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Kentucky Derby Future Wager: California Chrome is 5-1 favorite in Pool 4

Shigeki Kikkawa
San Felipe Stakes winner California Chrome is the 5-1 morning-line favorite in Pool 4 of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Talk about attrition. Since Churchill Downs offered its earliest-ever Kentucky Derby Future Wager pool in late November, only two horses have been listed in all four pools toward the 2014 Derby – Cairo Prince and Strong Mandate.

The lineup for the fourth and last 2014 futures pool was released by Churchill Downs on Monday, and the customary turnover from the previous pool is evident. Nine new names are on the roster for Pool 4, which opens Thursday at noon Eastern and closes Saturday at 6 p.m. Both the Florida Derby and Louisiana Derby are scheduled to be run Saturday after the pool closes.

The new horses for Pool 4 are Bobby’s Kitten, Chitu, Hoppertunity, In Trouble, Midnight Hawk, Ride On Curlin, Ring Weekend, Social Inclusion, and We Miss Artie.

Those horses displace the following from Pool 3, which was held Feb. 27 to March 1: Conquest Titan, Honor Code, Indianapolis, Kobe’s Back, Kristo, Noble Moon, Shared Belief, Tamarando, and Top Billing.

Besides Cairo Prince and Strong Mandate, only three other Pool 4 horses – Bobby’s Kitten, In Trouble, and Ride On Curlin – also were separate wagering interests when Pool 1 was offered Nov. 27-30. However, each was omitted from at least one pool in the interim.

Churchill spokesman John Asher, in noting the considerable turnover between pools, pointed out that 24 different horses have won the 25 Derby-points prep races run so far.

For Pool 4, Churchill linemaker Mike Battaglia has listed California Chrome as a 5-1 morning-line favorite, followed by Cairo Prince (6-1), the mutuel field (8-1), Chitu (10-1), Candy Boy (12-1), and Hoppertunity (12-1).

The mutuel field, the 24th or “all others” option, has closed as the favorite in all three prior pools: 4-5 in Pool 1, 3-2 in Pool 2, and 3-1 in Pool 3.

[ROAD TO THE KENTUCKY DERBY: Prep races, point standings, replays]

Handle has slumped noticeably for the Derby futures. Pool 3 handle was $334,326, down 18 percent from the corresponding period in 2013. Pool 2, held Feb. 6-8, was $380,249, down a whopping 39 percent from the corresponding period. And Pool 1, which had never been held in November, was $273,174, the fifth-lowest total since the futures were first offered in 1999. This is the first year Churchill has had four pools.

As with any parimutuel wager, odds are not locked in until the pool closes. There are no refunds.

Real-time odds and exacta will-pays are available on selected monitors at tracks and wagering outlets where futures are offered, as well as on kentuckyderby.com. Minimum wagers are $2 to win and $2 for exactas, although $1 boxes or part-wheels may be used to reach that $2 exacta minimum.

This is the 16th year for the future wager. Exacta wagering was added in 2009. In the case of field horses filling both exacta slots, the next-best finish by a separately listed horse will count toward the winning combination.

Asher heads the four-person committee that chooses the lineups, which also includes Brad Free of Daily Racing Form , Ed DeRosa of Brisnet, and freelance racing writer Gary West.

The Kentucky Oaks and Derby will be run May 2 and 3.

DRF will include the past performances of the 23 separate interests for Pool 4 in the Thursday print editions.

Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool 4

Horse, morning-line odds, Pool 4 odds, Pool 3 odds, Pool 2 odds, Pool 1 odds
1.  Albano, 50-1, 53-1, 3-2(f), 4-5(f)
2.  Bayern, 15-1, 17-1, 3-2(f), 4-5(f)
3.  Bobby’s Kitten, 30-1, 3-1(f), 46-1, 28-1
4.  Cairo Prince, 6-1, 9-1, 13-1, 26-1
5.  California Chrome, 5-1, 32-1, 30-1, 4-5(f)
6.  Candy Boy, 12-1, 12-1, 32-1, 4-5(f)
7.  Chitu, 10-1, 3-1(f), 3-2(f), 4-5(f)
8.  Constitution, 30-1, 28-1, 3-2(f), 4-5(f)
9.  General a Rod, 30-1, 36-1, 3-2(f), 4-5(f)
10.  Hoppertunity, 12-1, 3-1(f), 3-2(f), 4-5(f)
11.  In Trouble, 30-1, 3-1(f), 3-2(f), 53-1
12.  Intense Holiday, 20-1, 22-1, 69-1, 4-5(f)
13.  Midnight Hawk, 20-1, 3-1(f), 19-1, 4-5(f)
14.  Ride On Curlin, 30-1, 3-1(f), 3-2(f), 57-1
15.  Ring Weekend, 50-1, 3-1(f), 3-2(f), 4-5(f)
16.  Samraat, 15-1, 30-1, 30-1, 4-5(f)
17.  Social Inclusion, 20-1, 3-1(f), 3-2(f), 4-5(f)
18.  Strong Mandate, 20-1, 18-1, 17-1, 27-1
19.  Tapiture, 15-1, 17-1, 39-1, 4-5(f)
20.  Uncle Sigh, 30-1, 42-1, 73-1, 4-5(f)
21.  Vicar’s in Trouble, 50-1, 52-1, 42-1, 4-5(f)
22.  We Miss Artie, 30-1, 3-1(f), 3-2(f), 4-5(f)
23.  Wildcat Red, 30-1, 28-1, 3-2(f), 4-5(f)
24.  Field (all others), 8-1, 3-1, 3-2, 4-5
(f) – denotes field entry

