07/22/2015 12:52PM

Keeneland announces new condition of sale regarding steroids


Keeneland has added a new condition of sale in which buyers of yearlings and horses in training that are being exported to Great Britain, or other countries the British Horseracing Authority considers to have similar policies, may test for anabolic steroids and substances banned by the BHA within 60 days of purchase.

Other countries included in the condition include France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, and Sweden.

The new condition was created in response to the BHA’s Equine Anti-Doping Rules, a zero-tolerance policy for horses imported to Great Britain for training and racing that became effective March 2, 2015.

“These rules, like all BHA Rules of Racing, do not seek to regulate any international racing or breeding industries,” said BHA Director of Raceday Operations and Regulation Jamie Stier. “However, we welcome the proactive, constructive and collaborative approach taken by Keeneland to offer this extra service to their customers who are intending to purchase a horse to enter the British market.”

The new condition of sale mirrors Keeneland’s current condition regarding anabolic steroid testing, which remains in place. The auction company implemented a policy in 2008 regarding testing for the use of anabolic steroids in yearlings sold at its sales, and not had a single positive test.

“By implementing this new condition of sale, which addresses the BHA’s enhanced policy, our British and European buyers will have added confidence that horses bought here can train and race in Great Britain,” said Keeneland President and CEO Bill Thomason.

To activate the condition, the buyer will check the appropriate box for BHA testing on the acknowledgement of purchase and security agreement for horses which will be exported to Great Britain within 60 days of purchase. It can also be checked if the horse will be shipped to any of the other aforementioned countries within 60 days before then exporting it to Great Britain.

Keeneland will arrange for a blood sample to be taken by a veterinarian immediately after the purchase and prior to the horse leaving the sale grounds. The sample will be sent to a laboratory in England selected by the BHA.

If the BHA post-sale test is positive for anabolic steroids, the buyer has the right, within 24 hours of notification, to rescind the sale and return the horse to the consignor. The buyer will initially bear the cost of the test, but the cost will shift to the consignor if the results are positive.