06/18/2007 11:00PM

Kentucky acts on field size


The Kentucky Horse Racing Authority on Monday approved two draft rules that supporters contend will boost field size at the state's racetracks.

The rules, which still need to go through public hearings and legislative approval, were initially proposed by the state's racetracks and would change existing requirements for the entry of horses following a race-day scratch or a claim.

Changes to the race-day scratch rule would prohibit a scratched horse from being entered in a race for six days following the scratch, meaning the horse would be unable to race for eight or nine days after a scratch, depending on when a track draws entries. The current rule prohibits a horse from running for six days following the scratch.

The other change would prohibit horsemen from entering a claimed horse at any racetrack outside of Kentucky for 60 days following a claim or 30 days following the end of the racetrack's meet, whichever comes first. Racetracks have contended that the rule is necessary in order to counter similar rules passed in other states.