Mike Lee More than 1 year ago
Ride On Curlin!!!!!!
Ken More than 1 year ago
Paul F More than 1 year ago
does anyone have a bomb for a pick in derby before these last preps go off?...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ride On Curlin. He seems to be rounding in to shape nicely.
Pom DeTerre More than 1 year ago
Wildcat heir. Horse For course
Rick Marciniak More than 1 year ago
If the futures are Thursday-Saturday why can't you post the pp's on all 3 days instead of just Thursday?
Pom DeTerre More than 1 year ago
And so why is anyone betting a field horse. ?.California chrome. ?.at 4.5. If u think there's value ther u need your head examine.
Scott More than 1 year ago
Yeah, I really don't see the point of taking the field early, when the Derby Day favorite rarely goes below 5 to 2. I've stopped chasing the dream of the Future's bet. Truth be told, the Derby is tough enough to hit and tends to pay well on race day that it's just not worth chasing the Futures.
mikey More than 1 year ago
Another staggerfest for these overrated sprinters.....
Scott More than 1 year ago
This field seems to lack any really strong 10F pedigrees. The winner might actually be walking by the time he gets to the finish line. It seems like every horse that had a nice pedigree for the distance has dropped out. My best guesses all have big questions about them: 1) California Chrome - pretty lame pedigree, but it's hard not to compare him to I'll Have Another. A couple key differences were that nobody saw IHA coming in his first prep in 2012 and it seems everybody saw Chrome coming. And more importantly IHA had the pedigree whereas Chrome doesn't. Still, it's hard not to love his last performance and I look forward to seeing him in the SA Derby. I would love to see him rate. 2) Samraat - gutsy horse winning in New York. NY hasn't had an impact in the TC races in years and this year's crop looks like sprinters trying to stretch things out. Samraat sticks of a sprinter, but so did Smarty Jones. I'll keep watching. 3) Chitu - How good is this guy? He beat a bunch of milers in the Sunland Derby and looked good doing it. His pedigree is one of the best remaining in the current crop and his style seems perfect for Churchill Downs. Couple that with double digit odds and he might be a nice longshot pick. I do hate the Sunland Derby as a final prep though, because I think it's too far out and the track doesn't transfer well to Churchill Downs in my opinion. (Don't say Mind That Bird, because he finished 4th in the race and I don't care what anybody says, they clearly cheated. That horse freaked for 5 weeks and then returned to old form.) I have a few others I've been watching, but I need to see quite a bit more to even bother bringing them into the discussion. I think one thing is clear, the payout in this year's Derby is going to be huge!
mikey More than 1 year ago
All we breed are sprinters. The breeders today have no clue how to breed a thoroughbred anymore. That is why for some pathetic reason, a 2 year old who can run a furlong or two has more value. Isn't that why we breed quarterhorses. No wonder they have shortened races through the years.
Randy Baker More than 1 year ago
Pedigree schmedigree,someone needs to stagger home.It's blsphemy to say but with breeding as it is today,What is the purpose of 1 1/2 belmont( Most people can't remember the name of the winner). And why not at least give this new breed 3 weeks to preakness and 4 weeks to belmont.They're obviously not as sturdy as in the days of Citation.
mikey More than 1 year ago
They might as well shorten the TC races to 8.5f Derby, 8f Preakness and 9f Belmont. That is about as far as this new breed can run before they hit a wall
Scott More than 1 year ago
Randy, I've always said that the 10F Kentucky Derby is the much tougher race than the 12F Belmont. About the only thing that makes the Belmont really tough for today's horses is that if they are good enough to win the first two legs of the Triple Crown, then it is their 3rd race in 5 weeks and that is something they will never be asked to do again their respective career. However, if a horse fails to win the Derby, how often do we get to see them compete in all 3 of the TC Races. Oxbow and Will Take Charge were the rare exception to the rule. One handicapping angle that usually pays dividends in the Belmont Stakes is to go with a horse that didn't run in the Preakness, but did run in the Derby: Palace Malice a great example of this paying. By the way, last year was a weird year for many reasons and one was that the Belmont was ran like a regular horse race with legit fractions early. Of course, they all staggered home after that. Usually, the Belmont is run more like a turf race: crawl through the early fractions and try to out sprint the others in the final quarter.
john More than 1 year ago
4/5 field odds in pool one was a gift !
Steven Rolf More than 1 year ago
never count your chickens before they hatch
