05/16/2011 2:36PM

Jockey Club starts online adoption resource


The Jockey Club has launched an online service, Thoroughbred Connect, that will help match Thoroughbred owners with potential adopters for horses who need placing.

The service is part of The Jockey Club’s Interactive Registration system and is available at www.thoroughbredconnect.com. It allows Jockey Club registry customers, such as a horse’s breeders or fans, to share their contact information on a horse’s electronic records, so that the horse’s current owner, for example, can contact them if the horse needs placement. People looking for potential adopters for horses also can request any contact information attached to the horse’s records.

The service requires a free Interactive Registration account with The Jockey Club. Users can set up their free account at www.thoroughbredconnect.com.

“With broad participation, Thoroughbred Connect will cast a wide net and help ensure that more Thoroughbreds are properly cared for in a safe environment,” the Jockey Club’s president, James Gagliano, said. “This platform provides an easy and convenient way for those with the means, capacity, and desire to help any horse their have owned, admired, or connected with over the years.”