05/18/2012 2:32PM

Judge rules Jamgotchian owes Coolmore $394,000


A U.S. District Court judge in California has confirmed an international arbitrator’s ruling that Thoroughbred owner and breeder Jerry Jamgotchian should pay Coolmore Stud and related entities just over 310,000 euros, or about $394,000, in stud fees from 2007 and 2008.

Jamgotchian’s arguments in the case, first reported by Paulick Report, included the assertion that the arbitrator in the payment dispute, European Breeders’ Fund chief executive Sam Sheppard, had a conflict of interest because Coolmore is a major contributor to the EBF. The Thoroughbred Breeders Association in England appointed Sheppard as arbitrator. In his ruling, Judge John A. Kronstadt concluded that Jamgotchian “has failed to present any clear evidence of bias” and “has failed to meet his burden to establish sufficient evidence that Sheppard was biased or acted contrary to public policy.”

Jamgotchian also had contended he never received proper notice regarding the arbitration, something Kronstadt also denied, citing “compelling evidence to the contrary.”