02/14/2016 7:48PM

Kentucky Derby Future Wager: Field slight choice over Mohaymen

Barbara D. Livingston
Mohaymen, winner of the Holy Bull, is the top individual horse in Pool 2 of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager at 4-1.

The mutuel field was a lukewarm favorite over Mohaymen when Pool 2 in the 2016 Kentucky Derby Future Wager closed Sunday.

The field, the 24th or “all others” option, closed at 5-2, followed closely by Mohaymen at 4-1. Then came Nyquist (7-1), Mor Spirit (12-1), Brody’s Cause (15-1), Airoforce (16-1), Smokey Image (19-1), and Exaggerator (22-1).

No individual wagering interest has ever been favored over the field in a February pool since Churchill Downs first began offering parimutuel futures in 1999.

Combined handle in Pool 2, which closed Sunday at 6 p.m. Eastern after a three-day wagering window, was $441,209, with $321,925 bet to win and $119,284 in exactas. That was down less than 2 percent from the corresponding pool in 2015, when a combined $448,958 was bet.

The record handle for a single pool is $631,304, set in February 2012. The highest aggregate for a year is $1,665,990, set in 2005.

The lowest $2 exacta will-pay is the field over Mohaymen (24-15), worth $48.20. In the case of field horses filling both exacta slots, the next-best finish by a separately listed horse will count toward the winning combination.

Pool 1, in which the field closed as the 3-5 favorite, ran Nov. 26-29. After 11 weeks passed, 13 horses were displaced by new names as individual interests for Pool 2.

Pool 3 is set for March 11-13 and Pool 4 for April 1-3. A Kentucky Oaks pool is offered concurrent to Pool 3.

(Program No., Horse, Trainer, Pool 1 odds, Pool 2 odds)

1. Airoforce, M.Casse, 18-1, 16-1

2. Awesome Banner, S.Gold, *3-5, 53-1

3. Brody’s Cause, D.Romans, 21-1, 15-1

4. Cherry Wine, D.Romans, *3-5, 31-1

5. Cocked and Loaded, L.Rivelli, 65-1, 96-1

6. Collected, B.Baffert, *3-5, 50-1

7. Danzing Candy, C.Sise, *3-5, 28-1

8. Discreetness, W.Fires, *3-5, 72-1

9. Exaggerator, K.Desormeaux, 25-1, 22-1

10. Gettysburg, T.Pletcher, *3-5, 72-1

11. Gift Box, C.Brown, 47-1, 59-1

12. Greenpointcrusader, D.Schettino, 28-1, 31-1

13. Gun Runner, S.Asmussen, 57-1, 25-1

14. Mo Tom, T.Amoss, *3-5, 28-1

15. Mohaymen, K.McLaughlin, 11-1, 4-1

16. Mor Spirit, B.Baffert, 31-1, 12-1

17. Nyquist, D.O’Neill, 9-1, 7-1

18. Shagaf, C.Brown, *3-5, 32-1

19. Smokey Image, C.Gaines, *3-5, 19-1

20. Tom’s Ready, D.Stewart, *3-5, 83-1

21. Vorticity, J.Lawrence, *3-5, 102-1

22. Whitmore, R.Moquett, *3-5, 81-1

23. Zulu, T.Pletcher, *3-5, 24-1

24. Mutuel field (all other 3-year-olds), 3-5, 5-2

Win handle, $321,925

Exacta handle, $119,284

Total handle, $441,209

* – denotes mutuel field entry in Pool 1.



Robert Clayton More than 1 year ago
How do you take 4-1 on a horse this far out? If you like Mohaymen how could you not just bet the exacta with the field for 25-1 instead of 4-1.....a much better value
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
The futures derby bet is mostly about fun..no one really knows this early if these will even make it into the gate.but you can have an educated guess and if you're right make some serious money. Last year was an aberration as far as value was conserned because people understood that a special horse American Pharoah would win unless he ran into trouble. He did not disappoint . But in most years it exiting to have 4 horses make it to the gate that you've boxed in exactas. And knowing that,if you hit it will be a big score. Much bigger than the exacta will pay on the day. I got beaten for a nostril for second when Bodemeister some how held on .the Ill have another x Dulhan exacta was paying 3800. Would have had it 5x. But I have cashed on 3 occasions so I'm not complaining.yes I am. So anyway my point is it is a fun bet.
Ian GW More than 1 year ago
I wish the pick 6 would end. I see so much dishonest rides all to get pick 6 carry's. They even card races for the pick 6's now to carryover, which effects the pick 5's and pick 4's. Santiago Gonzalez lays over the field and drops back to dead last? Yea ok. But Pk6 will carry. Its a joke.
Tom More than 1 year ago
You seriously believe what you have written?
Robert Clayton More than 1 year ago
That ride by Gonzalez was a joke......No way that horse is ever supposed to be that far back......Not sure the Pick 6 was the reason but the ride was very suspect......I don't understand the belated run to really shove it in the publics face how much the best the horse was.....Take him back and stay in the back if you aren't trying