02/15/2018 1:26PM

Keeneland, spring in the air on DRFT


It may still be the dead of winter, but it’s never too early to start thinking about spring. For horseplayers, that means Keeneland. This week DRF Tournaments has added feeders and qualifiers for Keeneland’s Grade 1 Gamble, a live-bank contest that takes place Sunday, April 15, at the storied Lexington oval. Feeders for the renowned contest started this week at tournaments.drf.com.

The first direct qualifier into the Grade 1 Gamble will be Saturday, Feb. 24. It costs $410 and one in 10 entries will receive prize packages worth $3,500, which includes the buy-in for the contest plus $500 in travel. Players can feed in via Round 1 events that cost $95 where one in five go forward. And those looking to get in for less have the option of playing for $22 to get into the Round 1’s. Once again, the ratio of prizes to entries is one in five.

In 2017, the Grade 1 Gamble drew a record 171 entries, and it once again will be held in conjunction with a smaller money ($400) contest on Saturday. For more information, check out the rules on the Keeneland website or contact Jim Goodman at 859-288-4261 or jgoodman@keeneland.com.

Speaking of important upcoming live bankroll events, on Monday DRFT will be offering a qualifier for The Stronach Group Ultimate Betting Challenge, a cross-country live-bankroll event happening on Sunday, March 11, at both Gulfstream and Santa Anita Park. Monday’s contest costs $400 and one in 15 will win a prize package worth $5,000. There are feeders on Saturday and Sunday as well.

Another interesting Saturday option for tourney players is a free contest sponsored by the Laurel Winter Park Carnival Stakes. For that one, DRFT will be awarding $500 in site credit. On Monday, players have another free option. They can play in a free feeder where the top 10 can start their journeys to the World Championship of Handicapping.

WCH events will be on offer throughout the holiday weekend. The WCH is DRF’s online championship event where there is no takeout in the finals. Assuming full participation of 200 entries, $1 million in cash prizes will be awarded. There is a Grade 1 qualifier for the WCH on Monday. Players can purchase entries for $580 and one in 10 will win their $5,000 buy-ins. Round 1 events on Saturday and Sunday allow one in seven entries to win into the Grade 1 for $95. There are small-money feeders for the Round 1’s as well.

For a full list of everything happening over the long weekend, go to tournaments.drf.com