04/15/2012 2:25PM

Keeneland: Kentucky Derby prospect Union Rags arrives from Florida

Barbara D. Livingston
Trainer Michael Matz says he is uncertain whether Union Rags will work out over Keeneland's Polytrack or ship to Churchill Downs to work on dirt.

LEXINGTON, Ky.  -- Union Rags, the third-place finisher in the Florida Derby and a leading contender for the Kentucky Derby, arrived at Keeneland on Sunday morning after a long van ride from the Palm Meadows training center in Florida.

Michael Matz, the colt’s trainer, said that Union Rags arrived at his barn at Keeneland at 4:30 a.m. after an 18-hour trip and settled in “without a problem at all.”

Matz has not yet decided on the colt’s training schedule leading up to the May 5 Derby at Churchill Downs, but he said that he plans to work the colt either Saturday or Sunday. Union Rags will either work over the artificial surface at Keeneland or ship up to Louisville to work over the main dirt track at Churchill, Matz said.

“Right now, we’re taking this day-by-day,” Matz said.

Union Rags last had a timed workout on April 12 at Palm Meadows, working four furlongs in 48.80 seconds, the second-fastest work of 16 at the distance that morning.

Morethanready More than 1 year ago
Owen look in the entries and you will see workouts at all tracks.It is usually updated by noon of the morning works.
OwenJ More than 1 year ago
I think Matz's first choice for workouts for Union Rags should be Churchill Downs' dirt track. I would like to see DRF writers telling us who is already working out at Churchill Downs at this time. That's important! Come on DRF writers do your job!
Ange More than 1 year ago
These are the Churchill works for today... http://equibase.com/static/workout/CD041612USA-EQB.html
Jon More than 1 year ago
Please have all his work outs at Louisville, and I'm sorry that the team did not grab Garrett to ride him(I think it's going to turn out a major factor), but, if he takes to Louisville track he's the class of the field(not downgrading CC or Bode).
redboy More than 1 year ago
I was large on this horse coming into his 3yo season. But bad trip syndrome continues. i'll box him in my pk3 pk4 etc on Derby Day,just because I think thatt much of him and his Finishing kick. But starting to look like a High 1st round draft pick that shows flashes ,but never seemed to put it all together. Good Luck Rags~!
Jon More than 1 year ago
the connections should have tagged Garrett when he was available. If UR does not win it will not be because of the horse's ability.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fans of UNION RAGS are being to High on him . This Colt is fabulous YES : but with what-ever reasons why UNION RAGS is not Undefeated is not because of being called out to be a superstar , but the lacking of really giving 100% ! Everyone Will See 100% of what UNION RAGS is made of ( KENTUCKY DERBY ) . If UNION RAGS goes into the gate ( Healthy - Fit - Ready To Go ) TRUST ME , Everyone will see just what UNION RAGS / LEPAROUX have in store . Churchill Downs will see 100% of UNION RAGS . ( The Question Remains ) Will 100% Be Good Enough ! UNION RAGS will not lose because of LEPAROUX ! If anyone knows Leparoux the way I do , you will see that Leparoux has never been more excited and confident in ( ONE RACE ) than May 5th KENTUCKY DERBY . Leparoux is only praying that UNION RAGS stays sound leading up to the Starting Gate . Leparoux Knows Just How Much COLT POWER ( UNION RAGS ) has . So take your stand on what-ever you really believe in - and BEST WISHES TO ALL
RANDY MAYORAL More than 1 year ago
This Horse will finish strong. I look to see him finish 1, 2 in the Derby....a.
Charles Berger More than 1 year ago
As always in a 20 horse field, LUCK will be a BIG factor.There are enough decent horses scheduled to run in the derby that the best horse will not win. The winner will be the horse who will have the ability and agility to survive the calvary charge, while getting an intelligent ride from his jock. This derby looks like the winner will pay a nice price. A good race to dutch.
Douglas More than 1 year ago
That is the honest truth too ! This looks to be One of the Best Derby Contenders in Decades . HONESTLY , FORGET ABOUT HANDICAPPING THE DERBY ! Wait till Derby morning - view thru work-outs , view their coats , view their eating / drinking habits , and go from there . This Derby is like filling out a March Madness Bracket ! For Real . Mostly everyone has their Favorite Colt at this point , just like in the March Madness . Just need to pay close attention to ( WHICH COLTS ) are taking to Churchill Downs the best . And from above comments . So much can change between now and the day of the Derby .
Douglas More than 1 year ago
Even a handfull of Colts that never raced in the B . C . J . look very promising towards the front of the pace . So ALL in ALL , I dont really want to hear about ( WELL WHAT IF ) . Every One for themself , and lets give Crops to whom-ever the winner maybe in the Kentucky Derby . Yes , Anyone that knows me - you know my thoughts whom the winner will be .......................... Anyone Of Of The Colts Coming Out Of The ( KEY RACE ) BREEDERS CUP JUVENILE . In fact , I believe they will even run ONE - TWO
