07/27/2015 10:26PM

Jockey Club Reports of Mares Bred due Aug. 1


Reports of Mares Bred for the 2015 breeding season are due to The Jockey Club by Aug. 1.

Stallion managers who submit their reports by the deadline will be among the first to receive their Stallion Service Certificates.

“The punctual submission of RMBs allows for an efficient registration process for the foals of 2016,” said Matt Iuliano, executive vice president and executive director of The Jockey Club. “We encourage all farms to submit their RMBs on or before the Aug. 1 deadline so that we can provide industry stakeholders with the most complete breeding and foaling statistics by stallion.”

Reports of Mares Bred may be submitted via Interactive Registration on The Jockey Club’s website, or a form is available by email, fax, or mail by contacting The Jockey Club.