05/02/2014 7:39PM

Kentucky Derby: California Chrome is early 3-1 favorite


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – After the close of ontrack wagering Friday, Santa Anita Derby winner California Chrome was the 3-1 favorite in advance wagering for Saturday's Kentucky Derby, with Wood Memorial winner Wicked Strong and Arkansas Derby winner Danza co-second choices at 8-1.

Ride On Curlin, to be ridden by three-time Kentucky Derby-winning jockey Calvin Borel, was next at 12-1 odds, followed closely by Louisiana Derby runner-up Intense Holiday at 13-1.

These odds reflected only wagers made onsite at Churchill Downs, perhaps reflecting the popularity of Ride On Curlin, with Borel being a local favorite.

The Kentucky Oaks/Kentucky Derby double will-pays largely mirrored the Derby win wagering, with the payoff to California Chrome reflecting the shortest payoff at $11.40, following by the combination to Wicked Strong at $39.60 and to Danza at $44.60.

Ontrack handle on the Kentucky Derby was $202,807 by the close of wagering Friday, with offtrack wagers not yet incorporated. The handle reflects only a tiny fraction of the total amount that ultimately will be bet on the race.

Kentucky Derby Advance Wagering
1. Vicar’s in Trouble, 21-1
2. Harry’s Holiday, 35-1
3. Uncle Sigh, 22-1
4. Danza, 8-1
5. California Chrome, 3-1
6. Samraat, 18-1
7. We Miss Artie, 22-1
8. General a Rod, 27-1
9. Vinceremos, 38-1
10. Wildcat Red, 14-1
11. Hoppertunity, SCRATCHED
12. Dance With Fate, 14-1
13. Chitu, 25-1
14. Medal Count, 17-1
15. Tapiture, 27-1
16. Intense Holiday, 13-1
17. Commanding Curve, 26-1
18. Candy Boy, 16-1
19. Ride On Curlin, 12-1
20. Wicked Strong, 8-1
21. Pablo Del Monte, SCRATCHED

Oaks-Derby Double $2 Will-Pays
1. Vicar’s in Trouble, $142.40
2. Harry’s Holiday, $399.80
3. Uncle Sigh, $243.80
4. Danza, $44.60
5. California Chrome, $11.40
6. Samraat, $84.40
7. We Miss Artie, $295.60
8. General a Rod, $128.60
9. Vinceremos, $305.40
10. Wildcat Red, $129.20
11. Hoppertunity, SCRATCHED
12. Dance With Fate, $82.80
13. Chitu, $120.80
14. Medal Count, $86.80
15. Tapiture, $58.40
16. Intense Holiday, $58.40
17. Commanding Curve, $164.40
18. Candy Boy, $101.40
19. Ride On Curlin, $116.60
20. Wicked Strong, $39.60
21. Pablo Del Monte, SCRATCHED

grayposse More than 1 year ago
3-1 favourite and your relying on Espinoza to stick handle a perfect ride in a large field. May the horse be with you!!!
John Stevelberg More than 1 year ago
Great weather - only key scratch was Normandy Invasion and yet handle was slightly off - oh yes TAKEOUT was up !
scott More than 1 year ago
Can we even bet the derby day card on drf bets? Can u even provide us with chance to wager on America's best race?
William Hart More than 1 year ago
have to switch to express bets. same company but DRF doesnt have the churchill feed
Old timer More than 1 year ago
Evidently there was a significant amount of money put down on a Tapit daily double for Steve Asmussen. While Tapiture is 27-1 in the early race odds, his double payoff reflects only about 13-1.
rahman Williams More than 1 year ago
13 is my pick, I don't have a problem putting my pick out there for the world to criticize 13/all exacta box 13/all Daily double Horse will go off at least 20 to 1 so I will get at least 5-1 on my money even if Chrome wins 13/17 would be my Dream ticket. Good Luck, pray that all jocks and horses get home safe.
jason javino More than 1 year ago
I meant MORE decreases in the odds than Increases
jason javino More than 1 year ago
these ODDS are BULL----!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are no decreases in the odds than increases. This is the same thing as last year. After the 1.7 million superfecta payout the odd makers are preventing the TRUE ODDS to be shown. There were 2 horses at 50-1 now the longest shot is 38 - 1. Come On. Its bad enough that there is such difficulty to win the super and still the race wants to make out on it by not paying the correct ODDS.
Craig More than 1 year ago
Great point Jason,with CC a solid favorite there should be several of these pretenders 50 to 1 or higher.Its really the only time you can make a life changing score hitting a super.The manipulation of the odds on TC and BC races are why gamblers are taking their $ elsewhere.
Geral John Pinault More than 1 year ago
Everything is falling into place for me so far. And my Cali Chrome tri key bet with a longshot keyed 2nd & 3rd is already made! The stars are in their proper alignment, and they're all shining down on Cali Chrome tonight!!! - RAMMER
William Hart More than 1 year ago
2 returned 4 for untapable and if chrome was to go off at 3 to 1 that means the double would alomost equal the parlay. I cant see that in a 2mil plus pool.
hialeah More than 1 year ago
Well, 2 now gets you 11.40 with chrome. Oaks/ Derby Double got pounded, which makes me question how "vulnerable" he really is. Time to hedge your bets.
mooch More than 1 year ago
Way short of a parlay, but we knew that along didn't we?
Gary Peacock More than 1 year ago
How can the track set daily-double payouts before off-track handle is added to the mix? We should expect these numbers to change somewhat, yes?
Starks43 More than 1 year ago
Don't mean to be mean but sounds like you may not fully understand the mechanics of the bet. All the DD bets are locked in already. What happens tomorrow is utterly irrelevant no more wagering on this DD soon as Oaks went off.
Geral John Pinault More than 1 year ago
Remember Gary, that the Daily Double bet had to be made BEFORE the Oaks was run. All bets go into Churchill's pool, no matter if they come in by simulcast betting, on-track, Las Vegas, etc. So as Starks43 said, the DD payoff figures were known as soon as Untapable won... - RAMMER