Kenny Peck Listen, I'll be using several horses. One horse I'll definitely use is Midnight Interlude
Kenny Peck And Nehro
Joshua B Nehro, 3rd race in 6 weeks, no two year old foundation. Stevie had him amped up just to get in here. He hasn't looked that super.. Pass
Karen Martin will there be a 10 cent superfecta?
wmspt Appolo
Hal Lenox AAA / MI / MMM / BS
Kenny Peck The only reason for Midnight Interlude is the SA Derby had little pace outside Comma...
b Kenny, assuming Dialed In is fav, what is his odds?
Vaughn Wibbles So you don't make much of the 'first horse to win the Kentucky Derby without racing as a 2-year-old since Apollo in 1882' thing?
Kenny Peck And he was able to close. I just wish he came from further back, ala Nehro
mark No ten cent super...CD doesn't like money
Chuck Harper Fine Joshua...better odds for me!
Tim Kenny, any info on Master of Hounds running style?
Kenny Peck I'd say you'll get 9/2 on Dialed In
Joshua B I still dont see who is going to set this sub 46 pace
Chuck Harper Nehro - 10-12 to one?
Kenny Peck No Vaughn, racing is a whole new game nowadays. look at even how they're prepping differently
Sanjay Bhartia some of my prelim picks- Brilliant, Midnight, MOH, Nehro maybe Soldat. I'll probaly use UM and DI
bob Z comma
Kenny Peck I think so Chuck
Sanjay Bhartia to save
Chuck Harper Comma To the Top will set the pace
RX im going to put some turf horses for third
Joshua B Chuck, better odds for you? Everybody is playing the horse. Wise Guy horse goes 0 for 20 this year?
Joe Gleeson Thanks! Great job Kenny!
mark Shackleford set 46 and change in FLA derby
Najja Thompson If Nehro is 12-1 I might sprain my ankle running to the betting window lol
GamblersLife I wouldn't bet Dialed in at 9/2 odds with your money. This race is so wide open, who in their right mind would take 9/2
b thanks Kenny
RX we all done
Kelly So who are the turf horses ?
Kenny Peck Thanks Joe. Any relation to Don?
Chuck Harper Who says he's the wise guy horse? Thats a joke anyway!
DRFDerby Get Kenny's official picks (and picks from other DRF experts) Thursday in the DRF Derby Guide: http://bit.ly/juTyX0
RX paddy o padro
Kenny Peck Agreed Gamblers Life, but he can hit the board. (Dialed In)
Joe Gleeson No.
Matt Bernier Kenny do you think there will be a plodder this year that gets into the money due to the pacesetters faltering late?
Sanjay Bhartia thanks Kenny that was great...great participation from everyone good to hear the different opinions!
Joe Gleeson Good Luck!
Kenny Peck Yes Matt
Matt Bernier Meaning a horse that truthfully shouldn't have a chance.
NJSpeculator Thanks Kenny, see ya at Monmouth
Matt Bernier Ok ok
cat thief Thoughts on Stay thirsty?
Kenny Peck I'm using all the closers underneath, regardless if I 'like ' them
Hal Lenox thanx kenny Start studying the Mudders...
LuigiGiovanni Thank you! Congrats on your finish in the tournament.
mjh444 thanks
wmspt Stay Away!
Kenny Peck Stay Thirsty fits that bill
Brian Peeples Archarcharch...best last out Beyer, working like a beast, look out
Kenny Peck Thanks Luigi, not winning it still stings
Chuck Harper Box...Nehro - Archarcharch - AK and Diaed In...go get in line
Sanjay Bhartia Kelly - Animal Kingdom, MOH, Brilliant Speed, maybe Twinspired...help me out
Hal Lenox Agree on AAA
Kenny Peck Hey NJ Spec, can you believe we're a week away from monmouth?
Kelly Thanks Sanjay
Kenny Peck Archarcharch another closer worth using, though he was set up in his latest
NJSpeculator I'm pumped. However, I want a reduced meet.
b Sanjay, IF you win that super you will surly get paid WELL
Joshua B This Derby has merry-go-round potential, ala War Emblem-Proud Citizen-Perfect Drift.
Kenny Peck As my buddy Jim Kachulis says, why can't he be set up again?
Kenny Peck I also want a reduced meet. I think we'll get it, but it may be 4 days
Kenny Peck a week
Hal Lenox AAA will be set up here too
Vaughn Wibbles Quick thoughts on Fla Derby fav soldat?
NJSpeculator That's fine. I rather have four.
Sanjay Bhartia b- yeah lol...i would be an idiot not to throw UM or DI somewhere in the top 4
Kenny Peck Joshua, you may well be right. If you are you'll score out
Joshua B Vaughn. Here's my thoughts. USE HIM.
Kenny Peck I think Soldat wants the lead, and that could cause him to have problems late
Kelly MIssed Sanjay super repeat please
LuigiGiovanni Chuck, I like your first three. I heard Dialed In took a bad step today.
Kenny Peck Joshua is playing the speeds, he might be the only one who cashes
Chuck Harper Too many want the lead...no merry go round in the amusement park folks!
Kenny Peck Dialed In supposedly had some issue today, there were conflicting reports, but Zito claims hes fine
Sanjay Bhartia Josh B- I missed your pick or point you were making...could you repeat?
Brian Peeples Soldat is intriguing if he gets a good post....3 preps at 9f, with 2 wins (including an impressive one in the slop)...things to like
Kelly So is Derek ROse
Kenny Peck Ok folks, I'm off the clock. Time for a cocktail and a marathon session doing picks.
Kenny Peck Good luck! Enjoy the Derby, whether in Louisville or elsewhere
Matt Bernier DRF, where are these free lifetime PP's on the main page?
GamblersLife Midnight Interlude in the Derby...and Midnight Interlude 75-1 triple crown prop bet already placed.
Kenny Peck I'm off the clock, and onto a couple of cocktails
Chuck Harper The post draw will be more critical this year than in the past
Joshua B Chuck, compared to previous years, this is a very light year on speed horses. It's usualyl flooded with E8's. It's all E/P 6's
bob Z ty glty
LuigiGiovanni Thanks again.
Matt Bernier Thanks Kenny
Sanjay Bhartia Kelly- not necessarily what I'm betting as a straight super but 4 of the horses I like are Midnight, Brilliant, MOH and Nehro
Kelly free pp's may not be posted yet
Najja Thompson Thanks Kenny!
Kenny Peck Thank you guys, best of luck
Chuck Harper Joshua....you are fool if you think the pace won't be breakneck this year...
Fred Reardon Arch sired horses tend to like CD.
DRFDerby Some quick housekeeping before we go: Derby Draw tomorrow at 5, free Derby PPs tomorrow night. Picks on Thursday.
Sanjay Bhartia or box for that matter...i would throw in some UM and DI to the mix to save
maureen Bye, Kenny-nice of you to fill in-interesting p[cks.
Kelly Sanjay thanks for the reply hope ya nail it
Joshua B Chuck.. LOL, look at old Derbies. This year is light.