07/22/2007 11:00PM

Kentucky alters proposed rule's wording


The Kentucky Horse Racing Authority on Monday modified a proposed rule regarding late scratches that would prohibit a trainer from running a horse in a race for nine days after a race-day scratch.

The rule, which has yet to go through the state's formal adoption process, had previously stated that horsemen would be prohibited from "entering" a horse in a race for six days after a race-day scratch. The rule was changed on Monday to the nine-day prohibition on running after commissioners argued that the rule would be easier to understand with the alteration.

The rule will be forwarded to the Legislative Research Commission as the first step in the process for formal adoption.

Also on Monday, Kentucky state steward John Veitch said that a hearing regarding the alleged discovery of cobra venom in the barn of trainer Patrick Biancone has yet to be scheduled. Veitch said that he is in discussions with Biancone's attorney, Frank Becker, and that he hopes for a hearing to be scheduled soon.

Investigators allegedly discovered the venom, a powerful neurotoxin that is illegal to administer in racing, during a search of Biancone's barn at Keeneland Racecourse in June. Veitch would not comment further on the investigation.