02/08/2015 7:30PM

Kentucky Derby Future Wager: Field favored at 5-2

Debra A. Roma
Texas Red closed at 9-1 in Pool 2 of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager.

The mutuel field closed Sunday as a 5-2 favorite in Pool 2 of the 2015 Kentucky Derby Future Wager, with Texas Red the heaviest-backed individual interest at 9-1.

When closing Sunday at 6 p.m. Eastern, the field, the 24th or “all others” option, was higher odds than what the Churchill Downs morning line of even-money had projected. Nonetheless, the field still has been the favorite every year since Churchill first began offering parimutuel futures in 1999 in pools conducted at this time of year.

:: ROAD TO THE KENTUCKY DERBY: Prep races, point standings, replays

Texas Red, winner of the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile last fall and more recently second in the San Vincente, was followed in the Pool 2 order by American Pharoah (10-1), Dortmund (10-1), Carpe Diem (12-1), Upstart (12-1), and Ocean Knight (18-1). The other 18 separately listed horses are 25-1 or higher, but only one of them (J S Bach at 69-1) is higher than 48-1.

Combined handle on Pool 2 was $448,598, with $340,126 bet to win and $108,472 in exactas. The total was up 18 percent over the $380,249 handled in Pool 2 last year but is well below the all-time single pool record of $631,304 set during the first pool of 2012.

The lowest exacta will-pay combination is the field over Texas Red (24-21), worth $86.80 for $2. In the case of field horses filling both exacta slots, the next-best finish by a separately listed horse will count toward the winning combination.

The field closed as the 3-5 favorite in Pool 1, which was held in late November for the second straight year and attracted a handle of just $232,204. In years past, Churchill offered three pools, with the first pool typically held in early February.

Pool 3 is set for Feb. 27-March 1 and Pool 4 for March 27-29. A single Kentucky Oaks futures pool will be offered concurrent to Derby Pool 3.

CLOSING ODDS for Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool 2

(No.  Horse                          Trainer                P1 odds      P2 odds)