Robert Darling More than 1 year ago
I haven't seen anyone who can beat Union Rags in the Derby as long as U.R. gets a good trip and his jockey is not bullied into making another mistake. If there is no rain , I shall empty my pockets on the best 3yr old in the country while in Las Vegas. If nothing else , I'll get a lot of "free" T-Shirts. Good luck to all. Bob Darling Rhode Island
Douglas More than 1 year ago
You have not been paying much attention to the other Colts that have come out of the same race as Union Rags did in the 2011 Breeders Cup Juvenile ! I have traveled to many of these races over the year and have wittness several from that race that ( COULD ) give UNION RAGS a fight down to the wire . I MYSELF SEE UNION RAGS AS BEING A COLT THAT EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO BEAT THROUGH THE LAST 100 YARDS IN THE DERBY ................... But to be Honest , This Derby Field Is Deep - So Much Ability In Many ! And IF A PERSON Is Ging To Wager On A Colt ( BY HOPING HE RUNS A CLEAN TRIP ) Than You Will Be At A Losing End From The Get Go . So much early speed by many , so many mid-pac runners , and a handfull of deep closers SPELLS ( TRAFFIC PROBLEMS - CHECK n GO ) ! This Derby LOOKS Awesome
Olivia More than 1 year ago
Douglas, He was 6-7 wide both turns in BC juvenile. Ran 79 feet further than Hanson thats 26+ yards! Forget all other impostors, Rags wins under wraps. You can't plan or bet based on bad trips, just hope your horse gets a clean one.
Jon More than 1 year ago
douglas the track for the BC was like a soup I would draw a line thru UR for that race in terms of win. My main concern of UR in the derby is the joc.
KhrizFrancisco More than 1 year ago
just noticed, you always have something to say bout Julien in all of your comments...not cool, i think you're just hating!...if URags' connection don't think they could entrust him to Julien after what happened to FLDerby, they could have replace him, but they didn't!...so yeah, if u dont like Julien, just don't bet on URags.
Douglas More than 1 year ago
And your point is : Julien Leparoux and I have been good friends thru-out the last three years . We even go out time to time just to kick back and get away from the racing lifestyle . I have Never said One Bad thing about Julien . In fact : If I was a Horse Owner , Julien would be my Go To Guy ( ANYWHERE ) . I Honestly Believe Julien Is A Perfect Match For UNION RAGS . I guess I dont understand your comment ! There is Nothing wrong with commenting about a jockey , cool or not cool . That is a crazy remark . All I mention is the TRUTH - LIKE IT or NOT ! Julien was the first to say that he really messed up in the Florida Derby . So , sorry you dont like hearing the truth
Douglas More than 1 year ago
If your only reason for not going with UNION RAGS is based on Leparoux , then Do Your Home-work , and view the mounts that Leparoux takes for BIG EVENTS ! Leparoux record speaks for itself . One of racings Best Jockeys today . There are a hand-full of Best Jockeys YES . At Churchill Downs , Leparoux only gets better over most . Over - Most , not all . UNION RAGS is in great hands leading into the Derby . Fans just need to pay close attention to UNION RAGS ( ALL DERBY CONTENDERS ) work-outs and Eating Drinking thru-out each day . Pay close attention to the Truth - not just what Owners / Trainers say . Perfect Example last year - Repole / Pletcher both knew the condition of UNCLE MO leading up to the Derby , and they just down played the Truth all the way to the end . I lost so much respect for those two . Even more when they should have raced UNCLE MO in the Mile , not in the Classic . Greed , Fame , Spotlight .............
KhrizFrancisco More than 1 year ago
Douglas, i wasn't expecting you to reply on my comment...i was trying to point out that "Jon" is the one hating on Julien, not you...i don't want to explain myself anymore, just read his posts... btw, Julien is my all-time favorite jockey!...2 months ago, i drove for 2 hours to GGF just to see him in person, and i was very happy and lucky! aside from winning some bucks, after winning the ElCaminoRealDerby, he signed his goggles and hand it to me, that was awesome!!!...
John Strongosky More than 1 year ago
Well that narrows it down to 7 possibly 8, Alpha All the way!!!
Willian J. Brune More than 1 year ago
I rememher last year when Baffert lamented that he didn't bring Looking at Lucky to CD sooner to work him on the CD track.
Willian J. Brune More than 1 year ago
Why in the world would Matz want to workout UN on synthetic when he's going to run the horse on CD's dirt track that he did well last year in the BC.?
Bud Pettingill More than 1 year ago
Because he did the same thing with Barbaro, and because K's synthetic track in the morning typically is heavy and sticky, helping add to a horse's foundation for the 10F Derby.