05/05/2015 1:09PM

Jockey Russell released from hospital

Barbara D. Livingston
Jockey Sheldon Russell is resting at home following his release from Sinai Hospital on Monday.

Jockey Sheldon Russell, injured in a spill on the Pimlico turf course on April 25, was released from Sinai Hospital on Monday and is resting at home.

Russell fractured several ribs and a punctured lung when he was thrown from his mount, Political Farce. He underwent surgery last Thursday to repair his lung and will likely be out until at least the start of the Laurel meet in August, said Russell’s agent, Marty Leonard.

“Sheldon will take as much times as he needs,” Leonard said.

Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
the only industry that has it in its dna to bleed its customers dry..not only do they charge for past performance sheets,but also for news about what they are trying to promote incredible..but look back they used to charge for entry and parking into teletheaters ( big otbs) they still charge you for parking and entry at most tracks the gauge you on food prices..compare that to the competing casinos with free parking, entry and drinks. this is one of two articles on drf thats free to read. so here's the business question do you want to be relevant to hundreds of thousands of readers or cater to maybe a thousand people willing to pay $8 month. the only other advice i can offer is don't defend the crooks in the industry by publishing articles about how great they are and sometimes even about how they have been unjustly targeted when caught cheating. Cases like the DAVID FLORES suspension in Singapore drf defended him getting licensed in California against the reciprocity accords or glowing articles defending S ASSMUSSENS entry into the racing hall of fame. writing positive articles about some well known miracle trainers like JACOBSON and RUDY RODRIGUES. that really ticks me off personally and makes most bettors think that even the racing press is either corrupt or completely out off touch.
Randy Baker More than 1 year ago
You nailed it Ray.They censor more than the North Koreans.Any challenge that intimidates/questions their opinion is quickly removed.They now post free obituaries and an injury report update.how about weddings and newborns also
Bob More than 1 year ago
Only way to stop all this couching is boycott in unison. Do not buy a hotdog hear anything at the track or facility.
Bob More than 1 year ago
could you imagine this is the only sport that charges for past performances. Cold you imagine if the NFL and MLB held back stats until you paid!!
golfcat2 More than 1 year ago
u r correct. they should b free.