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The handle has decreased because the idiots changed the structure of the betting- pool closes on Saturday, and four pools. Why is it this industry insists on messing with a good thing all the time? For example, they (NYRA) want to raise the admission to Saratoga from $3 to $5 (and the Clubhouse from $5 to $8). So let me see...parking, admission, racing form for me, program for the wife- $25- $30 before we even bet a race, let alone if you want to have a drink or two, sit inside or have something to eat. Let me get this straight-they want MORE people to be interested in racing- so they are going to RAISE prices. BRILLIANT! Most horse players got into racing because they went with their friends or families when they were young. Now we want to discourage them from coming by raising the prices. NYRA is not making money because they are inept at handling the money they make, old regime, new regime-doesn't matter. They have a goldmine in Saratoga and now they want to soak it for all they can. High takeouts, expensive food and drinks, dismal facilities (yes I know they are FINALLY putting in new TV's to replace the ones they got at the Salvation Army 30 years ago, buying new picnic tables and redoing the bathrooms that are 120 degrees inside- how many years have the fans been asking for these things to happen...10? 15?). Horrible TV broadcasts with moving cameras on rails at the front of the pack (which do absolutely NOTHING to show which horse is in which position except the first two). Filthy OTB's where you wouldn't even let your kid go to the bathroom, let alone a self-respecting woman would ever walk into. Higher purses from VLT's at AQU has lead to 1-9 shots every third race from horsemen dropping higher price claimers because they can lose their horse and still make out like a bandit. Stories of cheating, abuse, drugs, etc. And they can't figure out why the sport is declining.
RICKY More than 1 year ago
times are changing old timer..seems like you need to aswhile.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hey RICKY- me Kurt again. If you mean by "old timer" a guy who has gone to the races since he was 10 and is now 50-that's another of your brilliant deductions. What part of my comments did you disagree with..- -the pools for the Future wager are smaller(also due to fac t that NYRA and Churchill can't get along) -they changed the the deadline to Saturday -they now have 4 pools -the takeouts are high. -the food and drinks are expensive -the TVs at Saratoga are way out dated -Saratoga fans wanted more picnic tables long ago -the bathrooms are a mess and hot -NYRA is thinking of raising the admission -broadcasts of the major races have been horrible -the OTBs are filthy -the purse structure from the VLT money has made racing at AQU worse -there is rampant cheating, abuse and drugs So tell me Mr. Rocket Scientist - which of my comments was it that you wanted to differ with? And what in your pea sized brain would cause you to make an asinine remark that my comments suggest I am old? I think you made your comment because I embarassed you in your silly Baffert comment further down the thread. One needs only to read your posts here to realize you have the IQ of a bale of hay.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ricky....? Ricky...?
RICKY More than 1 year ago
bickering old man..i wish things where like they use too. yada yada..gee im old. i remember when a racing form was a nickle..lol..gett over it..if you cant afford it.. dont play.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow, Ricky The Rocket Scientist- you really hurt my feelings-you called a 50 year old guy an old man. Wow, what a tough guy. Again-WHAT SPECIFIC COMMENT of mine in the posting did you disagree with? You mouth off and call me bickering and insult like an arrogant little weasel and yet you are not man enough to reply to my question. My comments were made because they are accurate- the sport is not growing, and I listed just a few reasons why. Maybe it's not growing because people your age (whatever that is-13, 14?) can't read a racing form. And I'll put my money and handicapping skills up against you any time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
And as far as my "not being able to afford it"- I can, but younger people most likely can't, therefore you missed the point again you ignorant twit- the sport isn't growing, and if they continue to hammer everyone with increases because they can't manage and market the product, then we horse players, the trainers, the owners,jockeys, and the backstretch workers are going to continue to see the quality decline and more and more tracks will close. Get it Rick? Sorry, RICKY. When you grow up we'll call you Rick.
RICKY More than 1 year ago
love how you just keep coming for more.. i bet thats how you wager..you keep losing and losing but determined..for what i have no idea
RICKY More than 1 year ago
stay anonymous TURD. i mean KURTis BLOW.
RICKY More than 1 year ago
penny pincher stop playing 10 cent superfectas at random..
RICKY More than 1 year ago
aww you mad old man? the sport is dying off just like you are. If you cant afford it anymore just sit in your senior home and play online..Im pretty sure no one is gonna miss you at the track.. dont want a ambulance driving behind you like they do the horses just waiting to collapse.
Raymond Hackinson More than 1 year ago
While the prices are higher the value at least at Saratoga is good At Delmar the charge to enter a simulcast is $5.00 I remember in the late '70's at Los Alamitos paying a hefty charge to get in and they had exactas with a minimum of $5.00 each way Of course I did not reverse and it came in the way I did not have it and the payout was huge.
Walter More than 1 year ago
Kurt, I see your points very clearly and I'm not over 40. Sounds like Rickey is just someone who wants to be a contrarian. I'd guess most horseplayers would agree w you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thanks Walter, Don't mind if someone has a viewpoint that disagrees with me, but man up and make your point. Don't be a little piss ant. He got his *ss kicked in two spots in this thread by me and others. Hey RICKY, you so fine...- take your two black eyes and go back to the barn.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