1. American Pharoah             B.Baffert            12-1           10-1

2. Carpe Diem                        T.Pletcher           15-1           12-1

3. Competitive Edge              T.Pletcher          48-1           37-1

4. Daredevil                            T.Pletcher          48-1           40-1

5. Dortmund                           B.Baffert            9-1             10-1

6. El Kabeir                            J.Terranova        74-1           39-1

7. Far Right                            R.Moquett          3-5(f)        48-1

8. Firing Line                         S.Callaghan        3-5(f)          35-1

9. Frosted                               K.McLaughlin    38-1          31-1

10. Gorgeous Bird                 I.Wilkes              3-5(f)        32-1

11. Imperia                             K.McLaughlin    27-1          24-1

12. International Star             M.Maker             3-5(f)          44-1

13. Itsaknockout                    T.Pletcher           3-5(f)        30-1

14. J S Bach                           T.Pletcher           3-5(f)        69-1

15. Khozan                             T.Pletcher           3-5(f)        25-1

16. Lord Nelson                     B.Baffert            72-1          41-1

17. Mr. Z                                W.Lukas             47-1          44-1

18. Ocean Knight                   K.McLaughlin    3-5(f)        18-1

19. Ocho Ocho Ocho             J.Cassidy            29-1          26-1

20. Prospect Park                   C.Sise                  3/5(f)         35-1

21. Texas Red                        K.Desormeaux   14-1          9-1

22. The Great War                 W.Ward              72-1          40-1

23. Upstart                             R.Violette          53-1          12-1

24. Mutuel field (all others)  n/a                      3-5               5-2

(f) – denotes Pool 1 field entry

Win handle, $340,126

Exacta handle, $108,472

Total handle, $448,598


tommy More than 1 year ago
Pool for kentucky derby now?? What??? The pools for kentucky derby will be much higher than the estimated pool on here.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I hope the kentucky derby race isnt fixed again this year. Thats getting old you know what i mean. Even Bob Costas knows that. Duh.
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
o shut up..really you think the derby is fixed. a jock will get about $150 000 for 10% of the winning prize money so your saying some body is going to give him more than that to loose and then hope his pick beats the other 19 horses.or are you saying somebody will bribe the whole field. there are easier and cheaper ways to make money..like in regular races other than the derby.
tommy More than 1 year ago
Breaking news!!!!!!! Texas red has foot issue and will be out of kentucky derby!!! Even if he races at the derby, he will lose because he will lack fitness !!!
Bob More than 1 year ago
80% of these horses have no chance to win and some won't even make the race nor can make the distance. A foolish bet waste of money. Why not bet a few bucks on the Mets or Yankees to win the 2015 World Series ?you know they are at least playing .... Exactly.....
tommy More than 1 year ago
Huh?? On kentucky derby day these odds will rise and the 50 cent trifecta will pay $1,500 !!!!! The pick 3 for $1 will pay 2,000 !!!! The daily double for $2 will pay $200 The exacta for $1 will pay $150 which in my opinion is not worth it!! The superfecta for 10 cents will pay $2,000. For kentucky derby I will play trifecta, picks 3, win, daily double, and superfecta
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
you miss the whole point of the bet.its a futures bet..so you are locking in a price and are taking a risk that a) the horse will make it into the field.. b) and that the odds will be lower than your getting today..and that's the key you are taking a risk for a higher payoff. For example ILL HAVE ANOTHER was 29/1 in one of the futures pools and ended up at 15/1 or about half the odds on derby day..FUNNY CIDE was 50/1....but the real value is in the exacta pool...The ANIMAL KINGDOM /NEHRO exacta paid 300 on derby day but paid 3000 + in the futures pool. so anybody that figured out that NEHRO was a chronic bridesmaid and was a good candidate to make the race and run 2nd could play a all /nehro exacta .or even a few horses they liked over nehro and have locked in great value.
Tom Gaeta More than 1 year ago
I wonder if we have a listed Derby Winner here in Pool 2. After seeing what Far From Over did to El Kabier, I wonder who else out there is going too impress us. Anyone know when we will see Carpe Diem in a race? Out of the top favs I only see Upstart as the Derby Horse. Dortmund gets too much Whip, Texas Red looked flat and was passed by Lord Nelson in that one and who knows if Pharoah will even get back on the track? All others exacta on top with longshots was my wagers, the value is there.
tommy More than 1 year ago
Yes the value is there but in order to make decent money, you need to hit the trifecta, superfecta, or picks 3 and 4. If you play exacta and daily doubles, it will not pay more than $500 for $2. Also instead of playing exactas, it will pay more if you play $20 to win on a long shot. Anyway, to me, everyone looks like a long shot!!
tommy More than 1 year ago
The top horses based on my calculations to win kentucky derby is upstart, carpe diem, frosted, firing line, el kabier, and Ocho Ocho Ocho, Texas red,and conquest typhoon!! Also from a calculation standpoint mark casse horse Danzig moon is good enough to place or win races to earn kentucky derby points. Of course it's still early as we need to see longer distances at least 1 1/8 to make more accurate decisions!
Brian S More than 1 year ago
I think Texas Red is overrated, when he runs in a race with a decent pace he does not close that great and win. Only one time, when the pace was absurd in the Juvenile did he look amazing. One race out of 6 races did he look special. 5 out of 6 races he's looked ordinary.
Craig Kirsch More than 1 year ago
Agree with you there. I am not impressed with Texas red.
tommy More than 1 year ago
He is good enough to bet in your superfecta though even though I'm not a fan. This horse has lacks speed and has distance limitations which means he would have to run wide due to large traffic of other speed horses in front and he will tire out.
Frank Reach More than 1 year ago
I respectfully disagree with you Brian. We'll see...time will tell....but, I thought Texas Red ran a great race the other day in his prep. For sure he will be better in 2 turns. Sadly, he's stuck with Kent on his back, but he is a very nice horse.
Brian S More than 1 year ago
We'll see, I'm not a psychic but just based on what I've seen so far, I don't think he's as good as the other top 3yos. His race record and performances are not very consistent with the best 3yos either. If his backers are going to make excuses and blame pace every time he loses, it's just not that impressive. I didn't think his most recent race was great, it was a really good solid race, but far from great. I don't think he's very versatile, especially compared to the top 3yos thus far. Unless the Derby is run in sprint fractions, I don't see him running down the best. My mind isn't %100 made up though, this is just what I'm leaning towards. Let's see how well he runs in his next race.
tommy More than 1 year ago
The biggest kentucky derby point races at 1 1/8 are coming in March and April so we have to see how these horses fair at those distances before making more accurate predictions!! But so far, frosted ran 1 1/8 for first time coming wide finishing at 1:50 as a 2 year old which is pretty good. Also I think upstart is very good along with firing line, el kabier, carpe diem, conquest typhoon are contenders!
Joe Rockhold More than 1 year ago
You are 100% correct. Though the Derby pace can get extremely fast so that might help him. I threw $10 on Itsaknockout and Khozan as I think right now those 2 have the most upside as and the price was decent on both. It's more for bragging rights than anything though - we all know it's not a smart bet!
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
well ill say this ,TEXAS RED will be a contender if he makes it to the race.at this moment he has an abscess in his foot..but the fact remains the breeders cup juv form is holding up well and he killed that field. so he lost a pre prep race so what.