04/24/2013 1:21PM

The Jockey Club, Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association revamp website


The Jockey Club and Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association have relaunched an advocacy website with several new features, including a state-by-state look at current medication rules and the status of efforts to align regulations among states.

The new site is called horseracingreform.com, replacing cleanhorseracing.com, which was launched approximately one year ago. The Jockey Club and TOBA used the site to press for changes the organizations are seeking to medication rules, including organizing online petitions in support of bans on the raceday use of furosemide. The new site has the same advocacy goal.

The new site includes an interactive map allowing users to search drug rules state by state, which could be used as a reference for trainers who are shipping horses across state lines. It also highlights the myriad differences between states on some rules, serving the organizations’ purpose to press for uniformity among states.

The name change comes after many horsemen’s groups and regulators criticized the website’s former name for implying that opponents of a ban on the raceday use of furosemide, an anti-bleeding medication legal in all U.S. racing jurisdictions that is commonly known as Lasix, supported something other than “clean” racing. In recognition of opposition of horsemen to a ban, the Jockey Club and TOBA have recently scaled back efforts to pursue changes to furosemide rules, though both groups say that they still support a ban on all raceday medications.

Nathan More than 1 year ago
PAY ATTENTION PLEASE! just did a quick comparison on med rules for the northeast states, n.y. most prohibitive, maryland a joke! n.j. and penn, in the middle. these 4 states are nowhere close to having uniform med rules. bottom line is simple, the need to fill races will pit each jurisdiction against one another. casinos have already sent the cheaters to penn. and now maryland will enjoy the same. n.j. is finnished no matter what they do. nyra will have to back off on their clen times or they won't be filling any races at aqueduct next winter. pro sports and poker will just keep getting bigger and bigger and horseracing will???????????????????.