01/15/2015 6:37PM

Kentucky commission exonerates Asmussen

Barbara D. Livingston
Contrary to allegations from PETA, Steve Asmussen's horses "were well cared for," a Kentucky Horse Racing Commission investigation concluded.

LEXINGTON, Ky. – A nearly year-long investigation by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission into allegations that horses trained by Steve Asmussen were mistreated has found no evidence for the claims, according to a report released on Thursday detailing the probe.

The probe, which was launched in March of last year after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals lodged a series of claims alleging abuse, entailed “hundreds of hundreds of hours” of work by KHRC staff, according to Dick Brown, a spokesman for the commission. The report said that the investigation found that “PETA’s allegations could not be substantiated,” and it went on to say that, to the contrary of the abuse allegations, investigators and outside experts consulted by the KHRC concluded that Asmussen’s horses “were well cared for.”

“Without exception, the veterinary experts did not agree with PETA’s opinions or conclusions and determined that those opinions and conclusions had neither a factual or a scientific basis,” said Robert Beck, the chairman of the commission, in a prepared statement delivered at the conclusion of a commission meeting on Thursday at Keeneland.

As a result of the investigation, Kentucky will take no action against Asmussen, the commission said. A similar probe is ongoing in New York.

Clark Brewster, an attorney who has represented Asmussen during the investigations, said just after the meeting by telephone that he had not yet read the report. However, he said he “is certainly not surprised” at the result, and he accused PETA of misrepresenting its claims in a video it produced from footage shot by a stable worker that was working on behalf of the organization. The video was released in March, just after the publication of a story in the New York Times detailing PETA’s accusations.

“This was an activist organization that wanted to take on racing, and they wanted to find someone with a national name, and that was Steve,” Brewster said. “Unfortunately, they picked the wrong guy.”

Asmussen and Brewster have consistently maintained that the allegations against Asmussen were false. Brewster said that Asmussen cooperated fully with the investigations in Kentucky and New York, and that he agreed to provide any medical or billing records sought by investigators and make all members of his staff available for interviews.

The PETA video, which ran for 9 1/2 minutes, was culled from seven hours of footage shot by the worker during a four-month span in 2013 at Churchill Downs in Louisville and Saratoga Race Course in New York, according to PETA. The KHRC report identified the worker as Kerin B. Rosen, who was licensed by the KHRC as a groom in April 2013.

The video contained numerous shots of horses being treated in the shed row, though it was not clear what medications were being administered. The video also contained numerous shots of assistant trainer Scott Blasi using profanities and rough language when referring to horses and owners. Blasi was fired by Asmussen shortly after the video was released but was then rehired last year.

The KHRC said in its report that PETA claimed to have seven hours of rough footage and a “285-page report” detailing its accusations. The report said that PETA refused to turn over those materials. Instead, the organization provided two videos, one 22:17 minutes long and the other 7:31 minutes long, and both were “extensively edited and overdubbed” – in one case, video of Blasi talking on the phone actually includes audio from a different recording, the report says. PETA also refused to comply with a subpoena for the materials it claimed to have, the report states.

In a statement released on Thursday following the commission meeting, PETA said that the commission had ignored evidence of wrongdoing.

“The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has today distinguished itself for being as uninterested in horse welfare as the Syrian government is in human suffering,” said Kathy Guillermo, a senior vice president of the organization, in an emailed statement. “If there was nothing wrong in the documentation that PETA found, then something is very wrong with racing in Kentucky.”

The KHRC report states that investigators had questions about the credibility of Rosen because of an “intimate relationship” with Blasi, which it backed up with text messages provided by Blasi from Rosen. The report states that if Rosen had genuine concerns about the safety of horses, she had a responsibility to report them to the commission at the time the incidents occurred.

PETA also alleged that a jockey working for Asmussen had used an electrical device on a horse, but the report says the allegation could not be substantiated.

PETA also provided to investigators transcripts of conversations that it said alluded to the use of undocumented laborers in the Asmussen barn. The KHRC did not investigate those accusations, according to Brown, the KHRC spokesman, because it was not in the commission’s jurisdiction. PETA had previously said that it forwarded those transcripts to labor regulators in Kentucky and New York.

