09/01/2010 11:59AM

Jockey Club supplements Fact Book online


For the first time, The Jockey Club is supplementing the Fact Book, its statistical guide to the North American Thoroughbred industry, with online editions for 33 states and Canadian provinces.

The state fact books are available free of charge online at The Jockey Club’s website, www.jockeyclub.com, under the “Publications and Resources” heading. The books are presented as PDF files and include state and provincial Thoroughbred breeding and racing statistics. For breeding, the books provide the annual numbers of mares bred to a state’s stallions, the state’s annual registered foal crop, foaling areas of state-sired registered foals, and conception area of statebred registered foals. The racing statistics include state racing overview, state-bred racing statistics by racing year and foaling year, statebred starters and starts (both in-state and out of state), and percentage of statebred earnings by racing area.

The Jockey Club’s president, James Gagliano, said the state-focused fact books are designed “to assist state and provincial Thoroughbred industries with education and lobbying efforts.”