10/04/2012 1:17PM

Keeneland withdraws from Kentucky Equine Education Project


Keeneland has withdrawn from a racing industry lobbying group that has pushed for casino legislation for the past five years, the company confirmed on Thursday.

Keeneland’s decision to withdraw from the Kentucky Equine Education Project was first reported on Wednesday by the Louisville Courier-Journal. In an e-mailed statement, Keeneland spokesperson Julie Balog credited KEEP for “uniting the various breeds and educating a grassroots network about various equine issues,” and said that Keeneland “remains committed to working with all constituencies to enhancing Kentucky’s signature industry and maintaining its international prominence.”

KEEP has been the primary driver behind an effort to convince the legislature to pass casino legislation favorable to the Kentucky racing industry. The effort has so far been unsuccessful.

Balog declined to provide a figure for the association’s annual contribution to the group.