hey fossil no way in hell you can give anyone a black eye especially two. just because your pointaview sucks to me..If you cant afford it dont play or go to the track..no one is gonna miss you.......He got his *ss kicked in two spots in this thread by me and others. really and your suppose to be 50.. and your are trying.. get it..trying to be a cyberbull at 50. didnt scare anybody here.
RICKY More than 1 year ago
cant afford it dont play..lesson to your wife stick to 10 cent superfectas..thats if your wife hasnt left you yet loser.
[removed] More than 1 year ago
This comment has been deleted
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gee RICKY- still can't make a comment on any specific point I made. The track needs more dopes like you. Keep coming and we'll keep taking your money. You got crushed here RICKY. And all you can do is throw comments back calling people old timers,old farts, bad mouthing people 's wives. You are pathetic. Can't even make an argument, can't respond to any specific point. That's when I know I am having a discussion with a complete dope. It's like arguing with with seven year old- can't have an intelligent conversation, then shut your mouth. Karma rocks. Good luck RICKY. RICKY you are a zero. Don't lose that number. -Kurt
Pom DeTerre More than 1 year ago
Hey tricky rick...u even know the difference between a fetlock, a forelock and a furlong? I have personally k own kurt for 5 years, and he is one of the best handicappers around, contest players excluded especially on exotics, piv ck 3 and 4s. When you finally figure out which end of the horse is running 1st, that fill us with your hot air and charmin. Until then keep your asinine, literally, remarks in the toilet where they and you belong.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
hey fossil no way in hell you can give anyone a black eye especially two. just because your pointaview sucks to me..If you cant afford it dont play or go to the track..no one is gonna miss you.......He got his *ss kicked in two spots in this thread by me and others. really and your suppose to be 50.. and your are trying.. get it..trying to be a cyberbull at 50. didnt scare anybody here.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RICKY. Thanks for signing on as anonymous. I can tell by your crappy grammar- it's POINT OF VIEW and SUPPOSED. Of course you could be a relative of RICKY's, I'm sure they aren't too sharp either. And if is anyone else, I ask you the same question- WHAT SPECIFIC POINT did you disagree with in my comments. There is ONE reference to money- and AGAIN idiots, I make the point that the prices are increasing and that leaves less and less for younger newcomers to become involved. READ AGAIN dopes. It is obvious you can't spell or read however. -Kurt
RICKY More than 1 year ago
dont worry about the youngsters old timer..we can afford it. todays generation makes more then the nickles an hour your use to in your days. so let prices increase, we'll just stay home and gamble online, while you can just gather your memories of old racetracks. its the sign of the times. so out with the old and in with the new.
Walter More than 1 year ago
Ricky, Are you really this disrespectful? I'm guessing you're just trying to get a rise outta people. Advertisers covet your demo. You know why? Because it's your age group that is stupid enough to pay high admission, high drink prices, and everything else that Kurt mentioned. The rest of us who play horses are do just that. I've probably bet more in one day than you have in your life, so don't even think of questioning my ability to afford things. I will spend, I just won't be taken.
RICKY More than 1 year ago
Breaking News...uummm prices arent going down anytime soon or in the future.. Glad you wanted to put your % cents in..Now here is your change..as for you betting more than me in one day then i have in my lifetime maybe or maybe not, but im pretty sure i have more then you in my pocket, even when i leave a stripclub then you have wagered in one day. If not so.. come see me sometime at Santa Anita Clubhouse or Del Mar.. there almost everyday..we can discuss our assets there if you like see who has the most toys. RSVP Walter
J D More than 1 year ago
All excellent observations and while I realize that the price of maintaining a facility such as this is expensive, they better realize that fans will stop showing up...even to Saratoga if they start gouging the patrons. Last year, I went to the bar in the Club House and ordered a vodka and tonic. I was charged $9 for a tiny measured shot and when I asked how much for another shot in the same drink, the guy said, "$9." So, I'll bring my own, this year and they won't make a dime...
[removed] More than 1 year ago
This comment has been deleted
Walter More than 1 year ago
Ricky, I am really glad you are @ the Clubhouse at SA, since I'm a SoCal native, I won't have far to find you. Also, I spend summers at Del Mar. I hope your mouth is this big in person, you will be very easy to spot. Then maybe you can tell me in person how much money you don't spend at strip clubs. Looking forward to a nice weekend at SA.
dameian ramsay More than 1 year ago
Can't wait to see what samaarat do at the wood memorial and c how bayern do against candy boy and California chrome
Jordan Melvin More than 1 year ago
Exactly my thoughts Dameian...exactly !!!