02/13/2014 2:10PM

Jockey Club denies Stud Book privileges to four trainers


The Jockey Club has denied all privileges of the American Stud Book to four trainers for medication violations.

The denials of privileges include the ability to register foals and the privileges of any registration process for any Thoroughbred. Each of the rulings were effective beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

Anthony Agilar received a 10-year ban from Stud Book privileges for having been determined to have twice violated regulations tied to substances classified by the Association of Racing Commissioners International as Class 1 or Class 2 at Evangeline Downs.

Those classes of drugs have the highest potential to affect a horse’s performance and have either no accepted medical use, such as opiates, psychoactive drugs and amphetamines, or have a therapeutic effect but high potential for abuse, such as nerve blocking agents.
Agilar is in the midst of a three-year suspension by the Louisiana Racing Commission after two of his horses tested positive for the painkiller dermorphin in May 2012. He was also given a $2,500 fine.

John Toscano Jr. was handed a three-year denial of privileges for Class 1 or Class 2 violations at Belmont Park in 2012. Toscano served a 20-day suspension and was fined $1,000 in early 2013 after a horse under his care, Blazing Arches, tested positive for the antihistamine hydroxyzine on Sept. 20, 2012.

Also receiving three-year denials to the Stud Book were trainers Lonnie Vaughn and Daniel Werre. Vaughn’s violation came at Ruidoso Downs in 2012, while Werre’s came at Turfway Park the same year.