02/06/2014 6:09PM

Kentucky Derby: Field is even-money favorite early in Pool 2 of Future Wager


The mutuel field opened as a strong favorite in the early hours of Pool 2 of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager, which opened Thursday at noon Eastern.

As of 4:45 p.m., and with just more than $30,000 in the win pool, the field – the 24th or “all others” option – was the even-money favorite, followed by Shared Belief (14-1), Strong Mandate (15-1), Honor Code (15-1), Cairo Prince (16-1), and Top Billing (17-1). Another $6,325 was in the exacta pool.

Pool 2 will close Saturday at 6 p.m. Eastern, well before scheduled post time (7 p.m. Eastern) for the Grade 2 Robert B. Lewis Stakes at Santa Anita. The Lewis is the only prep race with Derby points (10 to the winner) this weekend.

Fourteen field horses from Pool 1 are now separately listed for Pool 2, meaning only nine horses were held over as single betting interests.

A Derby futures pool in early February usually is the first of the season, but last fall, Churchill Downs moved Pool 1 back to November for the first time. The field closed as the 4-5 favorite in that pool.

Pool 3 will run Feb. 27 through March 1 and Pool 4 from March 27-29. All pools will run Thursday to Saturday, as opposed to the Friday-to-Sunday schedule used in prior years. A single Kentucky Oaks futures pool will be offered concurrent to Derby Pool 3.

Real-time odds and exacta will-pays are available on selected monitors at tracks and wagering outlets where futures are offered, as well as on kentuckyderby.com.

Minimum wagers are $2 to win and $2 for exactas, although $1 boxes or part-wheels may be used to reach that $2 exacta minimum.

As with any parimutuel wager, odds are not locked in until the pool closes. There are no refunds.

This is the 16th year for the future wager. Exacta wagering was added in 2009. In the case of field horses filling both exacta slots, the next-best finish by a separately listed horse will count toward the winning combination.

The 140th Derby is scheduled for May 3 at Churchill.

Walter More than 1 year ago
How does CDI justify such a high takeout for this bet? Takeout for regular races pays for a track's purses, operating expenses, etc. Since this is a future bet, what are the expenses? If CDI really wanted to make this attractive to players, it would be a 8-10% takeout and you would see some tremendous odds for your wager. CDI, make this prop attractive for players.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm hardly a shill for CDI, BUT what do you think the takeout is for sports futures bets in Vegas? Around 30%. Also, this wager does help pay for CDIs purses, operating expenses. Could CDI exist without the KY Derby? Finally, I believe the state sets takeout rates for wins and exactas, So I don't think CDI could just change it. Now this doesn't mean I don't think the takeout should be lower, because I think it should. And I also think they should put all TC nominated horses in there (although I make money on betting the field, so maybe I should just shut up about that). Go ahead and vote down my post now...
Walter More than 1 year ago
If you bet sports futures in Vegas, you get the benefit of locked in odds, so this can offset takeout. Vegas future book odds are always better than the CDI bet. This bet is for a future race, so it is just an additional revenue source for an event (KY Derby) that will have wagering also subject to takeout. In other words, it's double dipping for the same race. Takeout can absolutely be lowered, CA & NY did it for their pick 5, Sam Houston does it for their pick 4. CDI has no reason to do it because people will bet it anyway. I'm just a horseplayer looking out for horseplayers
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well, you answered the question. CDI has no reason to do it because people will bet it anyway.
Joe Rockhold More than 1 year ago
You said it perfectly Walter. You won't hear anybody from CDI try and justify the takeout rate because it's impossible to do so.