05/11/2012 2:43PM

Jockey Club launches website for owners


The Jockey Club on Friday launched a website designed to provide information to owners of racehorses, part of a multi-pronged strategy to implement the recommendations of a study the Jockey Club commissioned last year.

The site, ownerview.com, includes trainer profiles and statistics as well as information on common issues facing owners, including licensing requirements. The site also includes a section in which currently licensed trainers can create their own profiles for viewing by users.

The Jockey Club announced the launch as part of a report updating the organization’s progress in undertaking a handful of initiatives in a $10 million, five-year promotional effort. The Jockey Club launched the initiatives last year after the release of a report by McKinsey & Co. cited several ways the industry could better address the needs of owners and both current and potential fans.

The progress report said that the Jockey Club is currently engaged in discussions to fund a series of live-racing broadcasts leading up to the Breeders’ Cup in late fall. Earlier this year, the Jockey Club co-funded four broadcasts of prep races for the Triple Crown, all of which appeared on the NBC family of networks, the current rights-holder for the Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup.

The progress report also said that the Jockey Club plans to launch a social-network game called “Thoroughbred World” later this month. In addition, the Jockey Club said it would launch a “free-to-play” wagering game after this year’s Belmont Stakes in June.