Following the launch of the probes, the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame removed Asmussen’s name from the 2014 ballot. Last week, the Hall of Fame said it would not place Asmussen on the ballot this year because the investigations remained ongoing.

A copy of the KHRC's full report can be found on the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission website.



Kim Wright More than 1 year ago
PeTA has already tallied their 2014 revenues to the tune of nearly $52 million. How much of that was raised from animal exploitation? ALL of it. Still waiting in Virginia for them to finish counting how many dogs they killed... http://wavy.com/2014/12/17/senator-wants-peta-investigated-for-taking-chihuahua/
Wayne Gunter More than 1 year ago
Jim I like your article.Pita and others have been on a witch hunt for years. I hope something positive will be taken from this. It is a shame about all the negative press our sport has taken. I know Steve works so hard and loves all of his horses. Scott is a great trainer. He is the reason Curlin did what he did All of the horsemen love the horses but not as much as Mr. Blovin, and the people @ Old Friends. Also Rick Dutrow should be brought back Why did he have to be the fall guy? What goes around comes around. Wayne
mike More than 1 year ago
Are you serious?
Matthew Hood More than 1 year ago
Just said what we all knew already. Steve is clean and great for this sport. One of the top trainers of all time.
Didi Culp More than 1 year ago
Sadly, one of Asmussen's trainers committed suicide after the edited recording went public. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3138970/posts
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
The sad part here is that you have two liars on opposite sides. On one side you have the exaggerations of PETA and their anti anything that involves animals advocacy. On other side you have the racing establishment trying to obfuscate the obvious. no matter how much of a racing fan you are or how much editing was done on the PETA video it was still pretty compelling evidence of wrong doing and abuse to the horses in the Assmussen stable.and an insight into the mindset of this stable in regard to the sport. Fact is the industry will never find any wrong doing .it will continue to act the way it always does like an ostrich with its head in the sand.it will continue to defend people like ASSMUSSEN who have a long list of infractions.horseracing is in a wild west stage right now anything goes and no one cares.drugs cheating fixing and no ethics are the norm.and they wonder why people are voting with their feet.
russell More than 1 year ago
well said. All you need to know is that many countries wont sell horse meat because its so contaminated with various drugs. This didn't happen in the 70's and early 80's. And horses ran just as fast and ran more often.
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
same could be said for people. Seems like its a drug world these modern days. I was around and working as a groom at Yonkers back in the day and believe me dirty things happened then too. The drugs however seems to have blossomed in the 1990s onward.
Thomas Nicholson More than 1 year ago
Asmusen's reputation will always be tainted . If he is not guilty, and they say he is NOT GUILTY. Then I hope he seeks big $$$$$$$$ damages from PETA because people will always have some doubt about him, he was damaged big time.
mike More than 1 year ago
Here's a little newsflash for you Thomas,he was 'tainted" PRIOR to the PETA situation. Please say I'm wrong.
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
take a seat on a comfortable sofa while you wait for assmussen to sue anybody. What reputation?..he has been caught multiple time doping.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PETA has made a big mistake here.Now is the time for a counter lawsuit by Steve to relieve them of 20-30 millions of dollars.A suit like this will cost the leaders of PETA their cushy jobs and maybe direct their focus in another direction
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
I am surprised the ambulance chasers aren't knocking at his door already. Last thing anyone needs is lawyers. Bt the time he spends time digging up documents for his case, Asmussn will be losing money. Who always makes out? The lawyers,. Asmussen will drag the entire mess up again, owners will worry about the time he takes away from training and it will only be a win for the lawyers. and the sport? Loss again. I hate when lawyers and judges get involved.
Sher Kirk More than 1 year ago
Asspussen high test records alone say he's a a horse abuser ... And need thrown our of racing long ago ... PETA video was a cartoon ...compared to his drugging records
Kim Wright More than 1 year ago
PETA has NO credibility. In Virginia they are dognappers and dog killers. They kill pets for NO reason. Please people, sue the pants of this fraud of an organization. and Stand For Maya. She was a chihuahua who PETA workers were caught on home surveillance stealing from her own porch and killing.
Kim Wright More than 1 year ago
russell More than 1 year ago
PETA, OWS (occupy wall street) They are all the same people. They are ancharists. The irony is that they are usually bred from wealthy people. Glad its not my kid.