03/12/2012 12:43PM

Kentucky Derby: Fed Biz pulled off trail by Baffert


Fed Biz, who missed the San Felipe Stakes on Saturday at Santa Anita with a hind-end issue, is still not traveling properly and will be pulled off the trail to the May 5 Kentucky Derby, his trainer, Bob Baffert, said Monday.

"I'm taking him off the Derby trail,” Baffert said from Ocala, Fla., where he is attending the 2-year-old sale. "I took him back to the track, and he's still not comfortable. I'm going to stop on him. He's got a hind-end issue. We can't find it, but something's nagging him. I'm going to give him some time off."


Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yes that was an awesome effort by BODEMEISTER in the San Felipe Stakes . Better than just an awesome effort actually . But it would not surprise me one bit to see BODEMEISTER in the SANTA ANITA DERBY run a very bad race . I see BODEMEISTER giving his all early , pounding away up front , doing what he does best . But this is just asking way too much too soon for a COLT . Any COLT ! Yes , the son of Jill and Bob named BODE - im surethis means alot to them all . . . but lets sit back and look at the big picture , and ask yourself - WHY ! BODEMEISTER needs more time and conditioning to take on the task of a field of 19 in the DERBY and with the likes of UNION RAGS - HANSEN - CREATIVE CAUSE all proven SOLID 2 YR OLDS ............................... Wake Up Trainers / Owners . . . Start Training like OLD SCHOOL and get SOLID CONDITIONING under these fine COLTS instead of thinking of your pockets and fame !
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As I said earlier about the Baffert 3 yr olds thus far : he has NONE that are conditioned yet to task on the pounding of the KENTUCKY DERBY . Everything is Hurry Up and Wait . That is not the Baffert that I know . I sure hope Baffert does not ruin the likes of BODEMEISTER - SECRET CIRCLE - CASTAWAY - FED BIZ and likes of other nice looking 3 yr olds just to have a glance into the KENTUCKY DERBY . I stated earlier last week about FED BIZ , that he does not look good in the morning work-outs and also , if FED BIZ does make the San Felipe Stakes that FED BIZ will not be a serious threat . I do not believe in the NEW SCHOOL WE HAVE IN HORSE RACING LEADING UP TO THE KENTUCKY DERBY . Not at all ! I believe rules ought to be changed as far as what it takes to get there . Lets start to put the HORSES FIRST , not our POCKETS ! Too many GOOD COLTS will be ruined by the likes of BODEMEISTER - FED BIZ - and many of many others . Trainers / Owners Ought to slowly develope their COLTS into the KENTUCKY DERBY , give the COLTS conditioning INSTEAD OF POUNDING !
You Feel Lucky More than 1 year ago
How many horse's are you training? Can we get their names/
stevejPS More than 1 year ago
Jay Is Baffert still pointing Sky Kingdom for the Derby too?
stevejPS More than 1 year ago
Kyle Bodemeister and Liaison and Castaway...,maybe Macho Rocket and Night Tide? I dont think Bob will go shorthanded :-)
Kyle Stasierowski More than 1 year ago
Dear Mr. Privman, I guess now Bob Baffert's best hope for the Run for the Roses is Bodemeister owned by Ahmad Zayat's Zayat Stables LLC. Sincerely, Kyle Stasierowski 27-year-old loyal TVG viewer, HRTV Live Feed viewer, and TVG Community member from Alden, New York