06/30/2009 11:00PM

Jockey Club expands ID aid


The Jockey Club has announced it will allow individuals using its free tattoo identification service to access the company's markings database as part of the free tattoo research service.

The Jockey Club began the free tattoo identification service in April to allow people with unidentified tattooed Thoroughbreds to discover the horses' identities. The service especially benefits Thoroughbred adoption and rescue groups as well as those adopting or purchasing former racehorses, particularly when the horses have illegible or partial tattoos. The service has a free tattoo lookup service on the Jockey Club's website at for tattoos that are legible. Customer service representatives can provide free research for horses with partial or illegible tattoos.

"The new features will enable customers to obtain potential matches of registered Thoroughbreds based upon identification characteristics they supply," The Jockey Club announcement said.